Hot Water!

Oh no! The most horrible thing has happened and I am in the hottest of water. This morning, while I was patrolling the Egyptian exhibit, I noticed the scratching noise growing louder and louder. When I went to investigate, the sound turned to cracking noise. Then, all of a sudden, the statue of Osiris burst into a hundred pieces and a small Benu bird stepped out of his chest cavity. The bird and I stared at each other in shocked silence.

Then who should happen by just then but the horrid Clive Fagenbush! He heard the cracking sounds, too, and had come to investigate it.

“What did you do to it, you wretched girl?”

Have I mentioned Fagenbush dislikes me as much as I dislike him? “Nothing!” I said. “I heard a noise, just like you did, only I happened to arrive sooner, and the whole thing burst into pieces. I never even touched it!”

But of course he didn’t believe me. Grown ups never do.

“I suppose it just burst apart on it’s own, then?”

“Well, yes, actually.”

“An then it just happened to change shape into a Benu bird?”

The bird had stopped looking at me and now stood as still as stone. How did he manage that, I wonder? “Well, the legend of the Benu did say that it burst forth from Osiris’s heart, you know, as a symbol of regeneration,” I pointed out.

Fagenbush took a step closer, his mouth pinched in anger. “Do not quote Egyptian legends to me. I shall speak to your father about this.”

Oh, dear. I was so hoping he wouldn’t. Then I had an idea! “Speak to him all you want, just be sure you tell him what really happened. Look here. See how the sun comes in through the window? And see how the sunlight shines directly on the statue? I think someone carelessly set up the display in the first place, and the sun was too strong for such an old artifact and corroded it. Which makes me to wonder. Who did set up this display? Was it you, Fagenbush?”

Fagenbush grew pale, and I knew I had scored a direct hit. “But surely you know how bad sun is for objects this old? Even I know that.”

“It wasn’t sunny when we rearranged the exhibit last spring. I had no idea sun would come anywhere near it.”

“Yes, well, isn’t that what my father pays you to know? Really, I think I shall have to speak to him about you.” Then, the last word still hanging in the air, I turned and left the room, quite pleased with myself. Because honestly, what I told Fagenbush was mostly true. It was the sun that had caused the statue to come apart, but not because it weakened the clay. It was because the sun had triggered the magic hidden in the statue.

According to legend, the Benu bird only comes forth every 500 years (much like a phoenix). But for the last 1500 years, the statue had been buried in a tomb where the sun couldn’t touch it. Now, here in the museum, with the winter sun coming in the window at this particular angle, it had finally reached the statue and caused the Benu bird to burst forth.

But of course, Father believed Fagenbush’s version of events, and now I’m stuck washing the glass cabinets in the sword room. I don’t know how Father can trust that man.

11 Responses to “Hot Water!”

  1. dee Says:

    Just dropping in to let you know that I’m loving the site. I know comments help me feel connected, and I wanted you to know that my kids really enjoy the extras about Theo.
    hugs to you,
    dee and family!

  2. Paige Says:

    I love the Theodosia book as much as I love Harry Potter, and I am learning lots of interesting facts about ancient Egypt. And just in time, too! It is time for Passover!

    Paige :)

  3. theodosia Says:

    Thank you Dee and Paige! So lovely to hear from you. And so glad you’re enjoying the book and site!

  4. Paige Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Theo! Can I call you Theo?
    Paige :)

  5. Paige Says:

    Heeeeelloooooo? Theo?
    Paige ;)

  6. Kaitlyn Says:

    No, I’m not Theo, but Kaitlyn.

    I think it’s Ok to call Theodosia Theo, because I did and she replyed with no problem.


    Kaitlyn, age 9

  7. Moonflower Says:

    This is the best book ever! I am writing my own boom but I don’t have a title for it! Ideas:

    The Twelve Amulets

  8. Theodosia Says:

    So glad you are enjoying the book, Moonflower! And I think THE TWELVE AMULETS is a great title, personally…

  9. Claire Says:

    Ooh, bad luck, Theo. Maybe you should store it in long-term storage for now…was the Benu bird alive? If so, what will you do with it???

  10. Camila Says:

    Wow,you should consider yourself lucky to have witnessed such a rare sight!!

  11. Anaya Says:

    Wow is that from a book or what that is a good mini story!