Poking My Head In To Say Hello

Hello People! Here I am! I’ve been absent so much lately because I do have a book to write, you know. And books take time. Loads and loads of time.

In other news, Sticky Will stopped by. It was Open Visitation Day at the museum, the one day out of the month when admission to the museum is free, so anybody who wishes to view the artifacts can do so. Mother and Father tend to make themselves scarce on Open Visitation Day, but I don’t. I manage to stay quite busy. So many children come on Open Visitation Day that it’s important to be sure they don’t get carried away and touch the artifacts or press too closely up against the glass cases. Of course, all the under curators are busy making sure of the same thing, but for different reasons. They want to protect the artifacts from the masses. I want to protect the masses from any curses lingering on the artifacts.

I also like to watch the families that come to the museum on a family outing. However, I am always very careful to avoid the school groups. It wouldn’t do at all to have one of the teachers notice me and ask why I wasn’t in school. Of course, it wouldn’t be any of their business, but that never stops grown ups from butting in, I’ve found.

Today, as I hung back watching a family with three daughters ohh and ahh over the mummy cases in the Egyptian exhibit, a boy wearing his cap pulled low over his eyes sidled up next to me. I politely stepped aside to let him pass. Only he didn’t pass. Instead, he asked, “Oy miss. Are any of them mummies cursed?”

Of course, I recognized his voice immediately.

“Will?” I said quietly, not wanting to raise anyone’s curiosity. “What are you doing here?”

“Ain’t I good enough to come to yer museum to see yer blooming mummies?”

“Of course you are!” I rushed to assure him. “I just wasn’t expecting you, that’s all.” Honestly. Does he have to get so indignant all the time?

“And Ol’ Wigmere did want me to check in on you and see if you ‘ad any messages for ‘im.”

The good news was that I didn’t. Not today. Things seemed to be quiet here at the museum, at least for now.

But as we all know, that could change at any moment…

59 Responses to “Poking My Head In To Say Hello”

  1. Kaitlyn Says:

    Hey, theo!

    I’m glad Will visited. And honestly, he IS a little touchy.

    Well, guess what? My uncle from england visited! And he’s going to London today!

    I can’t come, sorry, theo. I’m going camping in NJ RIGHT NOW so I can’t. I really missed you!

    Hope you make another contest soon! See you on Monday!

  2. :) = happy hannah! Says:

    ehmagawd (i luv massie, don’t u kitlyn?!) that was soooooooo coolio!!!! i m sooo glad will is back! he is my 2nd fave nxt 2 theo of course, and he is pretty touchy! oh and i was born in england, i said i was Australian cuz my dad was born there and i lived most of my life there. so u really did like the clique kyura? i knew u wuld! lots of pple do.
    l8r, cheese gators!
    p.s. click on my name! my new thing is = @_@
    he is hynotized!

  3. Luna Says:

    Hey Theo! Tell Will hi for me!

  4. Luna Says:

    Yeah, and sorry about badgering you to see where you were… do I detect a hint of sarcasm here? Just a little?
    Of course books take time… :D

  5. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    I do like The Clique! It seems so snobby until you read it and you are sucked in and it’s GREAT.
    Right now I’m in the middle of reading Dial L For Loser, but I lost it. Man.
    Thanks for the new post, Theo, and bye!

  6. Lucia Says:

    i totally understand books take time

  7. the fratellis rul!!!!!!! Says:

    omg! the title for the 10th is p.s. i loath you, isnt that soooo cool!!!!!!! so this is hannah!

  8. the fratellis rul!!!!!!! Says:

    click on my name, click on my name!!!! just 4 u kiyura!!

  9. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    Oh the actually website is http://www.jointheclique.com, and http://www.lisiharrison.com, and also they’re making a MOVIE of it!!!!!!!! The website is http://www.thecliquemovie.com or just http://www.cliquemovie.com, I forget. The one you said was a weird one.

  10. Lucia Says:

    but as we all know, that could change at any moment… theo! you make it sound like your mom (or should i say mum?) gets cursed mummies all the the then again that is true

  11. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    What could change at any moment?

  12. Kaitlyn Says:

    Hey, Lu, guess what? I finished the city of ember!

    And Kyra, did you get my email? Anybody else for Dakota’s address? Going once…

    I’m back! Had an AWESOME time camping. I went fishing for the first time in my life and caught three fish!!

    I’m looking for things to say otherwise…





    Yeah, and WHAT could change any moment, Lu?

    o|o = ?

    s|s = um.. I think confused?

    This whole new smiley thing is very complicated! :D

  13. Luna Says:

    Has anyone here read Twilight?

  14. Luna Says:

    Hey I read the Children of the Lamp(the first) and no offence, but I HATED it. I don’t know why. It seemed kind of pointless.

  15. :) = happy hannah! Says:

    i love twilight! it is sooooo good! although i prefer eclipse. i like the story that the wolf dude (i forgot his name) told all the other werewolves is was soooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!

  16. :) = happy hannah! Says:

    :D :P :) :( :<

  17. Luna Says:

    I have a friend that’s crazy about twilight. We’re going to see the movie when it comes out..:D

  18. Luna Says:


  19. Luna Says:

    That’s better :P

  20. Lucia Says:

    omg kaitlyn theres a sequal to the city of ember its called the people of sparks did you read it? i read it

  21. augusta Says:

    hey theo! it’s a joy to have you back, honestly! Will, what were you doing in the museum? I can’t wait to find out

  22. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    Ooh Kaitlyn you’re reading those?? Adding on to Lu’s comment there’s a THIRD book called The Prophet of Yonwood!

  23. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    Oh I used to love Children of the Lamp in like 4th grade and then I stopped.

  24. Luna Says:

    The Prophet of YOnwood takes place BEFORE the City of Ember, but you still have to read it last

  25. Luna Says:

    Augusta! You’re back!

  26. Lucia Says:

    yes i know i read the prequal kira

  27. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    ThE tape of the 2nd book is amazing!

  28. Kaitlyn Says:

    Yes, I didn’t read the sequals yet, though.

    Oh, there’s another book recomendation. :D :P :o

  29. Kaitlyn Says:

    :0 ;D ;o

  30. Kaitlyn Says:

    :0 ;D ;o

    This is getting harder by the second.

  31. Luna Says:


  32. Luna Says:


  33. Luna Says:


  34. Kaitlyn Says:

    Boy, those three were RANDOM.

    and so is this.

    :P :D

  35. Kaitlyn Says:


  36. Luna Says:

    I know. I’m a random person.


  37. Kaitlyn Says:

    Is it REALLY their birthday?

    Then again, I’m not really that curious.

  38. Lucia Says:

    happy birtday to anyone whos birthday is today

  39. Kaitlyn Says:

    Well, it’s not mine. :) :D :P

  40. Kaitlyn Says:

    Are you on like right now?

  41. Kaitlyn Says:

    Yay me! number 40!!!

  42. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:


  43. Luna Says:

    And also happy birthday to Richard Griffiths, who plays Uncle Vernon.

  44. Luna Says:

    *Randomness Alert*

    Click my name! Mars Bars in the UK are different from those in USA!! scandal! We demand refunds!!

    *Randomness over*

    Sorry :P I just had to.

  45. :) = happy hannah! Says:

    have u ever had deep fried mars bars? i used 2 eat them all the time in the u.k. they r really yummy. have u guys heard the song swing? leximel i 4got that 1 in my list

  46. Kaitlyn Says:

    i have new smileys! i think.:

    :’( x-( B-)

  47. Luna Says:

    Where IS everyone?

  48. Kaitlyn Says:

    I know

  49. Kaitlyn Says:

    new contest new contest new contest!

  50. Kaitlyn Says:

    Come on help me out here guys

  51. Luna Says:

    Dear theo and R.L.,

    I know you are busy writing a new book, which we all can NOT WAIT for to come out. Although we DO have a bit of a long wait. Anyways, we are stewing in a world with only one Theo book… *sob*.. so we would like to ask very politely if maybe you could supply us a bit of solace in the form of a new contest. If you decide to decline, which I’m sure all of us will accept in good grace, then maybe we can have our own little fan contests right here. BUT we will need someone to judge it… I am rambling. Apologies. Anyways, we just can’t stand it very much… So lots of luck toward that new book, we are looking forward to it! Just don’t forget us! Thank you very much for reading this.

    Your dedicated fan,

  52. Luna Says:

    Ok that kind of sucked. but I”m not a very good writer.

  53. Luna Says:

    An Open Letter to the Theo Fans:

    Dear fans,

    This is your fellow (? I don’t know) theo fan Luna. I have a bit of a problem. Every day, all of my friends go out to play basketball- without me. Now, I won’t complain to them about how they’re leaving me out, but I feel left out. Really. And you know what’s worse? they TALK about who won and who didn’t and things like that IN FRONT of me. No, worse, TO ME. So here I am, feeling left out but not ruining their fun by complaining and they start to say how fun it was. Cool. You’re having fun. While I stew at home. Yeah. Fun.

    Ok, so I don’t even like basketball. I always seen to come very close to getting a concussion each time(I’m that bad.) I play. But the point is, how do I get my feelings across without a) losing my temper b) complaining or whining c) losing their friendship d) forcing them to invite me ?? I keep starting to lose my temper or whine or forcing an invitation each tim I try. Help please?

    Thanks very much. I will hold a lifetime debt to you all.

    Luna the Loony.

  54. Kiki Says:

    TOPIC 1: Now I’m just saying my name is Kiki, no other 2 nicknames….I don’t know why but I am.
    TOPIC 2: Okay, Luna, here we go. I hate basketball too and sometimes my friends leave me out in stuff. I have one “friend” who I really dislike because she is always horrible to me and things and she’ll fight with me and ignore me and say things about me. And I really really dislike her. Anyway, about your problem: You must have one friend that you’ve known for a long time, one that you trust. If that friend is playing basketball, take her aside and just say how you feel, like “Hey, I feel kind of left out when you guys play basketball without me. I don’t like basketball a lot but it does kind of make me feel bad when you talk about things I haven’t been at to me a lot.” I know this is kind of whining but if you’re really fed up with it just tell them how you feel. I do this sometimes with my friends and they do this too and we work it out. If they’re your real friends they’ll understand.

  55. Theodosia Says:

    Dear Luna,

    You asked SO nicely! You are a very good letter writer!

    And yes, we will have another contest. I’m swamped today, but I will post the information for the new contest hopefully this weekend, and if not then, by Monday night at the latest.

    Your dedicated heroine,


  56. Kaitlyn Says:

    Hi theo!! write more later! got to go!

  57. :) = happy hannah! Says:

    hi. bye.

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