I’m Back! With a New Contest!

Hullo! I’m back! So sorry for the long absence, but there were so many things to do, artifacts to uncurse, new books to write, scrapes to be got out of. Well, you know the drill. I’m very sorry for having abandoned you for the last two months. So sorry, in fact, that I thought I’d have a contest to start things back up.

And I think this contest will have to do with demonic cats.

The Egyptians had the right of it on cats. The goddess Bastet, was the personification of the gentle, warm, nurturing power of the sun, where as the goddess Sehkmet, with the head of a lioness embodied the sun’s fierce, destructive power.

Much as my cat does. Warm and loving one minute, mad, stalking huntress the next.

So do any of you have any demonic cat stories? Times when your normally sweet kitten seemed to go berserk?

For example, the time my brother Henry was giving our cat a lovely tummy rub. She lay relaxed on the floor, purring, and he was rubbing her soft, furry stomach. Then, with no warning whatsoever, she decided his hand—the same one that had been rubbing her tummy mere seconds ago—was a rabid rat that must be killed at all costs, and clamped his hand in her two front paws and shredded it with her two back paws. Tore Henry’s hand to ribbons! When she was all done, she padded over to him and rubber her head against his knees in a friendly manner, completely ignoring the red welts she’d made.

Honestly, Is that not demonic? You can read another example of demonic cat behavior here.

To enter the context, post your own demonic cat story in the comments below. Try to keep it to two or three short paragraphs. The winner will receive a small, fetching statue of Bastet herself!

(And remember – no last names! I’d hate it if the Serpents of Chaos were able to locate you!)

23 Responses to “I’m Back! With a New Contest!”

  1. leximel Says:

    Mmmmm… Crazy cat?

    My neighbors had adopted a feral cat that had been wandering our neighborhood for a few days.
    They named it “Tiger”, after its is black and grey stripes. But later we started calling it Tiger because it beat up every other cat in the neighborhood, which was three.

    Pretty soon everyone (and not just the other cats) was afraid of The Cat. If it saw you coming, it would charge at you, skid to a halt, sniff, and then run away. But first it would bite your pants or your shoe.

    So they tried getting rid of Tiger. They put him in a box, drove him to the other side of the river, and left him there so he could torture some other neighborhood. But the cat came back. The very next day(okay, very next two weeks). They found him with his nose pressed against thier glass screen door. He wanted in. And he’s been living in that house ever since.

  2. tessa Says:

    my cat once caught a mouse and ate everything but the nose and tail. she left the nose on our doormat. it was gross.

  3. Chaton Says:

    We have a cat named Squeak. Everyone says he’s evil, but he apperently LOVES me. He’ll bite you if you love him to long, scratch you if he’s outside, and to top it off, he catches small animals! Squeak’s last catch was a small bird. Ugh. He left it on the front porch. I love him anyway, though! ;3

  4. Chaton Says:

    One more thing about squeak. Once when he caught a rat he rubbed the side of his face against it, as if he was saying,”I love you, rat.” Suddenly he looked up and hissed at his owner. Squeak draged the rat away as if it was his proporty. he’s so funny! ;3

  5. Paige Says:

    this is a symbol for “cat”: (=^;^=)
    just thought you’d want to know! :)

    Paige (=^;^=) :) ;)

  6. Paige Says:

    I’m sorry, Chaton, but I’m a spelling freak, and the correct spelling is:


    Just want you to know!

    Paige (=^;^=)

  7. Kaitlyn Says:



    Kaitlyn, age 9

  8. Geoffrey Says:

    Well, if it is true that “the love of money is the root of all evil”, then when I was growing up, we had an evil cat. One day, my brother, while pulling a comb out of his pocket, dropped a wadded up dollar bill on the floor. Our cat, Toni, snatched it up and ran under a couch which was against the wall. When we pulled the couch away to retrieve the dollar, we found Toni’s stash – mostly coin, but all money – in a pile. And she glared at us (as only a cat can glare) for disturbing her little vault.

  9. Kyra Says:

    Wow, Geoffrey! I love your name!!!
    Sorry. Heh.

    [Our school] had a 5th grade play, and I must say we were AWESOME. THE ESSENCE OF COOL. Look up “lemon bugs” on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean. NOTE: that’s not us!! It’s another school!!
    The play was called Everything’s Groovy!

  10. Kaitlyn Says:

    Alright. Any thing I miss????

  11. Augusta Jane Says:

    i know that the contest is over but I have an evil cat named Lorraine. I love her a lot but after she spit up in my closet (on the dress that she pulled down to sleep on) tore my comfortor (she likes to sleep under it during the day, and climbed to my attic throug the vents, i can say that she is demonic.

  12. Moonflower Says:

    There was this really cute stray cat. My mom let me adopt it. I named it Wildflower because it used to be a wild cat, living on the streets, et cetera. It was the wrong name for her. She was really sweet and lovely. But one day she started biting me!

  13. Theodosia Says:

    Moonflower, your stray cat sounds as if she’s related to Isis! I hate cat bites.

  14. Mary Says:

    I’ve got one:
    There’s a cat in my neighborhood that’s very vicious, and one time I threw down a piece of string over my fence, for it to play with, but I suddenly realized that it could choke on it. So I leaped down and made hissing noises at the cat and it’s teeth glowed and pounced at me, but but I jumped out of it’s way and the cat ran off into the street.
    Enjoy! Mary

  15. Theodosia Says:

    Oh thank goodness you got the string back before the cat choked on it! What a brave neighbor you are! Good work, Mary.

  16. Mary Says:

    Thank you! (blush) When will you (Theo) announce the winners?

  17. Theodosia Says:

    Mary, the contest ran last October and the winner was already announced here:
    http://www.theodosiathrockmorton.com/blog/2007/01/20/contest-winner-announced/ but I will try to have another contest up soon!

  18. Sophia Says:

    I know the contest is over but I have a story….
    I am kinda afraid of cats now because when I was little I loved them, and one day I was playing with my friend’s cat. We were using that stick with a feather on it and they try to catch it, but instead of catching the feather she clawed me and I started bleeding, so I got a scar on my hand. It went away though. But I still like cats, especially Isis (just not cats that like to scratch me….)
    Sophia :)

  19. Alexas Says:

    Ok so my cat Callie went bezerk when she was laying on the sidewalk and I was petting her and then she bit me and then again and again until it was a scar! Also once she was just laying on my dad’s lap all peaceful, then she jumped up and ran down the hall like a gazelle. You should see her playing with a ball it’s like she’s chasing a demonic cat!

  20. Annabeth Says:

    I once had a cat when i was little, like three and i had been sitting under a tree with my dad and when i came back to the house she started ataking me and calwing because i guess that she smelled another boy cat on me. anyway she was so demonic we had to give her away before she really hurt anyone. By the way i still have faint scars cause of it!

  21. R.L. Says:

    Wow, that is YOUNG to be attacked by a demonic cat. Probably best your family got rid of her, although it might not have felt that way at the time. :-(

  22. Anaya Says:

    One night I was at my friends house and I was petting a cat named Thomas gently and when he began to walk away,he looked over his shoulder(do cats have shoulders?) and before you could even blink, his teeth were in my forehead his back claws in the middle of my forehead i pushed him off and he walked of like he didn’t even do anything.I was bleeding like crazy and right before Christmas. I still have scars. He died the 14 of December after that year.

  23. Éirinn Says:

    I have three cats: Dog, Pedro, and Kiri. Dog and Pedro are orange tabby brothers, and i have had them way longer than Kiri. Dog is a big clumsy cat, who just wants to be pet (all the time!). The two brothers were snuggling with each other and it was the cutest thing i have ever seen! I took out my phone to take a picture, and in one quick motion dog was on top of Pedro trying to murder him! he had Pedro by the scruff and was trying to drag him off the bed! I set the phone down and was holding Dog by his scruff, and pushing Pedro out of the room. Dog started a low growl and reached out to scratch me, but then he he started licking my arm and purring like nothing had happened! I swear that cat has serious mental issues! my picture came out as a blur of orange. oh yeah, and Pedro has serious mental issues now. at the moment he’s sitting on a chair behind me with really big eyes looking around the room frantically.

    Story number two: this isn’t really a demonic cat story, but more of demonic murder crow’s story. i woke up at about two in the morning, and was sitting by the window petting Dog. when i heard a lot of cawing. i looked up across the street at the park and saw just about every crow in the neighborhood (over 200!) flying around in a huge ring of feathers. it was really scary! my cat hissed and ran away from the window.