Hello? Is Anybody Out There?

It’s awfully quiet in here. Honestly! Don’t you all know just how lonely it can be, rattling around in a museum all by oneself?

Well, in an effort to try and get you all to speak up, I’ve decided to have a contest. Won’t that be lovely? And all you have to do to enter is to leave a comment. How easy is that? Ah. You’re probably wondering what you might win. I thought an Advanced Reader’s Copy of Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos would be nice, don’t you?

So just leave a comment anytime between now and Saturday, February 24, and you’ll be entered in the contest. I’ll do a random drawing from the names then announce the winner on Monday, February 26. Then the winner can contact me privately with their mailing information and I’ll get an ARC in the mail to you right away. (Please do not post your personal information in the blog comment! The Serpents of Chaos are everywhere, you know…we wouldn’t want them to find you!)

And if you don’t win this time, don’t worry. In order to celebrate the countdown to the book’s publication, I’ll be having lots of contests between now and April 9! So even if you don’t win this week, you can always try again the next. And there’ll be all sorts of different prizes, so it will be worth entering more than once.

24 Responses to “Hello? Is Anybody Out There?”

  1. Angela Says:

    I’ve never had festering boils myself but the mask sounds fascinating! My friend gets hives – does that count? I am so intrigued by the curses and can’t wait to learn more about them. My cat would run away from the noise too, so don’t feel bad. Good luck!!!

  2. Greg T. Says:

    Hey Robin,
    Nice idea, letting the character blog. I like the antique look of this.

  3. Barbara Bietz Says:


    What a fabulous blog and a terrific way to reach your readers – they will be so excited!
    Best of luck.

    Barbara Bietz

  4. Jason Says:

    I know the scritching sound. I have one, too. I thought it was the lizard i found in a paper bag in the drawer where I keep my special maps. I helped the lizard get away and the sound stopped. But it came back yesterday. And I found a new map on top of the paper bag.

    Thanks for what sounds like a great story. Looking forward to it.

    Best – Jason : )

  5. Alexis Says:

    Did I hear “free ARC AND a trip to the — ahem – British Museum”? Yes???

  6. Jillian Says:

    I love the idea for this story and can’t wait to read it! From reading your blog, it sounds like you have a great passion for writing and books in general. Your book is bound to be beautiful. :)

    - Jillian

  7. Paige Says:

    i know- i mean, my mom has a friend who knows the illustrator!!! yay!!!

  8. Harrison and Paige Says:

    Dear Theodosia,
    My sister, Paige, really likes your book. Please make another one soon so I won’t have to hear my sister complain. I really like your books too.
    Sincerely, Harrison :)

    It’s me, Paige. That was my brother, Harrison. As he said, he also likes your book. Please reply to both of us. He would love that.
    Paige :)

  9. theodosia Says:

    Welcome, Harrison! Sticky Will and Henry will be so glad to have another boy in the neighborhood!

    And there is another book coming, but not until 2008, THEODOSIA AND THE STAFF OF OSIRIS.

  10. Paige Says:

    Why, when you leave a comment, don’t you capitalize your name, Theo?
    Paige :) ;) :) ;) :) ;)

  11. Mia.D. Says:

    Dear Theadosia, I just finished your book and I love it. When I read that amazing book, I felt like you and I could almost feel your feelings when you felt them! I tried to tell my 7 year old sister and my mom and dad about the book, but I was to excited and I could not explain! But I’m only eleven so please write to me. My parents don’t even know how good your book is and they read everything I do.

    Mia Diers

  12. Theodosia Says:

    Dear Mia,
    Welcome! I’m thrilled that you liked my book. Yeay!! And I’m so glad you found this site. Thank you for trying to tell your family about the book. Sometimes I have trouble explaining things, too, when I get excited, so I completely understand.

    You might be interested to know that there will be a second book coming out next year, THEODOSIA AND THE STAFF OF OSIRIS. (Osiris is the Egyptian god of the underworld, for those of you who don’t know.)

    Thanks for stopping by, Mia!

  13. Kaitlyn Says:

    Hello everyone-
    If you check “uncatigorized” and click on “coments” in “been busy!” in “uncatigorized” you’ll see two coments. They are both from me, so you’ll know who I am. Sorry if I directed that a bit confusingly!

    Anyways, hi everyone! My name is Kaitlyn and I always end my coments and/or e-mails with “Sincerly, Kaitlyn, age 9″ so it’s easier to tell if it’s me.

    Somebody PLEASE reply to me! Like I said in “uncatigorized” I have very little patience.

    Theo and Paige, you are the only ones I am familier with (even though Paige doesn’t know me). I hope you get me now.

    Kaitlyn, age 9

    P.S. Best to check “uncatigorized” before you reply.

  14. Theodosia Says:


    You were not kidding about the impatient part, were you? ;-) You posted your first comment at 3:13 this morning, and I responded at 3:27, a mere 14 minutes after you posted. I thought that was rather quick, actually…

    So, if you read this first, I did, indeed, respond to you, but under the same thread you originally commented.

    But it’s always nice hearing from you again. ;-)

    Now, I have a scarab amulet I’ve just found with a hideous curse on it. I simply must go remove it before someone gets seriously hurt. If I don’t respond for a day or two, know that I am not trying to ignore you, just horribly busy wrestling with this curse!

  15. Kaitlyn Says:


    I will be going on vacation soon! So sorry to leave this site!!

    I WILL post more. I promise.

    Kaitlyn, age 9

  16. Kaitlyn Says:

    Good morning,

    Theodosia, guess what? Kyra wrote back yesterday saying it’s nice to have someone else to talk too. I think I’m getting familier with the people here. Just about a dozen or two more and I’ll know every one.

    Have you actually every been dealing with curses?? I’d hate to think that curses aren’t real. I had SO hoped they were.

    It’s a bit lonely here at AM. I enjoy the chattering here. I check my e-mail here almost every day now. Hope you don’t mind, Theo.

    Has anyone else replyed to you yet??

    Oh, like I mentioned in “Book Recomendations”, I will be going to Religous Ed. at 10:10. Don’t worry! I’ll be back on the computer at 11:30 or 11:45.

    I miss all of you guys’s posting. I’m getting impatient.

    :) :) :) :)

    Buy! I’ll be waiting!


    Kaitlyn, age 9

  17. Kaitlyn Says:


  18. Claire Says:

    Just wondering…where did you get the computer, Theo? Does R.L. let you borrow hers?

  19. caecie Says:

    I think its so cool how the statue of Anubis came to life,and how your cat does thecoolest unexpected things.

  20. Sydney Says:

    Hi! I’m Sydney! It’s my first time here, so can someone reply? I am the first one to reply in 2011. Theo, can you PLEASE write a 5th book? Pretty please? Pretty pretty please with a luck amulet on top?

  21. Sydney Says:

    Hey people! Can anyone name all of the books in order?!?!? I suppose you couldcall it a contest, but not really. ;-)

  22. Sydney Says:

    :-) :-):-):-):-)

  23. Sydney Says:


  24. R.L. Says:

    Welcome, Sydney!

    I am absolutely planning on writing a 5th book, but the 4th one hasn’t even come out yet–so it will be a while! :-)

    Also, this is a very old post, so it is likely nobody else will see it and respond. Most people only check the most current posts….