Another Contest!

sngl-egypt-pen.jpg Let’s have another contest, shall we? This time, instead of an ARC, you’ll have a chance to win an ancient Egyptian pen, just like the one pictured! To enter, simply submit a comment with that tells us your favorite Egyptian god or goddess! Get your comment in by Friday, March 16, then I’ll do a random drawing.

6 Responses to “Another Contest!”

  1. tamara Says:

    Isis is my favoriet egptin goddess

  2. jordan Says:


  3. Paige Says:

    Anubus (did I spell that right?), the mumification god. (that’s also spelled wrong, right?)

  4. theodosia Says:

    Hi Paige!

    Ancient Egyptian spelling can vary widely, depending on the translation, but the one I see most widely used is Anubis, with an i. And yes, mummification has two m’s, but honestly, this isn’t a spelling quiz so there’s nothing to worry about!

    Plus, even though this contest has closed, we will be having another one soon, so check back in a week or two.

  5. Paige Says:

    Thanks, Theodosia. there are lots of words that I can spell, but, as you can see- er, read, I’m not so caught up on ancient Egyptian.
    Paige :)

  6. Claire Says:

    Even though the contest is over, I’d like to share that my favorite goddess is Seshat, because she’s the goddess of writing and measuring! My favorites! Well, not the measuring. Also, she has a very cool headdress. It’s pretty, but looks like it could hurt if you tripped over it.