Been Busy!

I’m sorry to have been so absent lately, but with Mum back and all the artifacts she’s brought, well, I’ve been very busy.

I also wanted to answer a question a reader sent me (Sarah, age 8, from upstate NY) because I thought others might be wondering the same thing.

Sarah asks, “Why was the statue of Bastet cursed?”

The statue of Bastet was cursed by the Egyptian priests and magicians who placed it in the tomb. They did this to help give the dead pharaoh access to magic and power in the Egyptian “after life,” because he might need that extra power to battle the Underworld demons on his journey to their version of heaven.

So in the right circumstances, the spell would be helpful to the dead pharaoh, but since the statue was taken (some would say stolen, although I’m sure Mum never thought of it that way!) from the tomb, the spell was harmful because it mistook the people who’d taken if for the underworld demons.

A lot of Egyptian magic was for the purpose of protecting the deceased in the Underworld.

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  1. Kaitlyn Says:

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    Oh, and Theodosia, I understand if you are busy. I just have very little paitence, that’s all.

    So, how’s the third book coming along? I found one other girl who wants to read “Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos”.She is in my ballet class.

    Oh, and Paige? If you are out there, I’ve seen alot of your comments latly. I’m just wondering who you are.

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    Kaitlyn,age 9

  3. Theodosia Says:

    Dear Kaitlyn,

    First of all, I’m so sorry the quiet website has been so disappointing to you! I have been terribly busy lately, but even so, I’m very sorry to have disappointed you.

    And no, Kaitlyn, I check my email about every other day. I did see your email about the next contest, but the reason I hadn’t emailed back was that I didn’t have an answer for you yet! Hopefully I will have a new contest idea by next week.

    Thanks so much for stopping by again!

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