Speaking of Wedjat Eyes – and a Contest!

Wedjat eyes were a hugely popular symbol of protection and good luck in Egypt. Wedjat eyes can actually represent one of two things, and often incorporate both. One, it is symbolic of the lunar eye of Horus, which was destroyed by the god Seth, then restored to healthy by Thoth. That aspect grants healing and restorative powers. But, it also represents the fierce Eye of Ra–the Egyptian name for the Sun. (That was an actual goddess’s name–wouldn’t that be horrible? To have your name be Eye of Ra? I can just hear it now, “Eye of Ra, where is your hat? Quit dawdling, Eye of Ra!”)

Anyway, being associated with the Eye of the Sun gives the symbol very strong protective properties as well.

I thought it might be fun to have another contest, since we haven’t had one in a while. How about if you invent your own amulet – What shape or color would it be? What materials would it be made out of? And most importantly, what would it protect against?

For example, I would love an amulet that protected me against my grandmother’s overly-critical eye. I think it should be made of something sweet, to counteract her bitter nature. Honey, perhaps? No, no. Too sticky. Maybe a small lump of sugar? Or a sweet of some sort? A lemon drop? No, still a little too much sour in it. Whatever it’s made out of, it should be shaped like a little sun, to remind her to have a sunny disposition. Or shaped like a heart, to remind her of love and kindness. Something she’s seriously lacking.

How about you? What sort of amulet are you most in need of?

The winner of the contest will receive their very own wedjat eye amulet! We’ll run the contest from today thru June 16. That’s ten days, which should give everyone plenty of time to enter. And remember the contest rules: Post your entry in the comments section of this post, and first names only so the Serpents of Chaos have no way of finding you!

Have fun, and good luck!

29 Responses to “Speaking of Wedjat Eyes – and a Contest!”

  1. tessa Says:

    i want an amulet to protect against jellyfish. we’ re going to the ocean next month and i hate jellufish. i guess it would be shaped like a blob.

  2. Meghan Says:

    I would make my amulet to drive away my bad moods and attract happiness. It would have yellow as a major component, since yellow is a happy positive color. It would probably be a little medicine pouch sort of thing with rocks in it that have the best properties for what I am trying to do. Maybe a pearl for calmness and love and a piece of pumice to absorb bad moods. Then something reflective like a piece of glass would be good to turn other people’s negative energy back on themselves. I would also use some good smelling herbs like lavender for its calming properties.

  3. Paige Says:

    I would want an amulet to help my friends get along, and help me get along with them. First of all, I would
    want something soothing, to get them to calm down, like lavender. then i would put in something tht would make fell softer towrds me, so i could explain my thoughts about the situation, like a soft, smll pillow. next i would put in a seed from some plant, to represent a new start. Then, i would put in these things a second time, to keep it from having to happen again. I would then get a small piece of square paper with the words, “Best Friends Forever” on it, fold it into an origami crane (for peace) and put it in along with everything else. Lastly, i would put it all in a [small] bottle on a string, so i could hang it aroung my neck.

    P.S. the above [email] address is my mom’s, not mine.
    P.P.S. the amulet would work on my brotheer, too.

  4. Paige Says:

    Sorry! in the third sentance, i meant “feel”, not “fell”, and i “towards” instead of “towrds”, and “small” replacing “smll”. and in the 5th sentance, i meant “IN a second time.” And I meant “brother”, not “brotheer”.

  5. Harrison Says:

    Hi Theodosia! I am reading your book. it is good.

  6. leximel Says:

    hello theo!
    I’d like an amulet to protect against sleepiness/fatigue. There might already be one, but mine would be extra wonderful. I would make it a bright orange and green color, because those colors clash and clashing, bright colors keep you awake (I think). Then I would put a chocolate covered coffee bean inside the pouch of clashing colors because both coffee and chocolate contain caffein, which keeps you up at night. And makes you relatively hyper (depending on what kind of a person you are). To prevent fatigue I would cut the pouch into the shape of a running person to representing going on forever. Or maybe I would make it into the shape of a power shake, either one. The chain on which you would hang the amulet would be gold, to represent the sun, so that you would never have to sleep, there not being a moon included in the amulet.
    This amulet would prove most useful in athletic competitions, secret missions, and when you need to stay up late due to not working on your school project earlier.

  7. Shayda Says:

    I would like an amulet to make your dreams come to life.

    It would have blue ink to represent the sky, black ink to represent bad luck, cotton to represent clouds, a clover for good luck, and a walnut to represent the brain.

    The night you want your dreams to come to life, you’d simply put it around your neck and whatever you dreamed up would come to life. For example, if you dreamed you lived in a mansion, you would live in a mansion when you woke up.

    When you want your dream to stop, take the amulet off and go to sleep. When you wake up, everything will be back to normal.

    Shayda ;) :)

  8. Paige Says:

    So who won???
    Paige :) ;)

  9. Theodosia Says:

    Welcome, Harrison! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book!

    And Paige, I just posted the winner…

  10. Paige Says:

    Sorry, it’s just that I was waiting for such a long time! I don’t mean to be annoying. I’m sure Henry has that covered!

    Paige :) ;) :0

  11. Theodosia Says:

    No, no! You weren’t being annoying, Paige! I just meant great minds think alike…that’s all!

    Besides. Even if you were annoying (which you weren’t) you couldn’t begin to come close to Henry!

  12. Kaitlyn Says:

    You’re right, Theo!!

    :) ;) :) ;)

  13. Aimy Says:

    Yes, quite, of course. Certainly. Theodosia, I have had the grand honour of reading your certainly outstanding book. I quite enjoy it, and am looking forward in reading your next installment.
    (As you may have noticed, I have spelled “honour” with an “u”. Therefore, I am proudly Canadian.)

  14. Aimy Says:

    And, it is currently six oh eight PM in Toronto, most certainly not ten oh nine. Besides, thirteen responses bring bad luck.

  15. Bebe Says:

    Theo I love your books!! I live really far away from you. I live in Cleavland GA…

    Love Bebe

  16. Moonflower Says:

    I would make an amulet made of gold. It would be in the shape of a dolphin and protect against bullying. It would also bring happiness to the wearer. If used for evil purposes it would send bad luck on whoever used it evilly.

  17. Moonflower Says:

    And Aimy I’m Canadian too.

  18. isis Says:

    I love you book. its wonderful. also, i’ve never met anyone canadian. i live in Rhode Island.

  19. Glamorgan Says:

    No, my real name is not Glamorgan, that is my rooster’s name. I also have a hen named Theodosia! Named after the wonderful book of course. By the way, when is the third book coming out? I’m having trouble finding it.

  20. Elsie Says:

    I couldn’t keep my eyes off your book! I live in Alaska. It’s so cold here!

  21. R.L. Says:

    Glamorgan, I do love that name, even if it isn’t your real one. :-) And I would love to meet a hen named Theodosia! Too funny!

    The third book is out now. Only a few Barnes and Noble stores carry it, but most independent bookstores have it. Also any online booksellers. So sorry it’s being to difficult to find!

    Hi Elsie! SO glad you enjoyed the book. I would like some of Alaska’s cold right about now since it’s 92 degrees outside. Ugh!

  22. Elsie Says:

    what state do you live in R.L.? I’m kind of curious.

  23. R.L. Says:

    I live in Southern California, Elsie. Where it has been hothothot the last few days. Of course, we had socked in fog and drizzle for the first six weeks of summer, but I’ll take that over baking hot any day!

  24. Elsie Says:

    It’s getting warmer here, in fact we just went berry picking!

  25. Aurelia Says:

    I have a chicken named Theodosia too! Also I live in England!11111

  26. R.L. Says:

    Wow, how big of a coincidence is THAT??

  27. CAECIE Says:


  28. Anaya Says:

    I would create an amulet that protects against conflict and von Braggennshott, Bollingsworth, and Trawley, and all other Serpents of Chaos.It will have all the protection of all the gods not wanting war and chaos.

  29. Anaya Says:

    Well I have to admit it. My last post was pretty awful. My amulet is kind of going to be like both of Theo’s most powerful amulets, the Blood of Isis,and the pure gold Wedjat eye. But with a twist. The blood of Isis will have powerful hieroglyphs inscribed into it to invoke the power of the gods,Isis( obviously right?),Horus, Osiris,Ma’at,and Anubis. For the Wedjat eye, Its invoked with the power of Horus, Isis, and Ma’at.These amulets are somehow “foraged” and their power combined. Producing the most powerful amulet in the world.And it belong to Miss Theodosia Throckmorton.