Je suis retourné

Yes, I am practicing my French in an attempt to ward off any talk of governesses. I don’t know why everyone puts so much value on speaking French. It’s not like Latin and Greek are chopped liver, you know.


As promised, I have returned. With a contest no less! Although I must warn you, it’s beastly difficult to come up with contests than can be run on a blog. But I have a few up my sleeve. So, without further ado, this week’s contest:

Create an acrostic poem, using my name! Like this…










And for each letter, come up with a word or phrase that describes, me, my adventures, my adversaries, anything at all, really. The more original and obscure, the better!

We’ll run the contest for one week, and the winner will receive a small, four inch high statue of the Egyptian goddess, Bastet, in her cat form. (Very much like the one I was de-cursing in the opening of The Serpents of Chaos.)

One entry per person, so take your time and make it the best it can be. The contest will close Monday, June 16 at 6:00 PST. I will announce the winner on the following Tuesday (June 17) so none of you will have to stay up past your bedtime. I do realize that some parents pay attention to that sort of thing.

58 Responses to “Je suis retourné”

  1. Augusta Jane Says:

    OK! yay! well I do love writing, and I shall try to put my skills to the test.
    The way I see things, well is a little differant.
    Heroic! Oh yes, fighting off Germans is very heroic!
    Extrordianarily gifted, with the sixth since I mean
    Obviously prepared to decurse
    Don’t be a bother and be thankful for the jam sandwiches father!
    Oh my goodness, Bollingsworth is evil!
    Shhhh Henry! Your feet sound like a dozen hipopotimi!
    I never want to sleep in a small boat again!
    American mothers are to keep an eye on when it
    comes to bringing home arftifacts.
    OK R.L an Theo I hope you like my writing!
    Best wishes to every one!

  2. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    Here goes!!!! (Oh, a Bastet statue sounds lovely.)
    The little well-known saviour of London, who could it be?

    Have you heard of this hero? I’ll give clues and we’ll see!

    Everything counts on their cleverness and skill

    Or else the whole operation would have gone downhill.

    (Do you have the gist? If not, another rhyming hint comes.)

    Or you’ve seen how bravely SHE faced all that came, and how

    She knew that it wasn’t even close to a simple game.

    If you’ve guessed the identity of this young, smart girl….

    Absolutely correct is THEODOSIA. Give that name a whirl!

    I know it’s bad…but oh well!

  3. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    Oh yeah, and SHE is capitalized so you know the hero is a SHE.

  4. Augusta Jane Says:

    Oh kiyura! That wasn’t bad at all! I found it quite lovely!

  5. Luna Says:

    The one that stars in that fabulous book
    Hindrances bother not this heroine
    Egyptian, the ancients, are who she can sense
    Other people are not like her, no indeed
    Disasters follow her like a shadow
    Outraged at her brother Henry is she
    So hieroglyphics? She eats them like cake!
    Interesting contests she creates(like this one!)
    A pickpocket befriender, that’s her!

  6. Paige Says:

    I’m pretty good at these types of poems. I sent a million of them to my friend in 1st grade, actually. but, seeing as i have never had much luck in these contests, i don’t know how i could possibly win?

    To be a famous egyptologist
    has her captive in imagination.ask questions:
    entering the pyramid
    or to stay idol at home?
    “duh, the first” she would say,
    “or are you thinking of another Theodosia?”
    so it’s plain to see,
    I think,
    an adventurer she is!

    ta da…

  7. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    I am a spelling and grammar freak!!
    I am cringing at many things that I see
    Like a huge banner in a supermarket that says, “PRICES FOR YOU’RE SATISFACTION”.
    I need to calm down

  8. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    H3¥! !f ¥0u ©4ñ r34d tH!$, ¥0u 4r3 4 tru3 tH30d0$!4 f4ñ. tH!$ !$ b3©4u$3 tH!$ l4ñgu4g3 !$ l!K3 H!3r0gl¥pH!©$! tH!$ m4¥ ñ0t b3 p3rf3©t b3©4u$3 $0m3 l3tt3r$ d0ñ’t r3pr3$3ñt 4 $¥mb0l. 3ñj0¥!

  9. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    Try to decode the message above! The “language” is called Haxor.

  10. augusta Says:

    it says:
    if you can read this you are a true theodosia fan. this is because this language is like hierogliphics! this may not be perfect because some letters don’t represet a symbol. Enjoy!
    Yay! I decoded haxor!

  11. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    Good job!

  12. Kaitlyn Says:

    Terrible spirits from tombs she can beat

    Her knowledge takes her on an adventure to a land of heat

    Eternal life she knows the sign

    Of course, she deffinetly knows how to shine

    Dad and Mom, they’re always busy, how down to her

    Only she can see the dark magic that everyone denies

    Serpents of Chaos, look out!

    I bet I wouldn’t know and adore the hieroghlyphic signs more

    And that’s what makes Theo Theo!

    Man, this was HARD!! :) And some places ryme, others don’t. Hope you like it, Theo!! :)

  13. Kaitlyn Says:

    Wow, mine is really bad!! :(

  14. HANHAN Says:

    i’ll do mine l8r. Emilee is making fun of me. so on the last day of school we had a promotion ceremony and there was a slide show and all the lights were off and Javan and I were snuggling!
    later my funky gaters
    i heart you/ =Dylan
    teach me haxor k?

  15. Paige (Eemie) (Gabelle) (P4!g3) Says:

    ! 4m tr¥!ñg t0 wr!t3 !ñ H4×4ñ. B3©4u$3 tH3r3 !$ ñ0 ‘w’, ! m4d3 !t up! !t !$ ‘ŵ’. 4l$0, ‘f’ !$ ‘˦’ b3©4u$3 !t l00k$ l!k3 4 p3ñt0m!ño p!3©3 ©4ll3d ‘f’. 4ñd H3r3’$ 4 ©00l ŵ4¥ t0 ŵr!t3 ‘Oy Vey!’: ‘Ѹ ˄3y!” ©00l, HuH?


  16. Theodosia Says:

    All right! That’s it! No one is allowed to say their acrostic poem is bad. No one! The truth is, they are all wonderful and it shall be very difficult picking a winner!

    Got that? These are all fantastic!

  17. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    Theo, sorry for upsetting you.
    It’s only that I am a perfectionist.
    My own fatal flaw! (note that down in your little “Kyra’s flaws” book. Haha jk)
    Perfect is such a LYING WORDDDDDDDD!
    Okay, my daily rant and rave is done.

    BIG NEWS!!!!

    Tomorrow, off to NYC and the London Hotel.

  18. Kaitlyn Says:

    Sorry, Theo!!

    I DID enjoy making my poem (I love making poetry) VERY much and I think it IS better than nothing!!

    Good luck choosing, Theo!! And good luck everyone!!

    MAIN THING: To have fun!!! :) :)

  19. Kaitlyn Says:

    It ends in 2 days!!!

    And congradulations, Kyra!! I’m going to start 5th grade when summer is done!! When will you be back?


    I hope you’re back in time to see the winner!! :0

  20. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    Don’t worry, I’m leaving in like 20 minutes and I’ll be back on Sunday night!

  21. Kaitlyn Says:

    Ohhhhhhh ok.

    EEEK SO EXCITED!!!! :)

  22. Kaitlyn Says:

    Hey, did you know “theo” means god?

  23. Paige (Eemie) (Gabelle) (P4!g3) Says:

    i am graduating from 5th grade on tuesday, but the last day of school is the day after that (the fifth graders get a special promotion ceremony the day before school gets out).


    Oh, Kyra, i have a fake name on YouTube, which is Eemie Zamora (the serpents of chaos will not get me, the entire name is fake!), so could you cal me that instead (on YouTube only, of course!)


  24. Lucia Says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yesterday i got back from disney world (just to let you know where i was) I ONLY HAVE TWO DAYS :0

  25. Lucia Says:

    theo means god wow! my name is spanish for lucia (u pronounce that luu chhi aa) which is itialian for light to bad i cant glow

  26. Lucia Says:

    gee i need to get some paper…. did i just type that out loud? nevermind

  27. leximel Says:

    yargles. my last day of school was May 30th.

    i feel like such an old lady.. :(
    i am going to be in 8th grade in the fall. but thas okay because 5th grade was the absolute WORST year of my life. i was lucky i survived

  28. leximel Says:

    i still have gaping wounds in my soul from the demons in the hallways. in the old days, janitors actually DID their jobs, instead of the measly cleaning junk they do now… i mean, you don’t even need a stake or a wooden cross to apply for the job…

  29. Lucia Says:

    errr…. that sounds bad. i’m going to 5th grade next year i hope its not that bad. on the brighter news I have made a new :) kind of thing. The :0 was one of them. I call it the messy face here it is :; I got the idea by looking my little sister after she gobbled down a chocolate chip cookie.

  30. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    I am kind of upset, I just turned eleven and on that day (Saturday) it was totally wretched. I had no fun at ALL and we didn’t do anything special but go to NY, and then when got there we had to go to a horrible art gallery with disturbing paintings, and then a stupid restaurant that was disgusting, and I got no birthday presents at all and my mom said she hadn’t had TIME to get me any, and she and my dad were still THINKING about it, and they actually asked ME to chip in with my own birthday/graduation money to pay for a big present!!!!! And then my mom and dad left for their own stupid dinner and I had to put my younger brother and sister to bed by myself, because the babysitter was no help at all. And I got to bed at who knows when! To top it all off, my SPECIAL birthday day was rainy and thundery and lightningy.
    My friends got like iPod touches for even GRADUATING. I got nothing, nothing even for my birthday.
    And just got my birthday present from my aunt and uncle…and I already had it. My sister is turning 9 soon and she got one too, and we already had THAT, too!

    Oh, I must sound soooo spoiled. But I am really upset! I just needed to vent. Sorry. Forget it!

  31. Kaitlyn Says:



    Welcome back, Kyra!! And happy b-day!!! No, you don’t sound spoiled. I sound like that too, sometimes. :) ;)

    Can’t WAIT for tomorrow!!!

  32. Kaitlyn Says:

    Ch-ch-check ya email, Kiki!

    Wow, that was weird!

  33. leximel Says:

    that sounds like a terrible birthday.


    but i didn’t get a present for graduating 5th grade, either. I was reaaly mad. you should be too

  34. Theodosia Says:

    Kiki! What a terrible birthday!!! Honestly! What is wrong with parents, anyway?? Don’t they realize that birthdays are Our Most Sacred Days? The one day when everything we want and desire is more important than anything else in the universe??

    I’m so sorry yours was such a horrible day. You clearly deserve much better than that…

  35. Kaitlyn Says:

    I REALLY agree with Theo and Lexi. That sounds like a horrible b-day!!If I had one like that, I’d cry. You have the right to sound spoiled! Seriously with parents. What do they think of kids PERSONALLY anyway?

  36. Kaitlyn Says:

    My 3-year old sister Alexandra says hi. She’s to little to understand anything, but she can say Theodosia!!!

    Alexandra says:


    (she typed crazily, she can’t type correctly yet)

    Please reply to both of us, Theo. She would like that. :)

  37. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    Awww Alexandra is (or sounds) so cute!
    I am over my brief stormy moment of frustrated anger. Whee!
    Okay, MY 3 year old brother will say hi now. IT’S A COMPET—–OOOOOMIGOSH TODAY THE CONTEST ENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Whoo go Theo, go Theo, you pick an A-CROS-TIC
    Here Nicky goes:

    cc ddsxdcszsdaxdzxcdfz3rdsxcsdx4ed3esdcxeccfvddcx5d


    Yeah, doesn’t he rock? His typing skills cannot be matched, we have tested throughout the land. The nation has fallen to NICHOLAS! The empire has died! The tyranny is dead!

    I got the most awesome video game ever, called Endless Ocean. Since I want to be a marine biologist it rocks!

  38. Lucia Says:

    i’ve seen alexandra she is cute. and kira that birthday makes me rember the cool stuff i ever got. and the the next time you go to new york (i live there) but its state not city and if anyone here on this site does go Nyc you HAVE to see a brodway show.theese are the shows i’ve seen on brodway: mary poppins the lion king and beauty and the beast but i REALY REALLY badly want to see wicked.

  39. Lucia Says:

    my little sister thinks that going a blog is boring HOW WRONG SHE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i’m not going to show her how cool it is because shes going to but in to my conversations

  40. Kaitlyn Says:


    What are little siblings’ problems anyways????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  41. Kaitlyn Says:

    Hi! I’m sherriff Uniqua!!

    LITERALLY. I’m wearing the bandana and cow girl hat and jeans and everything.

  42. Lucia Says:

    errm okay :/

  43. Kaitlyn Says:

    What the Backyardigans!! I really mean it!!

  44. Kaitlyn Says:

    :> = Birdie!!!!

  45. =DYLAN (HANNAH) Says:


  46. =DYLAN Says:


  47. Kaitlyn Says:

    UUUUUGGGHHHHH Hannaaaaaahhhh….

    U know you really should start building a sense of Humor!!!!! ;)

  48. Lucia Says:

    eerrrrr yow uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i get the picture

  49. Kaitlyn Says:

    I’m doing secret code:

    I <3 GOD oh see ya! Key ruh tea chug meep Ha! Sore, kay? God oh see yah fans, prey butter thing suh for colde will gea t bet term when I’must taut Ha! Sore. Enter joy this unuh till that happ ensor!

    Yeah, I know it’s BAD and TOTALLY CONFUSING but unuh till I’must taut Ha! Sore, this is wha ituh will lo.o.k like!


    I’ll do morse code!!!! :)

    Bye! Enjoy!

    See if you can figure it out before I leave for nine days tomorrow at Lunchtime!!!

  50. Lucia Says:

    errmm…. gee don’t challenge me!!!!!!!!!

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, for goodness sakes. IT’s good for you’re BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not to mention it’s FUN!

  52. Kaitlyn Says:


  53. Lucia Says:

    i know it is But i do read and that counts

  54. Kaitlyn Says:


    I MISS YOU, GIRl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) ;)

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, and my computer must be busted because it keeps saying I’m Anonymous.

    Well, FYI, I’m NOT

  56. Kaitlyn Says:

    DARRRRGG there it goes again.

  57. Lucia Says:

    no one types on the old ones do they. . . . .

  58. miranda Says:

    Hi lafevers its me again i realy want to no if there will be a fifth book