Uh oh…

Uh oh. I managed to get in Father’s way three times today. I’m usually much better at keeping out of his path, but I was so distracted by the returning curse, especially since I discovered it gives a person festering boils. Have I mentioned how much I hate festering boils? I got them once, years ago, when I was still new at this curse removal stuff. Lasted for weeks and hurt like the dickens.

Hm. If Father keeps nagging at me, perhaps I’ll let him stumble on the cursed object and see how he likes festering boils…

3 Responses to “Uh oh…”

  1. Claire Says:

    Theo, that’s not very nice! But understandable.

  2. Sydney Says:

    Was the “uh oh” rally posted in 1906????? Or was it just a typo?

  3. Raelynn Says:

    it was just that RL set up the website so it would seem to bbe in theo’s time. it was really posted in 2006.
    unless RL has the first ever time mechine…