In Today’s Mail

Dear Theo,

We have to right write a letter for an assignment. Since Mum and Dad hardly remember to read there their mail, I decided to write you.

How are you? I am fine. Even though it’s finally stopped raining, the grounds are still too muddy to do any sports. I swear in some spots the mud comes up to our knees.

Has that Bollingsworth fellow ever shown up?

What about Wigmere and those other blokes from Somerset House? Have you heard any more from them?


Your Brother, Henry

p.s. I will be coming home for Eastertide, arriving at Victoria Station at 3:17 on March 23. Do not forget to have someone pick me up!

* * *

Honestly! It’s a good thing he’s at school so he can learn to spell! Surely there is nothing more annoying than younger brothers!

28 Responses to “In Today’s Mail”

  1. Effeline Maloney Says:

    Dear Theo,

    My name is Effie Maloney and I live in Tyler Wash, Texas,
    which is not very close to Great Britan at ALL. Which is
    too bad because I really want to come to your place
    and sleep in one of those Ejiptian coffins. You could
    have the coolest ever slumber party. I would help you
    make the party favor bag! Do you have a best friend?
    I have two and a boy named Donal that wants to be number three!

    And, I wanted to let you know that there is at least ONE thing more
    annoying than younger brothers. It is a
    bossaholic big sister, especially one named
    Maxine Colleen Maloney!

    So far you seem like a pretty nice big sister.

    Yours truly,

  2. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    Hi Effie! Welcome to the Theo website!
    Theo, Henry seems kind of nice compared to my siblings, ha!
    (where is Paige!!)

  3. Kaitlyn Says:


    Now all we need is a new contest!

    And hi, Effie! Welcome! Hope you like it here! Theo will greet you if you stay on soon!

    I agree, where is she?

  4. Kaitlyn Says:

    Paige I mean.

    Hi, Kyra! Where have you been these days? :P

  5. Luna Says:

    Hey Effie!

    No offense to Henry, but I found a worse letter-writer than me!! But then again, I write worse essays..

    Anyways, Kiki, you are a lifesaver! I haven’t tried it yet, but I will as soon as I can…. I am pretty sure it’ll work… I’ll update you as soon as I have tried it. Thanks a million!

    I have to figure out the time differences so I can tell when the contest is…

  6. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    You’re welcome Luna!
    Now that I’ve done all the camps I will be doing this summer, I will be on Theo almost every day. Only almost though.

  7. Theodosia Says:

    Welcome Effie! I’m so glad you’ve dropped by. When Henry comes home at Easter time, I’ll be sure to show him your comment that I seem like a pretty nice big sister.

    Plus, you’ve just given me a fabulous idea for a contest!!

    Stay tuned….

  8. Luna Says:

    Party favour bags?? That’s my guess.

    Kiki you are a GENIUS! I called my friend today and told her, and she said she understood and she would talk to all my OTHER friends, and that I could come along any day I wanted, and that they didn’t play basketball a lot of the time anyways(not that they told me, but I’ll just let that go.)

  9. Kiki Says:

    No problemo!
    I’m bored!! Someone email me!
    Luna, do you have an email?

  10. Kiki Says:

    Hmm. I just realized that in the address area (where you type in the web address) it says “recieve a letter from henry today”. Weird.

  11. Luna Says:

    hey yeah I have email otherwise how would I be able to post comments? It’s l (double underscore) u (double underscore) n (double underscore) a at hotmail dot com. double underscore looks like __, two underscores in a row. And I don’t want junk mail. so yeah.

  12. :) = happy hannah! Says:

    im baaaaack!!!!! *thunder cracks in background* i knw ur not hppy 2 hear from me but 2 bad!!!

  13. Theodosia Says:

    Of course we’re happy to hear from you, Hannah! And how lovely you can command thunder! ;-)

  14. Luna Says:

    I don’t think she made the thunder crack, I think the thunder was so attracted to her that it couldn’t resist! :D

    Hey Hannah!

  15. Luna Says:

    How do you cross wordss out? like –this– or what?

    –And sentences?–

  16. Lucia Says:

    sorry this too late but….. hi effie!

  17. Paige (Eemie) (Gabelle) (P4!g3) Says:

    wow! i’m sorry to have been gone for so long but me and my friends have been working on our webshow (Embrace the Cheez). also i’ve been up in a city called ukiah with my grandparents…. i walked and swam in a creek! twas awesome… nice to meet you effie! you utube ppl should see ETC (Abbr. for Embrace the Cheez). i’m writing a book (great minds think alike, theo!) called ‘A Sprig of Time’. i’m planing on actually publishing it!
    random bookworm fact: J. K. Rowling went to a dozen or so different publishers before someone agreed to print Harry Potter.
    any way, back to about my book… it’s about this girl named Justine Thyme who discovers a magical sprig of thyme that allows her the power to talk to cats, travel through time and other powers that aren’t clear in my head yet. she has to save this magical dog called a Stardog named Renee from being killed or else every human but one young girl would be killed by dogs like revenge. can you help me think of a more evil name for the hunter than ‘Killter von Twelth’? and help me with what publishers to ask to… well.. publish my book? please? i hope i do get it published so you can all read it!

    bye!!! :) ;)

    P.S. shayda’s (you old hats remember her?) youtube channel:

  18. Paige (Eemie) (Gabelle) (P4!g3) Says:

    just as reference for my story, what are the various components of your normal outfit, Theo? because part of my story takes place in your time in history, and want to know kind of what they wore then.


  19. Theodosia Says:

    Paige, here is a book that shows lots of the types of clothes Henry and I wear.

    And your heroine’s name is very clever, Justine Thyme, indeed!

  20. Paige (Eemie) (Gabelle) (P4!g3) Says:

    theo, the address has expired or something. do you think you could find a different one?

  21. Paige (Eemie) (Gabelle) (P4!g3) Says:

    never mind. okay, theo, new question. what are standard dishes you eat? (besides jelly sandwiches :) )

  22. Mitzi Says:


  23. Anna Says:

    “Looking for something?
    We’re sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site

    Go to’s Home Page”

    Is what the screen read when I clicked on the link for the clothes that Theo and Henry wear.

    Has anyone seen “Samantha: An American Girl Holiday”? It takes place in 1904. Is that what rich people in your time wear, Theo?

  24. Brooke Says:


  25. Brooke Says:

    Can anyone tell me what is their favorite book?

  26. Brooke Says:

    does anyone even go on these anymore!!????
    Answer me!!!(Please)

  27. Brooke Says:

    wow, i am talking (well actually typing) to myself. i need a life

  28. Anna Says:

    Poor Henry, he can’t spell. Lucky for him, he has a smart(er) older sister (Theo).