A reader wrote wanting to know what exactly an amulet was.

Amulets were a form of protective magic worn by the Egyptians. They were a bit like jewelry, really, sometimes made of semi-precious materials and gold and worn from the neck. But they could also be homemade, like many of mine are. This was especially true of those worn by the poor.

In addition to being worn on a cord around the neck, they could be tucked into a pocket, or carried in one’s clothes. They were often used on mummies, to give additional protection over certain, vulnerable points on the body.

Amulets came in many shapes, colors, and materials. They might be shaped like a plant or Egyptian god or goddess, a animal of some sort, or a symbolic object, like the lotus or wedjat eye.

Amulets were worn more often by women and children, both of them being considered more vulnerable to danger. Amulets could be worn as a permanent adornment, or could be used for a specific time period and condition that called for extra protection, say being sick or a women in childbirth.

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  1. Paige Says:

    just to let you know, yuo should have typed aN animal instead of A animal.
    Paige :) ;)

  2. Paige Says:

    Hi, Theo!!!
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    and i should have typed yOU instead of yUO.
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  4. Kaitlyn Says:

    Just one thing. Theodosia, I’ve been fasenated by amulets and I’d like to know how to make a protective one. Could you tell me how??

  5. Claire Says:

    Pffffffft! Women and children aren’t ALWAYS more vulnerable. Grr. I happen to be a child. And I find that very…degrading. The Ancient Egyptians probably didn’t think of it that way, though…….

  6. Aubrianna Says:

    Also jsut wondering how to make an amulet. I don’t want to make a flimsy one like how lists. I want it to be accurate. HELP PLEASE!

  7. R.L. Says:

    Aubrianna, I will try to put together some instructions on how to make amulets in the near future!

  8. Natalia Says:

    I have been looking up all the information I could find on amulets, but I can’t find how to make one! PLEASE don’t forget to post it!!!!!!

  9. R.L. Says:

    I haven’t forgotten Natalia! Pinkie swear! But I probably wont’ be able to put together the instructions and stuff until February-ish. So, good news? Not forgotten. Bad news? It’ll be a couple more months. :-)