And The Winner Is….

Kaitlyn! With her story about her brother who picked up the cigarette butt. Actually, I just saw one of Will’s brothers do this very same thing with a cigar stub, just the other day. It was disgusting!

Kaitlyn, please email me and I will see that you get your very own copy of Mary Hershey’s 10 LUCKY THINGS THAT HAPPENED TO ME SINCE I ALMOST GOT HIT BY LIGHTNING.

Congratulations! Thanks to everyone who participated.

32 Responses to “And The Winner Is….”

  1. Kaitlyn Says:


    (actually, it was my sister. I don’t have a brother)

    Thanks! First I thought I wouldn’t win. Everyone elses was GREAT. Literally.

    But really, it’s my sister, Kristiana, (who in fact is standing over me as I write this) who did this CRAZY THING so let’s give her a big round of aplause!

    Kristiana, would you like to say a few words?


    Hi Theo! I was SO SURPRISED when Kaitlyn won. Really, it’s not me.

    I don’t even remember picking the cigarett up because I was SO LITTLE. I’m 7 right now.

    Thank you so much for including me, Kaitlyn, and Theo of course!


    Bye everyone for now! And thanks again Theo!! :)

    Kaitlyn + Kristiana

  2. Kiki Says:

    Congrats Kaitlyn!! Once my brother (only 3) threw a cigarette butt at some other kid. Ew.
    Oh I’ll be at my beach house starting Friday for a week. So I’ll be back!

  3. Kaitlyn Says:

    Thanks, Kiki! I LOVED your story, it was AWESOME. Nice entry!

    And GREAT JOB everyone else! :D

  4. leximel Says:

    Yay Kaitlyn! CIgarette butts have to be one of the most disgusting things ever! They are deadly, and they have been in someone else’s mouth!

    The meanest thing my sister did was go to college, so I didn’t enter the contest. Of course, there are worse things she has done, but if I told everyone, she would beat me up.

  5. Lucia Says:

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kaitlyn you have got what you deserve! :D kaitlyn i’m also getting you something for are one year aniversery of beeing best friends i’ll give it to you on the first day of school and also did you get into UEA or UEB?

  6. Lucia Says:

    i took a test ment for people twice my age and it said i smoked!!!!!!!!!!! go figure! Ps: my sis took it to it said she was drunk!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lucia Says:

    oh and kaitlyn it was at the YWCA thats right W but i got scared and had go home :( sorry asking such a question but did anyone watch the new star wars movie? i am a fan of the star wars legacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lucia Says:

    kaitlyn don’t try calling me im not at my house

  9. Kaitlyn Says:


    Can you email me? You’re number for whereever you are?

    It’s one year of best friends with Lucia aniversery! Yaay! And thank you!

    And thank you Lexi!

    I don’t know yet, Which class r u?

    K,thanks again guys!

  10. Lucia Says:

    i dont know which im in hee hee hey i postsed the tenth comment!

  11. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    Yo yo yo!
    Tomorrow I’m leaving for the beach and I HATE it because when I come back it’ll practically be school time (choke).
    Summer is too fast!
    Lalala. Has anyone on the site tried the Twilight series? They are sooo good, I tried one out (I didn’t have high expectations of them) AND IT WAS AWESOME.

  12. Lucia Says:

    hi im here to

  13. Luna :@) Says:

    I read them!! they’re pretty good yo. But I don’t know about Breaking dawn. READ IT!

  14. Lucia Says:

    summer is too fast why can’t summer end september 1 and start setbember 2nd? theo your one of the lucky ones

  15. Lucia Says:

    yay i popsted 14th comment! 14 is my favorite color!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  16. Luna Says:

    14 is your favourite COLOUR?!

  17. Lucia Says:

    number oh no i’ve seen this movie my brain is slowly frying into a hot potato!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Luna Says:

    Errr.. Right. Which movie?

  19. hannah Says:

    0:) :* :P ~ :X (>.<) (@_@) d(-_-)b i have some more
    (:::::[]:::::) = bandaid
    \m/, = rock on

  20. hannah Says:

    the last 1 is a rose

  21. Lucia Says:

    I don’t rember which what movie it was…..

  22. Luna :@) Says:

    Oh no it’s almpost school!!!

  23. Kaitlyn Says:

    I know!!

    Hey, guys, and Theo, did you know the next Summer Olimpics takes place in LONDON. Sac de bleu Theo is in for a surprise!!!

    Ok I promise I will try them, but you HAVE TO TRY THE BACKYARDIGANS you will watch them like there’s NO TOMORROW!!!! Try “le master of desguise”!!!! I got up at 7:30 just to watch it!!!

    Guys, do you want to know another contest? I must hear some OUI’S!!!! :D

  24. Kaitlyn Says:

    And Lucia, I’m in your class!!!!!! Yaaaayy!!! And Madeleine is too! We’re in UEA ahhhhhh!!!!!!! Oh, no! Page and Laura are in UEB!! Can you believe it Page and Madeleine are in different classes!!!! :o

  25. Kaitlyn Says:



    Theo, did you get ey idea for a new contest? I was thinking that you could interveiw a writer (like me) and have the other people post in comments an idea for a story for me to write, then, when we say who the winner is, I can write (or whoever you interveiwed) will write a story using the WINNER’S idea and give it to them when it’s done and sign it!!! do you like it?


    OK you can read now!!

    Did you watch the closing cerimonies? it was AWESOME!!! I think I might be in the next summer Olimpics….Fencing….hmmm…. :|

  26. Luna Says:

    Hey in a rush but I have a drama class, and the teacher’s name is THEO!! I don’t know if it’s short for anything though. Cool eh?

  27. Kaitlyn Says:

    Yeah! What a coincedence!

    Hey guys, what do you say we find something to talk about; It’s getting a bit of a boring chatting room here, and that is NOT the point of this site let me tell YOU!!! :D

  28. Luna Says:

    Really…. ok. So…. Everybody answer this question(even Theo):

    Hm… ok this is hard.

    What is your list of the TOP TEN NECESSITIES TO LIFE?

    Mine is:

    1. Bobby pins(my hair is uncontrollable!)
    2. Music player(with music)
    3. BOOKS!! A lot!
    4. Hair elastics
    5. Lemonade
    6. chocolate!
    7. Friends
    8. Socks
    9. pencils, paper, pens, clipboards… Office supplies and art supplies, basically
    10. errrr… let me get back to you on that one

  29. Theodosia Says:

    Luna, I adore your new teacher’s name! ;-)

    And I’m so sorry school is starting so soon for all of you! My sympathies!

    And yes, Kaitlyn, I had heard that the Olympics would be coming to London in 1908. That should be most fascinating!

  30. Kiki Says:

    I’m back! Ha I missed a lot.
    I’m so happy my mom let me take French in middle school, she really wanted me to take Spanish.
    ACK ACK ACK at least mine starts on Thursday, not tomorrow.
    14’s my lucky number too! :D
    (boy I’m out of it)

  31. Kaitlyn Says:

    Theo, can you try the backyardigans? It’s the best show in the world! you should try it! …… :D

  32. Augusta Says:

    HEY GUYS! WOW! MY computer is working again! yay!