The Ten Necesseties of Life

I think Luna had an absolutely brilliant idea. Let’s all list our top ten necessities in life! I’ll go first, well, second actually, since Luna started it in the last comment thread.

Theodosia’s Top Ten Necessities of Life

1. Gloves (think how horrid it would be if I had to touch all those cursed artifacts with my skin!)

2. Amulets (without them I would be utterly unprotected!)

3. The Wedjat Eye

4. Isis – my loyal friend and companion–except for when she’s cursed

5. Jam Sandwiches – or else I’d start to death

6. My trusty sarcophogus — where else could I sleep in this museum and be protected?

7. My Curse Removal Kit

8. Salt

9. Research books

10. wax bits

Whose next?

34 Responses to “The Ten Necesseties of Life”

  1. Paige (Eemie) (Gabelle) (P4!g3) Says:

    necessities, hmmm…

    #1: a computer

    #2: a camera

    #3: my friends anna and claire

    #4: my amazing creative writing ability

    #5: my cat, rainbowe (who else would i cuddle until he runs out of my arms and hides in a corner until foodtime?)

    #6: my favorite green and purple pillow

    #7: my ability to draw manga that is not amazing but is not horrible

    #8: my dad’s scanner

    #9: my dad (whenever my computer’s broken, he fixes it. yay dad!!!)

    #10: my books (I have at least 200)

    P.S. I’m second! I’m second! *dances*

  2. Luna Says:

    I still need number 10…

    Wait a minute- Theo, salt?

  3. emmer Says:

    1. My books (these are definitely number 1!)
    2. My cat
    3. The hideous brown chair I rescued from the curb (which is comfortable enough to read in all day)
    4. Hair ties (I cannot think when my hair is in my face!)
    5. A loyal companion of the human variety
    6. Peanut butter sandwiches
    7. White grape juice
    8. My collection of library cards (one library simply isn’t enough!)
    9. My kite
    10. A computer with internet access, for purposes of Research and Communication

    Yes, so long as I have those 10 things, life is comfortable…

  4. Kiki Says:

    PAIGE IS BACK (trumpets sound)!!!
    Welcome Emmer!
    Okay let’s see:
    1. Books books books–without them I would be bored ALL THE TIME
    2. My family–of course
    3. Music
    4. My homies
    6. This is pathetic but–the computer, I’m admitting my weakness
    7. Dreams (I mean the ones you have when you sleep). For some reason I really enjoy them!
    8. The library
    9. The bookstore
    10. FUN

    leaves start to turn brown
    they twist and turn, to the floor
    as the wind goes by

    it’s a haiku!!!

  5. Kaitlyn Says:

    OK, here goes:

    1: My thoughts, I don’t know what would become of me with out them.
    2. Theodosia. What in the WORLD would I do without her?
    3. The beach, it’s my favorite place to go with my family and read and swim and stuff.
    4. My family–I need to have one of those.
    5. The library—I’ll drop dead!
    6. Barnes and Nobles is my Favorite bookstore in the WORLD untill it ends.
    7. Egypt and all it’s gods and signs. It’s always facinated me.
    8.Books, I’ve been blabbing out words I don’t understand from books since I was 3
    9. Miracles; Jesus couldn’t have made me or my mother if it hadn’t been for him.
    10. My mum. She’s the best person in the entire world to talk to whenever you don’t get something in life.

    Well, that’s me!

    Welcome back, paige!

    And hullo, emmer!!

  6. lucia Says:

    Hello!!!!!!!!!!!! your glorious funny and fantastic friend lucia is back!!!!!!!!!!!! now where was I you may ask on a road trip! and yes my list…
    1. nature everything was made out of it
    2. my brain you always need knolegde
    3. emiotion life would boring and with no meaning
    4. courage you need it for everything
    5. Jescica (my cat) somepeople need animals and what better then then the coolest cat in town Jessica
    6. movies we all need fun time right? so i love go to see movies
    7. books the pinnacle of imagination its where i get
    8. my imagination i need it for all my great adventures
    9. my glasses even though i think there as horrid theo and hat together
    10. my best friend kaitlyn shes with me one all of my adventures

  7. Kaitlyn Says:

    thanks, lu! :D happy aniversery!! :) :)

  8. Luna Says:

    School started TODAY!!! for me!! I am getting TORTURED daily now!!

    Sorry, bit of a shock! Summer went so fast!

  9. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    Ohhhh jeez my mom is making me have lunch with a girl I don’t even know. She’s from the school I’m going into (same grade as me, both going into 6th grade, but she’s been at the school in elementary).

  10. Luna Says:

    I am trying to make new friends- can anyone help me? any helpful hints?

  11. Kiki Says:

    Okay, I have a quiz for you guys:
    My first day of school was what:
    A: horrible
    B: okay
    C: amazing!!
    D: cry-worthy
    E: depressing
    F: boring
    answer it right and you get a squiggly ~

  12. Ashoka Says:

    I chose F

  13. Luna Says:

    Oohhh, a squiggly! I choose… b because that’s what it was for me.

  14. Luna Says:

    What does everyone think of this poem?

    artfully conceived, viciously deceived,

    places to venture alone

    starless night, shadows with light

    dreams that never appear

    uncertain fears, unconcluded ends

    won’t someone come, come right it all?

  15. Luna Says:

    well it looks better like this:

    artfully conceived, viciously deceived,
    places to venture alone
    starless night, shadows with light
    dreams that never appear
    uncertain fears, unconcluded ends
    won’t someone come, come right it all?

  16. Kiki Says:

    Okay Luna and Kaitlyn got it! Two squigglies for them.
    Luna: ~
    Kaitlyn: ~
    And thanks Lucia (or Ashoka) for trying. It was actually leaning towards horrible but it wasn’t like a boot camp. And your nickname rocks!
    Luna I LOOOVEEEE your poem!
    I just got this new game called Okami for Wii and I reeallly wanna try it out but we left the Wii at my beach house arrrgh. We’re going next week but it’ll be torture because I really wanted to try it BEFORE school started. A whole week!
    Writing a story, ta ta!

  17. Luna Says:

    Aarrrggghhh I’m SO TIRED!! I couldn’t sleep last night!
    I don’t know about Ashoka. Really. And probably you shouldn’t trust anything I say right now because I’m so sleep deprived!!
    We’re playing rugby in gym. Theo you’re so lucky you don’t have to! I hate basketball more though.
    I’m really worried about one of my friends. I think something’s happening to him because he always sounds so depressed and today I got an email from him at 5 in the morning. 5 IN THE MORNING, I TELL YOU!! today I got up at noon! But that’s just me, and don’t ask how I”m so tired AND slept so late.

    Arrrghhhh again! AND I have homework!!

  18. Ashoka Says:

    Everyone I have a mini contest/ contest sugetion! A contest where you make up your’e own country! You must state The following:
    Main export:
    Main Import:
    Main tourist atraction:
    National corlor(s):

    now heres Mine
    Name: Corilla
    Main Export:Fashion
    Main Import: Electronics
    Main tourist atraction: The crystal mountain A tower made out of Diamonds
    National color(s):Purple
    Notes: An Indepent nation. Has allince with Kaitlyn’s country. Foxes and Poloar Bears are Poular pets. Has a Lovely country side

    Your turn!

  19. Luna Says:

    Ooohh cool! I have just the idea… but give me a few, I need to think a bit more:)

  20. Kaitlyn Says:

    Name: Lansetha
    Main Export: Papyrus
    Main Import: Alchemy
    Main Tourist Atraction: The Great Pyramid Vegal
    National Color(s): Purple, Scarlet, and Gold
    Notes: Also an Independent nation. Has allince with Corlla and Kyra’s Country. Cats, snakes, and hawks, are main pets. Country side; oppisite of city life.
    Worships: All Egyptian gods plus a few others.


  21. Kaitlyn Says:

    :D This is so much fun!!!

  22. Kiki Says:

    Name: Kiyuria
    Main Export: Flowers
    Main Import: Books
    Main Tourist Attraction: The Great Library
    National Color(s): Emerald, Ebony and Yellow
    Notes: By the coast. Also an independent nation. Alliances with Luna’s, Kaitlyn’s, and Lucia’s countries. A beachy kind of place with clear, light blue, calm water and white sand.
    Popular Pets: Wolves, Arctic foxes, and panthers
    Worships: Fate (”Everything happened for a reason”)
    National Holiday: Tra-La Day! (everyone sings at least once.)
    :D Haha I’ll add more.

  23. Paige (Eemie) (Gabelle) (P4!g3) Says:

    Name: Cowcasia
    Leader: The Queen of Cows (me) and the Royal Cowcow.
    Main Export: milk and manure XP
    Main Import: grass seeds and wooden planks
    Main Tourist Attraction: the Great Pasture
    National Colors: green, purple, black, white, and brown.
    Notes: Cows roam freely here (like in India!!!). Does NOT eat cow meat in any form. Independent. Alliances with Lansetha, Corrilla, and Kiyuria.
    Popular pets: Cows (duh), cats, dogs (particularly huskies and english mastiffs), and lizards.
    Worships: Cows, and The Royal Cowcow

  24. augusta Says:

    hey guys! i would need
    1. Lorraine Newman (my cat who is named after an SNL actress of the 70’s)
    2. Sam ( my weenier dog)
    3. Ginneviev ( my sisters black cat)
    4 my books ( i love re-reading)
    5 chocolate (where would i be without some sweetness)
    6 pony tail holders ( i just love two pig tails)
    7 youtube ( my channel is thelmamorton) (i have to use a fake name but i got the morton part from theodosia throckMORTON)
    8. Ability to travel ( i love seening new places)
    9 my school elective ( which is a class on protecting the eviroment)

    10 THEODOSIA AND THE SERPENTS OF CHAOS (good grief! finally a book that is REALLY worth reading

  25. Paige (Eemie) (Gabelle) (P4!g3) Says:

    oh cool elective i didn’t get to choose mine and its spanish. I HAVE TO FINISH A PAGE OF SPANISH ARITHMETIC BY MONDAY ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!
    hey does anyone have Spore?

  26. Kaitlyn Says:


    But I do no spanish!

    Eh, Que hora es?

    Donde la cabeza?

    Hola! Como te llamas?

    Sorry. Just reviewing.


  27. Kaitlyn Says:

    I meant know.

  28. Mitzi (Shayda) Says:

    I would probably not live without:
    My Computer
    The Internet
    Pocky (My dog)
    Milk Chocolate

    P.S. My fake name is Mitzi, kind of like how Augusta has to change her name, I do 2. So u pplz can call me whatever u want. My youtube channel is:

    Thanx!!!! ;) :)

  29. Mitzi (Shayda) Says:

    Name:Penguinland, CA
    Main export: Frosting, donuts, and cupcakes
    Main Import: Pie
    Main tourist attraction: The Giant Cupcake
    National color(s): Green, Red, Orange, and Yellow
    Notes: I like cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Moonflower Says:

    Name: Crystalia
    Main Export: Crystals and gems
    Main Import: Magical items
    Main Tourist Attraction: The Great Crystal Mine
    National Colour: Neon Blue
    Notes: Has an alliance with everybody else’s countries. Pug dogs, black cats, and glowing birds like the ones in that movie Journey to the Center of the Earth are popular pets.

  31. Anna Says:

    That’s so cool!
    My name is Anna and my best friend is named Claire!
    At first I thought you were talking about me, but then I saw that you replied WAY before I found this site!

  32. Anna Says:

    Could I perhaps start a new contest?

    OK, so not EVERYONE is happy with who they are. So why not create your own looks and skills?
    Eye Color, Eye Shape
    Hair Color, Hair Length, Frizzy, Curly, Straight, Wavy
    Skin Color
    Freckles: Y/N
    Ability to…(you can have as many as you want)

    The possibilities are endless!
    Mine would be:
    Blue Eyes
    Blonde hair
    Down to bottom of ribcage
    Pale skin
    Yes to Freckles
    Ability to: Stay calm in bad situations
    Do complicated gymnastics
    Have a gift for languages
    Have a gift for music
    Run cross-country
    Hold my breath underwater for a long time
    Swim well
    Have loyal friends
    Love school and learning
    Be brave

  33. Anna Says:

    OK, time for a quiz.

    Which one can you not give up…
    A) Your favorite food
    B) Your friends and family
    C) Your favorite shoes
    D) Your favorite technology thing (e.g. iPod, phone, computer)

    NOTE: Choose wisely!! Notice how all except B are material things?

  34. Vanessa Says:

    4.Dirty Snowflake,my cat
    9.Pongo,my dog