We Have A Tie!

First of all, my deepest apologies for taking so long to get these contest results posted, but the computer crashed and I lost all sorts of emails and passwords and whatnot until RL could get it backed up.

So now it is backed up and running properly again, so I can announce the Word Search Contest Winners!

We have TWO winners! Kaitlyn AND Kyra! Both came up with twenty six words!

If you would email me with your snail mail address (with your parent’s permission, of course!) we will get those copies of THEODOSIA AND THE STAFF OF OSIRIS  out to you! And good work, girls. That one was hard!

39 Responses to “We Have A Tie!”

  1. Kaitlyn Says:

    Wow! GREAT job everyone, Kyra, they all tried hard!

    Plus, if any of you can reach me (like Lu) you can borrow it!

    That WAS mighty hard! I’ll be sure to work on my word search skills!

    Great job again! Thanks so much Theo! :D

  2. Moonflower Says:


  3. Kaitlyn Says:

    Thanks, Moonflower! By the way, love your name! It’s VERY pretty! :)

  4. Kiki Says:

    OMIGOSH OMIGOSH I WON!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!???!?!?
    This is crazy

  5. leximel Says:

    Great job, everybody!

  6. Moonflower Says:

    Thanks Kaitlyn again congrats everyone!

  7. Kaitlyn Says:

    Moonflower, do you plan on staying? ‘m sure theo and the rest of us would love a new fan!

    By the way, remember Hannah? She’s gone, but I think she went to my summer camp….but…I don’t know.

    Anyway, Great job again! LD

  8. Kaitlyn Says:

    I meant this: :D

  9. Kaitlyn Says:

    And I meant I’m! sorry!

  10. Ashoka Says:

    theo how come you always never answer my questions? is it because you don’t like saying Ashoka? i should change my name again. you can still call me lucia! Please just say something about me to show that you know that i still exist!

  11. Theodosia Says:

    I’m sorry Ashoka/Lucia! I don’t mean to not answer your questions! I went back and looked ant the last couple of comment you left weren’t exactly questions–they were more wondering where everyone was. And one that was an actual question, I didn’t know how to answer. I don’t know why my first chapter of TatSoO was so long. It was as long as it had to be to tell the story I guess, but again, it sounded like a rhetorical question to me.

    Poor Lucia! I’ll be more vigilant in the future of trying to respond to your comments!

  12. Kaitlyn Says:

    All right, Theo, I guess I’ll ask my first question to the NEW ROUTINE….*sigh*….

    Um, Don’t you already have my contact info?

    And..maybe you can teach me how to do some cool things about egypt? I’ve been ABSESSED latley at school, and it’s always:

    “Why do you like Egypt so much?” or “kaitlyn…EGYPT”

    Really, that’s going a bit to far, I should think….

    I wish I could go back to the good old days when I was new…you’d ALWAYS right comments, Theo. :|

    Sorry, But you CAN answer these questions.


  13. Theodosia Says:

    Kaitlyn, I’m not sure what the new routine you’re referring to is…perhaps you could explain?

    I might still have your contact info, but like I said, RL’s entire computer crashed and she had to do something she called “wiping the hard drive clean” so best to send it again, just in case.

    As for the good old days, one of the things that would be really helpful would be if those of you who commented on the blog didn’t clutter it up with “I’m bored” or “Where is everybody?” or “I’m the 72nd commenter! Yay!” That makes it very easy to miss actual questions.

    As for teaching something about Egypt, I would LOVE to, but I do have this third book I need to finish first. I will try to do both, however. Is there something in particular you want to learn about Egypt?

    And Bebe, I believe it was you who asked about my birthday. I’m afraid that’s Top Secret and not to be revealed until Book Three!

  14. Kaitlyn Says:

    Theo, the “new routine” is like this has to be a disscussion blog now…to tell the truth I’m actually kind of relieved…

    Oh. Right. Yes, I’ll send it now. I CAN’T WAIT TO READ YOUR AWESOME BOOK!!! :D

    Oh, maybe like how to make an amulet, get a trip to Egypt (just kidding) and that sort of thing. If you don’t understand, will think of a better example.

    Please excuse me. I am in an unordinary grumbly mood. I have TONS of homework….5th grade, you know.

    Well, Sorry to clutter up this blog with “I’m bored” and “Where is everyone?” or “I’m the 113th commenter! It’s my lucky number! yeayyy!” sort of comments.

    Well, Here’s an Idea. Maybe you and one or a few or all (I dunno) of us could be pen pals? Now, THAT would be a lot better to see on this blog then “I’m bored” comments. Or do you think differently?

    Hey Theo, one more thing (if you don’t mind) out of Kyra and My words, which word was the 27th? I’d love to know.

    Was that a good comment? ;)

  15. Kaitlyn Says:

    Oh wait, pardon me, you probably don’t know about 5th grade. I forgot you skip school. Sorry! :P

  16. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    Hiiii buddos. Sorry I haven’t been on lately. I want to say hi to all of the new people here…..and to catch up! Right now I am working as HARDDDD as I ever have at my exclusive, academic private school…..lotsssss of expectations. 6th grade is hardddd :( I have homework practically every day and the uniform is killing me slowly. I guess I should be grateful I got in but it’s hard when it’s so far away I have to get up at 6 AM every day.
    Sorry for all my moping!!!! Reply???? I gotta go do my homework, but email me: burntrice@comcast.net (if you forgot or you’re new). Byeeee

  17. Kaitlyn Says:


    Sorry, but you KNOW your not supposed to post info like that.

    I’m in 5th grade, have homework every day, and have worn the uniform for 8 Years YOU GOTTA LIVE IT

    And I know your email.

    Ok, I need to think before I post like this

  18. Ashoka Says:

    yeah you do

  19. Kaitlyn Says:

    Happy Halloween!

    Did everyone get lots of candy? I got 46 pieces, oddley emough, and I think there was more kids than candy!

    Sooo…what’s new with Halloween? I want everyone to tell me a story! (please) {:)) (pumpkin. I tried)

  20. Ashoka Says:

    ok i will once open a time a smart girl named Lucia was born the end. It may not be a good story but hey its a story.

  21. Kaitlyn Says:

    Lucia, will this be what I asked for….or another story? If you have either in mind please let me know.

  22. hannah Says:

    hi. did u miss me?

  23. Theodosia Says:

    Ashoka, well, it’s the start of a story, anyway. And I like the part about her being smart.

    Yes, Hannah, we did miss you! Welcome back!

  24. Kaitlyn Says:

    Hannah! I think I know you, did you come from MTC ever? Anyway…HI!!

    Hey, Everyone, are you glad Obama won? Did you have a lovely Halloween? Sorry, trying to make a productive comment.

  25. Moonflower Says:


  26. Moonflower Says:

    Random, and stupid, I know, but he deserved to win. I don’t even live in the USA, and I care.

  27. Kiki Says:

    You don’t live in the USA? Where do you live??
    I know Hannah’s an Aussie…

  28. Moonflower Says:

    I hate sixth grade. ITS SO HARD!

  29. Moonflower Says:

    And Kiki I live in Canada. I can’t tell you what province because I don’t want the Serpents of Chaos to find me, because with that unproductive comment that I made before this one they know that I am in sixth grade so I have to be careful now.

  30. Augusta Says:

    hey guys! I havn’t talked to you all in a while…

  31. Claire Says:

    This is my first time visiting the Theo site, and I must say good show to RL LaFevers! This site is amazing! I love it!
    I’m the only girl in my class who reads the Theo books, but I’ve tried to encourage some of of my friends to read them. I know they’ll just love them.
    I’ve also noticed I’m probably the youngest one here…I’m in fourth grade, but I skipped second grade.
    Here’s a little about me:
    I live in Hawaii. I won’t say which island, though, in case the vile SERPENTS OF CHAOS decide to come on vacation.
    I am seven and one half years old.
    I love the Theo books.

  32. Theodosia Says:

    Welcome Claire! I’m so glad you are enjoying the site!

    And thank you for trying to persuade your friends to read the book. Although, if they are seven like you are, the books may be a tad difficult. I do think you’re right about possibly being the youngest here!

  33. Kaitlyn Says:

    I skipped second grade, too! I am 9 and am in 5th grade! :D AND I lived in Hawaii, when I was born for two years!!

    You and I are very similar, Claire. :D

  34. Kaitlyn Says:

    How old are you, anyway?

  35. Claire Says:

    That’s incredibly cool! And you’re only two years older than me!
    I wish you still lived here…because then maybe we could talk about the Theo books!

  36. Claire Says:

    Can we please have more contests?
    Kaitlyn, I’m turning 8 next month.
    I am particularily fond of word games:
    For example, THE HONOLULU ADVERTISER, the local newspaper, there is a word game by a wonderful woman named Kathleen Saxe. You have to find words within a word. The latest one was “faster” and…
    ::snicker evilly::
    I FOUND THE FUNNIEST WORD YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE! And I was giggling and laughing and cracking up because it was SO FUNNY!

    Theo, for future reference, the word “FART” can be found in the word “FASTER”

  37. Theodosia Says:

    Hello Claire! You’ve been busy today! We’ll have to see about more contests. And thank you for the head’s up about what words can be found in FASTER. ::snicker::

  38. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    He he that is so funny Claire!

  39. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    Anyone home???