Book Recommendations

Over in the “Contest Winner Announced” comment thread, Kyra and Paige have been talking about books they like. I thought that would be a good thing to talk about in it’s own post.

Paige and Kyra both liked the Harry Potter books and The Golden Compass. I, too, loved TGC. Talk about a grand adventure! With polar bears! Paige also mentioned the Warrior series, which I haven’t read or heard of.

Two of my very favorite books are The Secret Garden and The Little Princess, both by Frances Hodgson Burnett. If you haven’t read these books, do give them a try! I am especially fond of Mary Lennox in The Secret Garden. I think everyone is entirely too quick to think poorly of her!

Feel free to post your favorites in the comment section! I’ve just started a new book that Henry left behind when he went off to school: The Story of the Treasure Seekers by E. Nesbit. I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve finished it.

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  1. Kyra Says:

    Oh! I simply adore The Little Princess! I have also seen the movie, it’s really amazing. It’s so sad when the girl is clutching at her father, “remember me, your daughter? daddy, please, please!”

    I cried.

  2. Paige Says:

    well, when i said i liked Warriors, that was before some kid in the 4th grade took it out of the library for a month, then lost it. i found it, but by then i had lost some of my interest in it. also, i now recommend the Molly Moon series and Lunar Pioneers, which actually hasn’t been published yet. (i got to read it because my mom knows the author.) so… yeah! to learn more about the Molly Moon series, go to

    Bye!!! Paige :) :) :) ;)

  3. Kyra Says:

    Oh! Molly Moon is great. I just got “Molly and Mickey” or whatever it’s called. It’s the last one published.

  4. Paige Says:

    I know! I have ALL FOUR! but you know what is SO annoying? the website, is so LAME! it’s nothing like this website! no comments, nothing like that! just about the book, about the author, about, about, ABOUT! It’s really disappointing. Oh! and this is just a random story of mine…

    so I was in my backyard, practicing softball pitching, and I got tired of that, so I went up to the higher part of our estate, which is basically a hill. so I went to the hill and guess what? the plants had gone CRAZY! they were so over grown, that they went over my brother’s head! and if you took your socks and shoes off, and walked around on the flattened plant paths, it feels WONDERFUL! so cool and refreshing…

    yeah. overly long comment… bye!

    Paige :) :)

  5. Theodosia Says:

    First of all, Paige, I am so glad this website compares favorably to the Molly Moon site. I did read the first Molly Moon book and liked it quite a lot. I’ll have to check out the others…

    I loved the story of your backyard. How lovely to have your very own overgrown jungle! And how very handy that it would be so very easy to lose your brother in all that greenery…

    And honestly. There is no such thing as an overly long comment! Comment away!

  6. Kaitlyn Says:


    I did not read any of the Molly Moon books and am not looking forward to it!

    My friend Lucia, who is in my school, loves Molly Moon just as much as I love Theodosia.

    Bye for now, guys!!

    Sincerly, Kaitlyn, age 9

  7. Kyra Says:

    Hey Kaitlyn! Love to see someone else on here…because maybe I go on here too much…So someone else can comment too…



    Paige, I’m really disappointed with Molly Moon’s website too. I mean, the books have been out so long, don’t they have time to make a nice website??

    Oh yeah, I’ll recommend a/some book/books now.

    I forget if I said this already, the Jaguar Stones is good. I MEAN WAY GOOD. I MEAN BETTER THAN HARRY POTTER GOOD (which, actually, is not that hard to get, considering. Sometimes HP was SOOOOOOOOO boring.)

    Also, Erec Rex (series name). Devon Werkheiser, from Ned’s Declassified on Nick, loves it, so does a guy from Flight 29 Down (if you know that show).

    Oh, my god…s….oh my gods…wait.


    Oh my gods (now I say that from reading the book), people, please post cuz I’m bored.

  8. Kaitlyn Says:

    Hi Kyra–

    I’m just as glad as you are. I wish that people would write back the second I submitted a commet.

    Anyways, (I seem to be saying that alot) I hope you write back more.

    Oh, Paige and Kyra– I’ll be on this subject alot.
    I have read The Golden Compass and all the Harry Potter books. I love them.

    And if it makes you feel better, Kyra, I’ll read read the Percy Jackson series so we have something to talk about. I’ll try and smuggle in Molly Moon, too.

    I just want to suggest another book. It’s called The Penderwicks. Tell me if you’ve already read it.

    I also want to say that it’s great to have someone else to talk here. I may be younger, but that’s beside the point. So keep up the good work.

    Kyra, I hope you read my warning about how impatient I am. I hope you don’t mind.

    Talk to you later!!

    Kaitlyn, age 9
    P.S. How often do you go on this site???

  9. Kaitlyn Says:


  10. Kaitlyn Says:

    Sorry about that. Now you see how I am impatient!!!

    :) :):)

  11. Kaitlyn Says:

    Kyra? Hello?

  12. Kaitlyn Says:

    People, when you’re bored and someone writes to you, they expect a reply. I mean, come on, you WERE bored.

    Well, good morning, and happy Sunday!! I have to go to Religous Ed. at 10:10. Sorry for the delay.

    Theodosia, are you able to wait for my impatientness until I get back??

    :) :) :)

    Kaitlyn, age nine.

  13. Kaitlyn Says:

    Oops. I wrote age nine instead of age 9. Woops!

  14. Kaitlyn Says:

    gotta go! Be back later!

  15. Kaitlyn Says:

    Hi guys–

    Sorry for my comments. I know they’re too much. I guess it’s just me.

    Or it’s because I’m going on vacation next week so I want to be on here as much as possible. I guess it was *too* much.

    Talk to you later!!!

    Kaitlyn, age 9

  16. Kyra Says:

    Hi Kaitlyn! Sorry it took so long to write back. Maybe you are in a different timezone as me, you were sick yesterday, or you are homeschooled (no offense if you are!! worried worried face), because it says you wrote at 1:33 pm and 9:14 or something pm and all other crazy times when I wasn’t on. (I took a shower after you responded to me. On Sunday…it was just crazy. I was everywhere.)



    Forget everything I said before, erase it, blank it out of your mind!


    Okay, so.

    I want to make the longest comment in Theodosia history, with lots of words and spaces and enter keys on keyboards.


    I usually come on this website every day, unless it’s a grumpy-a-lot-of-homework day or something-else-to-do day or a i-forgot-about-theodosia-for-a-day day. But I will be on constantly. Leave messages even when I’m not on!!

    question: What state do you live in?
    reason why: I want to see how far the Theodosia influence has spread. Perhaps you live in COSTA RICA???? (which in my opinion is G-rate.)I live in Pennsylvania.

    Oh yeah–
    G-Rate means Great, Good, or Ginormously Good Gads of Greatness!

    Geeky comments aside, I’ll wait for your comments for a long time. I mean, I will keep this Internet window open while surfing other sites and refresh the page frequently.

    More to say later,
    Kyra, age 10, grade 5,
    and sorry she wasn’t on when Kaitlyn was,
    and knows how it’s like to be a year younger cuz her best friends are mostly 11,
    and gone. (poof of magical fairy dust)

  17. Kyra Says:


  18. Kyra Says:

    And don’t think it’s too much, I write a lot, as you saw with my extremely long comment.

  19. Kyra Says:

    If you’re still reading the long comment or you (sob of boredom) LEFT, read this para. Below.

  20. Kyra Says:


  21. Kyra Says:


  22. Kyra Says:

    Oh, Theodosia!!

    It’s funny how I saw that thing that said

    “Sorry, you can only post every 15 seconds. Slow down cowboy.”

    Haha, it makes my day to see little things like that.

  23. Kyra Says:

    Are you gone? Or are you typing? If you are typing and you see this make it a short message like “hi” so I know you’re there.

  24. Kyra Says:

    :( you’re gone.
    sad crying.

    a lonely adieu from me to you

  25. Kyra Says:

    Hi. Sorry for my wave of lonely anger and frustration. I am, undoubtedly, more impatient than you, Kaityln! Maybe it’s because I go on this website too much. :( I’ll…try not to go on as much.

    I will not come on this website on Mondays.

    Okay, byeas!

  26. Kyra Says:


  27. Kyra Says:

    I just realized I am the only one on here…probably because of spring break. Oh no!!!!!

  28. Kaitlyn Says:

    hi kyra

  29. Kaitlyn Says:

    THANK YOU for that overly long comment. I didn’t answer because I was on vacation.

    I’m glad you like The Penderwicks!! I wonder if there is a movie…


    I am back now and I’m not leaving for a long time as far as I know. Bye for now!!

    Kaitlyn, age 9

  30. Kaitlyn Says:


    Sorry. I’m here and I need you to be on as much as possible!!

  31. Kyra Says:

    Fine, the new development is gone. I just said that because no one was commenting.

    To Theodosia:
    I just read Werewolf Rising! It was REALLLLLLYYYYYY GOOD. Is there a sequel? If not, can you make another? THERE NEEDS TO BE A SEQUEL!!!! And also I read The Falconmaster. That one was okay, but not as good as Werewolf Rising.

  32. Kyra Says:

    I need to make a long comment.
    Erec Rex is a great read
    So is uh Julie of the Wolves
    So is uh I can’t think of anything
    You will have to wait until I have ideas!!!

  33. Hannah Gately Says:

    I loved the molly moon books!! they are so awesome! please tell me the name of the 4th 1. Another really good series is the clique. They are so good. The site is either or you can try Either way they are
    ah-mazing books for tens and young adults. You should really check out these sites and books. The order is the clique,best friends for never, revenge of the wannabes, invasion of the boysnatchers, the pretty commitee strikes bakk, dial l for loser, it’s not easy being mean, sealed with a diss and bratfest at tiffany’s my friend Queenie Belle recomended these and I could not put them down. l8r g8rs!!!

  34. Paige Says:

    watch the bob show by mipsyrpandbobrock on YouTube it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    where the HECK is Shayda?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    can’t read any of your book recommendations. to busy reading The Time Quintet/Octet by M. L’Engle. Meg is cool! I like Charles Wallace he is, like, psychic! Proginokses yeah blah blah blah. This is all quite random, so, as long as I’m being random…


    sorry! it’s just, there’s nothing really exciting happening because it is spring break. AND I AM STSYING AT HOME!!!!!! all that is exciting is that the hill is still over grown, i’m taking care of my friend’s pet rabbit, Oliver (there are stories about him later) and I got a YouTube account (TheSpicyMooOfYOU).

    When he eats it is cute.
    When he cleans it is cute.
    When he sleeps it is cute.
    One time he was shoving his empty food bowl around his cage like Snoopy. it almost went into his -excuse me- poo box.
    it was cute.

    oh yeah! and I went to a Jewish overnight weekend camp called Shabbatton (sha-bat-TONE (my Hebrew teacher says to put the accent on the last syllable, FYI.)). It was fun there. someone from my softbalteam from last year was there. her name is Emmy.

    ok, Hannah, the first website address is a no-go, so it is the second. also, the books don’t seem very interesting, no offense. I REALLY don’t like books that involve High School cliques and stuff.
    I like reading super fat (eg, Harry Potter) or in-the-second-person (eg :) *Theodosia*:) or A Crooked Kind of Perfect -book recommendation-) books more. and nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I WILL EVER READ, WILL INVOLVE A “PRETTY COMMITTEE”. I don’t mean to be harsh, but those are too light and just aren’t my reading level. Hello, fifth grade here! Almost sixth! those books are for 3rd graders who are in a hurry to grow up. Me, I’m gonna take all the time I need. Right, Theo?

    yeah… so…

    Paige :) ;) ;) :)

  35. Kyra Says:

    Oh yeah, I know Paige!
    I mean the whole idea of like high school cliques involved with boys involved with fashion involved with CLIQUES again…
    Happy April Fool’s Day!
    Oh yeah, this is the coolest video ever.
    Click the link and then go to Youtube’s homepage and click every featured video. Just do it!
    You have to do it by today!

  36. hannah Says:

    helloooooooooo!!!!! the pretty committee is a group of 7th graders and they teach girls to stand up for themselves!you should just give massie kristen alicia dylan and claire a chance besides they are ah-mazing and i started reading them in 4th grade.also dylan is not like the rest of the pc.she eats.a tn she eats pineapple flavored popcorn and bacon wrapped mozzerella sticks.they are also about sabotauge the ups and downs of friendship the trouble of moving dealing with a break up and just plain my favorite quote goes “use what o nvm wrong quote “dont judge a book by its cover”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    have you made a website? go to my username is anamiecutie
    l8r g8r ttfn ttyl sorry about the long comment p.s. theodosia you should deffinetly the books inkheart and inkspell k l8r g8r for real this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Theodosia Says:

    My goodness! What a lot of comments there are! Where to begin…
    Hm. Let me see. I adored The Penderwicks. Did you know there is a new one coming out? It’s called The Penderwicks on Gardam Street and will be out next week. Yeay!

    Kyra, I had no idea you could only post once every fifteen seconds. And how odd they called you cowboy!!

    And RL is thrilled you liked Werewolf Rising. There really should be a sequel, shouldn’t there? I’ll have to get on her about that.

    Paige, I adored A Wrinkle in Time. Those are truly excellent books.

    Another book I loved that had me snorting tea out my nose was My Big Sister is So Bossy She Says You Can’t Read This Book by Mary Hershey. My brother Henry insisted I read it, as he claims I am bossy. And while I disagree (I am not the least bit bossy!) I did find the book quite funny!

    And welcome, Hannah! I will put Inkheart and Inkspell on my list!

    Now I simply must get back to that cursed scarab!

  38. Kyra Says:

    Hey Hannah,
    Well, The Clique doesn’t seem THAT bad. I was thinking of the series Gossip Girl, because a girl in my class reads both a lot. OH YEAH: I LOVE LOVE LOVE INKHEART AND INKSPELL TOO!

    I MUST READ THE PENDERWICKS ON GARDAM STREET!! I thought that My Big Sister etc. looked good but I didn’t know. I’ll check it out!

    Theo and RL:
    I might do a book report on Werewolf Rising because:
    A: I luvluvluvluv wolves. They are NOT THAT BAD and do NOT attack people involuntarily! There is NO record of a healthy wolf attacking a human.
    B: I have to do a book report on a book about an animal.

    RL, the “Lowthar’s Blade” first book was a little, I don’t know, not my type. Sorry :( It was just a little too fantasy-sy. I guess! Well, I think I have a pet peeve with magic blades, because I tried to read another book with a blade and I was like “GAH” and stopped reading it.

    Okay, I need to go! Bye!

    PS: Theodosia, how DO you make italics on here?

  39. Kyra Says:

    And also to Paige:
    What state do you live in?
    Because I had my spring break last week.
    It was a week long, FYI
    because a friend who lives in Connecticut
    had only 3 days of it!!!

  40. Kaitlyn Says:

    Hi everyone!!

    And hi Hannah! Glad to have someone else here…



    I’ll get back to you later, Kyra. I don’t have much time on here.



    Kaitlyn, age 9

  41. Kyra Says:

    NIM’S ISLAND SEEMS AWESOME I HAVE TO SEE IT!! (agreeing with you)
    I MEAN………….
    I love the concept!
    Oh yeah, good reads:
    The Frog Princess series!!!
    And The Princess and the Pauper. I haven’t read it, but I heard it’s good.


  42. hannah Says:

    hold the phone.where is my super long comment?the one where i said i was proud of my self for indenting or when i said theodosia was a pretty name or where i listed all these books or where i did my song!where where where where where??????????theodosia did someone delete it?wait is that possible ??can u delete comments?cuz yesterday i sent out the 40/41 comments.this site is cursed(hehehe have fun theodosia hehehe!)oh oh oh oh oh we can bring in the ghost busters or or or (i sound like a seal)the fbi or the csi or the navy seals or the police or nancy drew or the hardy boys or *sighs* im out of ideas…:( hey hey hey have u read ttyl ttfn or l8rg8r?they r so good.hey i have only seen 2 comments from theodosia!where are you?u should b talking 2 us more…no offence or anything…*sobs like 2nd grader after falling off swing*speacking of swings i fell off one at school and my thumb is swelling!!!ttfn honey cakes!*looks in hand*”what a coinsidence!!!”said the girl eating a honycake!!!!

  43. Kyra Says:

    she may have deleted your comments because they were maybe a bit crazy,
    no offense.
    She deleted mine also, but I’m okay with that anyway,
    TTYL, TTFN, anf L8R G8R are really inappropriate books. :( At least to me.

  44. Kyra Says:

    And really, no offense. She might have thought they were crazy with all the exclamation points running off the page.

  45. Kyra Says:

    I don’t mean crazy. I just mean…

  46. RL Says:

    Hi everyone. RL here.

    Hannah, I’m terribly sorry but I had to delete your comments and the ones that followed because something about them broke the blog format! I don’t know if it was the indenting, or all the exclamation points, or what, but it made this blog entry go all wonky. I still have a copy of them and will try to repost them without having it mess up the formatting. Oh, and the comments didn’t seem crazy to me, just wildly enthusiastic. ;-)

    With regards to reading recommendations, it’s probably a good idea to remember that people of all ages have read Theo and are visiting the blog. Therefore, their reading tastes and age levels will vary widely. What’s perfect and appropriate for a 12 or 13 year old may be uninteresting or inappropriate for a 9 or 10 year old, but that’s okay because there might be other 12 or 13 year olds reading the blog who are interested in those older recommendations.

    I’m so glad to see all of you here and chatting it up!

  47. leximel Says:

    Oh em gee! I think I have read almost all of the books suggested on here before, and I am proud to say
    that I loved most of them! But I will have to disagree with Kyra that Jaguar Stones was better than Harry Potter. I loved the parts about ancient Maya culture and the talking babboons, but I couldn’t make myself like the main character, who annoyed me. Also I am a die-hard HP fan starting from when I was about six, so I will do anything to defend them.

    And there HAS to be a sequel to werewolf rising! There are so many things that have been left unsaid and unanswered! Like that creepy part with the whispering stones!

  48. Kyra Says:

    Oh, welcome back leximel! I am so happy someone else is here other than Kaitlyn or Hannah or whatever. No offense, I just like new people coming on!!
    I agree with you on Werewolf Rising. If you saw my comment on March 28th, you’ll see.

    Sorry, sorry,

    The main character was a bit jerky but I enjoyed the book all the same. Sometimes I couldn’t make myself like Harry Potter either, like I didn’t understand his freakish obsession with Draco in one of the books near the end. Yes, I know Draco is evil, but why do you have to be obsessed with him Harry?

    HP got too boring for me. I read the series and all, but it was too dry for me. I used to love-it-to-death-no-kidding, but now it’s just an “eh” book. So many books out there are waiting, and HP got success and fame, so I’m guessing that’s why it’s a phenom. But I’m sure any old amazing book like Theodosia could rise to the top-top-top-top if it got the right publicity.

  49. Kyra Says:

    Oh yeah, and Theodosia? Are you in a different time zone from me? Because the time on my comment says 12:22 am and I just posted this at 8:20 pm my time.

  50. Kyra Says:

    Okay, I am going to take a survey!!! It’s on the stories I’m making. I want some outside opinion. WARNING: these will be rather long so I’ll post them seperately. Some are horrible from being when I was 9.

    #1: (untitled)
    Panting, running, howling. The exhilaration of a hunt. Trees flash by. I look to my left. Belldena is sprinting, tongue hanging out, grinning wolfishly (of course). I shouldn’t be surprised—Belldena’s only a pup. It’s her first hunt. We only brought her along so she would stop whining and finally be of use for once.
    I look to my right. Serai, my sister, is determined. Her yellow eyes slant and glint and her ears point straight up. Her mouth is set in a straight line and looks like it’ll never curve upwards again. The only thing dumb enough to mess with her is probably me and Bellden. And who could forget than one incident with
    And on a sudden whim, I look at myself. No, not with my eyes. I look at my soul. I’m Cayenne, the Beta. I am Beta with Serai. I am a friend to Reya, the alpha. Well, almost everyone is friends with Reya – you would be an idiot not to.
    Speaking of idiots, I looked at the Omega, Seraph. I knew that in other packs, Omegas were sympathized with and often regarded as friends, if not enemies. But in this pack, our Omega was just plain snooty. Pure white and mean, he regarded himself as the “new Alpha”. It was whispered he had been deserted by another pack because they were disgusted with him.
    I couldn’t blame them. He often picked fights with me and Serai “just for fun”. They often ended with Reya pouncing on him and commanding him to get his priorities straight. Of course, Reya was the Alpha and had to be obeyed, but he couldn’t see everything at once.


  51. Kyra Says:

    Some of these are really dorky…I feel like I should stop.


  52. Hannah Says:

    hi peoples srry bout the comment and with the honeycakes,i call every one and thank you RL i also would refer to my comments as
    wildly enthusiastic NOT crazy!!at least RL is the only one with a heart here.J’ADORE RL!!srry bout that but u know how us Aussies r wildly enthusiastic.or as i say spazerifFic
    (srry bout the nancy and the hardy boys i often let my imagination run away with itself) ;) *AHEM*i will be entering a creative writing essay on why people drop-out of school and what to do to stop this sooooooooooooooooooooooooo wish me luck.hey i would luvluvluv if you guys could give me some ideas!that means u too theodosia!aaannnddd i have a track meet in sandy on saturday so wish me ur much loved luck!did any1 like my swing story?cuz if u did then …J’ADORE ALL YALLS!my puppy is a piggy!oink oink!and exclaimation points rule!!any1 here with an email?cuz if u do…hey mom r u reading over my shoulder?ru ru ru

    Theodosia is proudly powered
    by WordPress and Electric Webs, Contact the
    Author.srry bout that i saw the words at the bottom of the pageand thought it would be funny if i copied them.hey has any1 here been to; or cuz they r so funny!j’adore big bunny!who is ur favorite person on American Idol?j’adore carly!j’adore bananas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tootles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Hannah Says:

    :) ;) :D

  54. leximel Says:

    Making fiends is my ABSOLUTE J’ADORE-est thing in the world, H!

  55. Kyra Says:

    Hey Hannah,
    Sorry about calling it crazy. I was stressed out from the PSSAs and all (the PSSAs are like the big tests we have to take in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Student Standardized Test or something). Okay, so let’s start over.
    Hi, I’m Kyra. I just read a book called Sun and Moon, Snow and Ice by Jessica Day George and it’s MARVELOUS. YOU HAVE GOT TO READ IT, I AM SERIOUS. ALSO READ HER OTHER BOOK, DRAGON SLIPPERS! (which sounds odd.) I THINK MY CAPS LOCK IS STUCK! I LOVE CARLY TOO!! SHE IS GONNA WIN. (oh ok not broken)
    I can’t believe Micheal Johns was eliminated, I liked him!
    OMG, you’re an Aussie? Cool. They have this totall weird show on Nick where they make 3 Aussies “mermaids” or whatever, and they make them (the Aussies) like sooooooosooooosooooooooooooooo different from the Americans, though I don’t think it’s like that. Do you live in the USA or in Australia? Because some Aussies live in–
    SSo, is the “dropping out” school thing for CREATIVE WRITING or like….NONFICTION writing. Cuz if it was nonfiction I’d say sometimes kids feel overwhelmed by all the schoolwork, or don’t feel too good at school. When they get their report cards and they get even the smallest bad grade (like a B+)it makes it worse. And you can prevent it….By…Getting them help? I don’t know.
    I have an email! But I don’t know if it’s okay to say it. (because it might be like I don’t know, to-the-Forces-of-Chaos-revealing) Hey Theo? Can I say it???
    um…read…a book.
    THE ENDS, THEODOSIANS! (the traversers of the bee-you-tiff-all site.)

  56. Kaitlyn Says:

    Yikes!! The last time I came here there were 39 comments and now there are 55!!!

    Is this like the chatting room or something? I can’t even read all these comments they’re SO LONG…

    Can you give me a day or 2 to catch up?? PLEAEAEAEAEASE??

    Ok never mind I like comments but I need to catch up with you guys!!

  57. Kyra Says:

    OH HEY!!!
    I thought you were gone.

  58. Kaitlyn Says:

    Nope. :)

  59. Kyra Says:


  60. Kyra Says:

    I see you have a blog like Theo! You live in CA? I went there to see my cousins, uncle, aunt and….family dog of sorts. Haha. Anyway, keep up the good work and notice a comment somewhere! It’s hidden, not on this site, but on somewhere you know and is linked from this site. ;) It’s a mystery!

  61. Kaitlyn Says:

    Seriously? Another comment??

  62. Kyra Says:


  63. Kyra Says:


  64. hannah Says:

    u pple r crayayayayz!!lol

  65. hannah Says:

    my email is
    i don’t care bout no demonic demons something or other and if lexi girl comes on ur at the rite place sweetie

  66. Kelsie Says: sucks on ice man

  67. leximel Says:

    hannah, i yam flattered to the extreme that you call me sweetie.
    now i can say to peple, “i am a sweetie!”

    and Kyra, I read dragon slippers. it’s a nice book
    AAAAAAAAAAANNND the PSSA’s are not nice. they are my enemies. only thing nice about them is that you can eat food in class while takin em.

  68. Kaitlyn Says:

    Are any of you guys on?

  69. Kaitlyn Says:

    Ok. I think I’m going to make an overly long coment.

    (I HOPE SO)

    I wrote a series called the Spider Queen series. (I’m not finished with the series yet) and I will put it on the web when I get the chance. Also, I’m making a website for it (I’ll put that up when it’s ready, too). Kyra, Hannah, Leximel, and Paige (HOPEFULLY) PLEASE READ IT. My mom likes it, and everyone else does… well, everyone who knows me, anyways. Theodosia will you read it to when I post the website?

    Ok. Now what to talk about? Oh, yeah. I still have something else to say about my series. I’m publishing it. No, I mean publishing it so it’ll be in book stores (If I’m bragging, sorry). I have a pen name for my book, too. It’s K.R. Modzelewski (my first two intials and my last name), my mom thought of it.

    I don’t think I’m going to give you guys my e-mail address yet… but I’d love to get an e-mail from one of you guys! (I don’t mean fanmail or anything like that. That would be going too far)

    Thank you all of you who had ideas for my egyptian themed birthday party (especialy you, Theo). I showed them to my mom and we are still planning it.

    I have a warning for all of you guys.


    Got it? Ok, good. Now, it’s beautiful here. And it’s like 74 degrees. How is the weather where you live? (OK, this is like I’m talking like that fool Snowthorpe. Remember when Theo said that he and her father just sip tea and murmur stupid things about the weather? Ugh.)

    Ok, maybe I should stop here…


    Reminder: NOT FINISHED

    - Kaitlyn

  70. Kaitlyn Says:

    Yeay! That’s my first overly long comment.

  71. Kyra Says:

    M-wah, Kitlyn! (I left out the a on purpose, if you don’t mind, it’s my nickname for you!)
    Your series!
    Your overly long comment!
    And your warning! (I already get spam a lot, so I don’t care if I say my address. It’s
    I’s GREAATTT you’re publishing a book. My friend, who is an amazing writer/artist, wanted to publish one but then thought the book sucked and–
    Now, email me privately!
    Bye, dearies! (Leximel, tell everyone you’re a sweetie AND a dearie!)

  72. Kaitlyn Says:

    Thanks, Kyra! And I will! Be at your computer so you’re ready for my email!!

    And sure, you can call me Kitlyn.

    OK I’M GOING TO EMAIL YOU NOW!(If I’m allowed to, that is.)

  73. Kaitlyn Says:

    Are you on right now???????

  74. Kyra Says:

    Why are you goooonneeee–

  75. Kaitlyn Says:


    Check your email!

  76. Kyra Says:

    I checked my email!
    Check your email!

  77. hannah Says:

    leximel ur welcome for calling u a sweetie, honeycakes!!!email me!no one emails me anymore! and i think i know where the commemt is.u know how all the comments have our names?well i am an ameture detective and RL is the only name with a line underneath so mabey u can try clicking on it.and congrats on the series
    im looking foward to reading them!omg i finally met another Brit!he is supra hot with a capitol H-O-T!!!and like me he is the fastest person at his school aaannnddd he like me talkes with a british accent*bounces around in chair like a hyper-active 5 year old* l8r g8rs!!!!!wuv yas!!!*smoochies 4 all*oh and if the comment thing does not work it was just a hunch so dont hurt me!!

  78. Kyra Says:

    mwahahahahhahahahahahhahahaahahahaha!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE A SWEETIE LEXIMEL!
    OR TWO!
    Congrats on the hot Brit! Not many here…but that’s kinda good, cuz if there was, all the girls would swarm over him, leaving all the other boys depressed and deprived.
    A clue! A clue! Investigate!
    I need to do my science project on the imuune system now! (hint hint, I need help, hint hint)
    Kaykay! Buh-byez!

  79. Kyra Says:

    Oh yeah, and–
    anyone know a hypoallergenic, lovable, medium/large, good with kids dog. Anyone have one up for adoption?

  80. Kyra Says:

    Oh yeah, and–
    Anyone know a hypoallergenic, lovable, medium/large, good with kids dog. Have one up for adoption?

  81. Kyra Says:

    Oops, sorry!

  82. Kaitlyn Says:

    Hi Guys–

    What are you doing?? I’m at my friend Lisa’s house. SHE ROCKS!

    Ok, that was weird. Now, Kyra, I’ll have to email you from here. I don’t exactly know how, really. I’ll email you as soon as I can.

    Theodosia, my friend hasn’t read your book yet, but I think she’ll really like it. Hold on I need to ask her…

    Ok. Theo she said she really likes it so far! I’m glad because now we have someone else to talk to.

    Theodosia, when did you say that the next book of Theo is coming out?? BECAUSE I REALLY REALLY WANT TO READ THE NEXT ONE!! Sorry, it’s my impatient half of me again. :)

    Kyra, check your email!! (I seem to be saying that alot to you lately)


    Kitlyn (hahahahahahahahaha)

  83. Kyra Says:

    Okay, Kitlyn!!!

  84. hannah Says:

    i luv my new hot brit Maddy is sosososo jealous!!srry i m at school!!my teacher is standing over me!!brits name is Austin hot hot hot hot hot!!!A CLUE ACLUE ACLUE!did u pplews try it yet my site is go there and the brit is supa fast!!llike me and is really good at long jump.hehehe i met him at track

  85. hannah Says:

    i luv my new hot brit Maddy is sosososo jealous!!srry i m at school!!my teacher is standing over me!!brits name is Austin hot hot hot hot hot!!!A CLUE ACLUE ACLUE!did u pplews try it yet my site is go there and the brit is supa fast!!llike me and is really good at long jump.hehehe i met him at track

  86. leximel Says:

    hannah, check your email…

  87. Kyra Says:

    Austin! Cute name!
    LONG JUMP?!?!!!?!???!
    I do long jump and high jump for my “olympics” at school and I LOVE it (and if I don’t seem too honest, pretty good at it). I am going to do the dash and long distance this time!!!
    (I am 5 feet tall exactly and I’m 10…I have like a million friends who are 11 and shorter!)
    Austin sounds ca-ute…
    Oh well, I got Alex at my school.

  88. Kyra Says:


  89. Kaitlyn Says:

    Really? I’m 4 ft 9 in and I’m only 9 years old and most of my friends are 10 and I’m taller than them. What a coincidence!

  90. hanhan(a.k.a.hannah) Says:

    sups!!hanhan in da hiz houze!!the last time i freaked out i just kept looking down i st-st-stuttered when u asked me whatim thinking felt like i couldnt breeth u asked wats rong with me my best friend Lesslie said shes just being miley the next time we hag out i will reedeem myself oo-ohoh i i cant wait to seeu again!!!!!my hunch is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and who is melsroccck?????????????

  91. Kyra Says:

    Ok, I get the Miley Cyrus song, but what about melsrock?

  92. Kyra Says:

    Oh yeah!!!
    Okay. With a little research (well, not research, but just looking at your site and stuff) I get things now.
    I have no idea who the heck melrock is or whatevs, but Ricky Martin’s c-ute!

  93. Kaitlyn Says:

    What the…?

  94. leximel Says:

    melsrock is me

  95. Kaitlyn Says:


  96. Kyra Says:

    Haha Leximel

  97. Kyra Says:

    Leximel noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  98. Lucia Says:

    I like THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET. Even though it has a lot of clocks in it, (and not that I really care about clocks) it was so awesome! AND it was in Paris! :) :) :)

  99. Lucia Says:

    Hey! Where is everyone else! I’m alone in the world!!!!!!!!! :(

  100. Kaitlyn Says:



    Tell me about it. :-) :{

  101. Lucia Says:

    Oh, Kaitlyn. Even though I’m standing right behind you in our school classroom, I feel so apart from you!

    Hey! You’re the hundreth person! Lucky.

    Then again, I’m the 101 person! YAY ME!

  102. Kyra Says:

    I love that book!

  103. Lucia Says:

    where is everyone? its so boring

  104. Lucia Says:

    ugh comeon somone go on

  105. Lucia Says:


  106. Kyra Says:


  107. Kyra Says:

    Listen to Days to Come by Bonobo!!! BEST SONG EVA.

  108. Kaitlyn Says:


  109. hannah Says:

    u pple r crayayayayay-z!!!!!justhere 2 say hi sooooooooooo………..

  110. hannah Says:


  111. Kiki (Kyra) Says:

    Yo…I dropped my phone in crushed mint if it helps!

  112. Lucia Says:

    Lucky I don’t have a phone. :(

  113. Kaitlyn/Kitlyn Says:

    I agree. :)

  114. Lucia Says:

    do phones come in pink? i Love pink

  115. Kiki (Kyra) Says:

    Yeah they ALWAYS come in pink cuz pink rox along with blue!

  116. Kiki (Kyra) Says:


  117. Kaitlyn Says:

    Really? I didn’t know that. I like either pink alone or blue alone. With me, you’d have to mes with the different shades of pink and blue to get me to like the two together! Who agrees? :)

  118. Kiki Says:


    Sorry I meant that pink rocks like blue does.

  119. Kaitlyn Says:

    Ok, now I get it. :)

  120. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    Oh no, Hannah, I can’t open your website! I used to be able to, but now I can’t. :( :(:(

  121. hanhan(a.k.a.hannah) Says:


  122. Kaitlyn Says:

    Lalalalalala…. :)

    Just trying to get a conversation or conservation of whatever started on here. TOOOO quiet. Arrrrggghhh. :)

  123. Luna Says:

    nobody has commented here for dayz
    *sniff* i bet it’s feeling neglected..

    how bout an overly lond commment, eh?

    So… I am a HP freak(anyone alse? say Aye!)
    And i Like Faerie Wars, it ROCKS
    but iI’m not sure… It’s..different
    And… The Golden Compass
    And I like Lewis Carroll too! Alice in wonderland?
    funny, no one likes it
    And… Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte is cool too,but i’m not sure if you guys would like it. It’s kind of an older book and the language is old. But I liked it… not a very happy book though
    And Pride and Prejudice, that’s good
    I tried Anna karenina… it’s hard to read

    And so you ask what state I’m in…
    Well, my answer is…

    I DON’T LIVE IN A STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok I’m recovered now

    Actually, I’m a Canuck!
    btw, Canuck means Canadian
    O Canada…
    our home and native land…

    from the national anthem

    so, Quick poll:
    What is your favourite colour?

    mine is green and orange and light blue, I also like bright red and yellow and purple(but not together)

    basically, every colour EXCEPT gray.
    gray is soo… DREARY.

    How long is it?

    Oohh..I”m numnber 123!

    Anyways, am I older than all of you guys? except maybe Hannah because I think, possibly, Hannah might be older…




    wait i have to go1 i’ll continue this!

  124. Luna Says:

    ok I’m back!

    How old are you Hannah???
    Well if you don’t want to say that’s fine
    Je understande
    Ha, my francais c’est horrible
    c’est “fringlish”
    Je know how to parler “Give me my money” en francais
    C’est “Donne-moi l’argent”
    Perhaps c’est “give me THE money” instead

    O canada
    our home and native land
    true patriot love
    In all our sons command

    and en francais:

    O Canada
    terre de now aieux
    ton front est cceint
    de fleuronts glorieux!

    So french is the second national official language, but Nunavut is the only province-

    i goota go again read this as one big post ok? ok? ok. :)

  125. Luna Says:

    so Nunavut is the only province(it’s a territory, actually) that has two official languages

    bye! i really do have to go… do i get an award for the longest post?

  126. augusta Says:

    OK, some really good books in a series that i know of are:
    Chasing Vermeer
    The WRIGHT Three
    and the newest one
    The Calder Game
    all of them are in a series written by Blue Balliette and illustrated by Brett Helquist. Be sure to look twice at the pictures. A hidden message is in each book. All of these books are mysteries that have to do with artist, and are really great. Theo, if you haven’t already read these books you definetly need to. Some how they remind me of your story, with genious kids and all

  127. Kaitlyn Says:



    I wonder what got into you guys!!! And speaking of old language, you guys are USING it. (jk)

    *stares at the ceiling*

    what to do…..Oh I KNOW!!!


    (two days later)

    Sorry, it’s quiet again. I HATE IT WHEN IT’S QUIET!!!

    Well, i think I’m acting weird is becuase the contest ends TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry again. Good luck!! :)

  128. Moonflower Says:

    Good books: The Percy Jackson series, the Charlie Bone series, the Spiderwick
    Chronicles, the Books of Ember, Silverwing.

    If you’re looking for something to read as you wait for the next Theo book,
    remember these titles!


    A devoted Theo fan,


    PS: the Spiderwick chronicles is good, but don’t read Beyond the Spiderwick
    Chronicles! It was okay until Jared showed up and he was all teenagery and
    he started swearing. So don’t read it!

  129. Claire Says:

    I agree with you, Moonflower! The I love all of those series, although I haven’t heard of Silverwing.
    Oh my gosh I completely agree with you on Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles! I hate how Jared swears…now I like Simon better.
    And I bought that book! ;(

  130. Claire Says:

    Okay, now I KNOW I’m the youngest one here. I’m turning 8–in February!

  131. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    What is Beyond the Spider Wick Chronicles? Is it the series after spider wick chronicles?

  132. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    Why hasen’t commented here in a long time???

  133. megan Says:

    ok i am commenting to break the no commenting streak…. umm i just read theo and i loved it. i also like artemis fowl and Enola holmes (which i think someone already mentioned somewhere). Artemis fowl is really complex but really good (though really hard to follow). enola halmes is about the baby sister of sherlock holmes, who is really ,really creepy. i also love percy jackson. the last olympian just came out (and ive finally read it). ooooooh… exeptionally long post………ooooooh errant thought,WHY is almost everyone tall for their age and have somewhat older friends that are still in their grade (not like theyve been held back, but like you’re younger). this happens to include me. i dont know…maybe its agenetic thing , tall people are naturally drawn to extremely awesome books (like theo, percy jackson, inkheart, the theif lord…..did i mention that? it’s awesome too..)
    WOW this is a really long comment…
    maybe its because i read so fast and now i think so fast or because i jaust read so fast i cant’ fit it in one comment…ok then ill just post back later

    im probably doing this becuz my BFF is getting really annoyed at all the recommendations i give her ( which involves theo, if ur asking)

    im trying not to make this too long but its not so ill stop now

  134. Theodosia Says:

    Welcome Megan! It’s perfectly okay to leave comments–I just can’t guarantee to answer them in a timely manner.

    And how happy am I that you loved my book! Yeay!

    Very interesting observation about taller kids…I’ll have to pay attention to that.

    And I’m sorry your BFF is annoyed at your book recommendations. Feel free to leave them here any time!

  135. Vanessa Says:

    my book recommendation is The series of unfortunate events.they are so the end of each book theirs lots of cool!

  136. Vanessa Says:

    hello!!!!!!!!is anyone here.can’t you guys comment.anyway I love your books theodosia.their awesome!I’m still waiting for a comment!I’m very impatient!

  137. Vanessa Says:

    is anyone there!i keep waiting.c’mon people!!!!!!

  138. RL Says:

    Welcome Vanessa!

    The reason no one is commenting is because this is a blog, not a chat room or listserv. People only stop by once every two days or so, so it takes a while to spot new comments. Plus, being a blog, it’s designed more for specific questions and answers rather than chatting.

    I read the first Series of Unfortunate Events book and really liked it!

  139. megan Says:

    Wow vanessa i just randomly started to reread the series of unfortunate events books the exact same day you psted that. how creepy

  140. megan Says:

    oh wait the 20th is today so about two days before you posted that.. im on the 6th one…i forgot what happens in the end, so don’t tell me…i think Beatrice is the Baudelire’s orphans mother, but i may be wrong…have you read Artemis Fowl? i think i mentioned it already but its a lot like Unfortunate Events, but woefully complex
    (it makes me have to read SLOWLY for crying out loud but the beginning ones are fairly easy to follow)im posting a lot…. this is a lot of run on sentences, my LA teacher would flunk me if this was graded….. ooh did i mention Encyclopedia Brown…thats good if you like figuring things out, but it’s not really suspenseful…and nancy springer books are good suspense novels (there are several or i’d just list them)i should read theodaosia again im going to run out of reading material (which is another reason why im doing this, i need a good book/series again)ok i better do homework now

  141. Vanessa Says:

    I’m surprised you liked the first book of series of unfortuanate events book.not many people liked it.and thanks for the tip on the blog.and my question is what would Theodosia’s birthday and stuff like that be.I think you should add her statics in your I was wondering if you’re going to make another book about Theodosia.well thanks!BYE!

    what are your statics.

  142. Vanessa Says:


    I’m so happy someone repplied.Anyway,talking about The series of unfortunate events I also think Beatrice is the Baudelaires mother.I wonder if Lemony Snicket loved Beatrice.I have heard of Encyclopedia Brown and it’s a godd book.Although I do agree it’s not very suspenseful.THANKS!

  143. megan Says:

    i am pretty sure he loved Beatrice because he dedicated the entire SERIES to her. I also think that he is the brother of Kit Snicket and Jacques (Remember Jacques, from the VIllage of Fowl Devotees? I’m on the Hostile Hospital right now) Snicket. On the website for Unfortunate Events (sorry its takes a long time to type the entire name out but you know what i mean) it has a guide that came out before The End and it has a bunch of stuff on Lemony Snicket. it mentions that he was fired from the Daily Punctilio and he was arrested for arson. It also mentions in the Ersatz Elevator that Beatrice stole from Esme, but that could be from Esme’s twisted point of view. Lemony Snicket could also be Kit Snicket’s son and Beatrice could be his name for Isadora Quagmire (because it says in The Beatrice Letters that she wrote poetry). I think the first theory could be more likely but they are both possible.

    PS: Have you read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians? I think you would like it.
    PPS: Did you know that PS stands for Postscript? Each “P” stands for a post and you keep adding posts each time you add something. WOW that was really off topic.

  144. megan Says:

    PPPS: i forgot to mention that i think were on different time zones because it says that you posted on 4:11 am and im pretty sure that wasn’t when you posted (though you could be a REALLY early riser)

  145. megan Says:

    i think that the clock is set for california time because its 3 hours different.

  146. Vanessa Says:

    I’m pretty sure lemony snicket is kit snicket’s I have heard of the percy jackson books.Don’t you think Esme Squalor and Carmelita Spats are evil.

  147. megan Says:

    on a completely unrelated topic, Lemony Snicket IS the sister of Kit Snicket, which he mentions in the Grim Grotto, unless Kit Snicket named her child after herself which seems really weird and egotistic and i can’t imagine Kit Snicket doing that.

  148. megan Says:

    where is everyone?

  149. brenda Says:

    Um..I dont think i’ll be ON this cool website everyday…not like Kaitlyn and all..but,just wanna say,I LUV LUV LUV Theodosia n the astaff of Osiris!!Imean, everytime i read any other books,the 2nd time i read it, it is just soooo boring!But for this book, I just keep reading again n again like a choo-choo train!It never gets old….O yeah n its my 1st time here so i dont really know wats goin on….(Love ur books!!!)

  150. jack Says:


  151. Emma Wallenbrock Says:

    i dont know u jack but :) <3 peace I love peace i also like world peace but that duznt happen alot bye peeps

  152. Emma Wallenbrock Says:

    megan i<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 the Percy Jackson series. I
    im obssessed

  153. Ducky Says:

    I couldn’t possibly name all the good books I’ve read, but you all got most of them. Princess Academy is good, but Theodosia’s, by far, THE BEST!!!

  154. Hazel Says:

    The Secret Garden is definitely one of my favorites!