Stone Tablets On My Mind

Why-oh-why did Egyptians have to record so much of their history on stone tablets! Honestly. They are heavy, for one thing and beastly difficult to sneak around. (You try slipping one in your pocket so Clive Fagenbush doesn’t see you with it! Not as easy as it sounds. Especially since they can be the size of a book or up to 13 feet long!)

Second of all, they are rough. If you handle them very much they can wear the tips of your fingers to nubs. (Which is just one more reason to wear gloves at all times if you work in a museum!)

The thing is though, these stone tablets their official name is stele or stelae plural) have been an enormously helpful tool for researchers and Egyptologists trying to unravel life in ancient Egypt.

Sometimes they recorded a prayer for the deceased, or offered up an account of his life or his good deeds. Sometimes they listed a legal decree, or chronicled the great deeds of nobles and pharaohs. Many of them had a lot to do with smiting one’s enemies, and another large number of them were dedicated to glorifying the gods in an attempt to win their favor. Through them, we’ve learned an awful lot about Egyptian government and religion, and their thoughts on the deceased.

The most famous stele of all was the Rosetta stone which featured a decree by the pharaoh written in three different scripts, hieroglyphs, Greek, and demotic script, and provided the key needed to unlock the mystery of hieroglyphics.

Even so, hadn’t these people ever heard of papyrus?!?? Much easier to lug around. . .

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  1. Luna Says:

    Stone lasts really long. I guess if they’d used paper or biodehgrading things then we wouldn’t be able to know anything about the Egyptians.

    And as for the sneaking away part.. I guess the Egyptians just didn’t think of it! ;)

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have your life inscribed on a piece of stone that people could see thousands of year later!

  2. leximel Says:

    I think the one for smiting your enemies is by far the most useful one! :)

  3. Moonflower Says:

    It would take a long time to carve everything into stone, so why didn’t they just use papyrus? It would be easier and and take up less time. But on the other hand, Egyptians are famous for doing things the hard way. They would have just buried people underground, but no, they had to build these immense pyramids that would last forever and mummify people so they would last forever and write on stone so it would last forever…maybe they just wanted their stuff to last.

  4. Theodosia Says:

    True, Leximel. And if the curse didn’t work, you could always just cosh them over the head with the stone tablet. Those things are solid!

    Excellent point, Moonflower, about Egyptians doing things the hard way. They clearly had a thing about wanting everything to last forEVER!

  5. Kiki Says:

    hmm, hope that those ghosty spirits would be able to carry the heavy stone tablets over to the after life :D

  6. Ashoka Says:

    stone tablets? We still you that for grave stones. We always say we’re compleatly different from the egyptions but we aren’t

  7. Ashoka Says:

    oops! I meant we still use stone for garve stones. I don’t profread very much

  8. Kaitlyn Says:

    What is going on in London these days?
    Fagenbush, curses, all in theo’s way
    Heavy stone tablets that turns fingers into nubs,
    Serpents of Chaos, Black Sunners as well
    Anyone ever heard of a club?
    Things in CT are nuetral, not as fun
    I need some excitement, to rise everyone!
    There’s Thanksgiving, there’s school
    But no things worth seeing
    Except a good book but that world is all fleeing!
    I’m trying to find something,
    As Theo takes care of evil
    But it’s not so easy,
    It’s making me queasy!
    I’ll keep on trying,
    But for now I am one.


  9. Kaitlyn Says:

    How did everyone like my poem? I like to write random poems. But it’s all the cold, hard, stone tablet truth. There’s nothing to do here. I’m still seeking it.

  10. Kaitlyn Says:

    And hey, theo, are we aloud to post images with our comments?

  11. Kiki Says:

    yeah, why not??

  12. Kiki Says:

    oh you can’t nevermind

  13. Theodosia Says:

    That’s a good point, Ashoka, about the grave stones. But thank goodness we’re not expected to read books on stone! Imagine how heavy that would be!

    Fabulous poem, Kaitlyn! Simple lovely!

    And I don’t think the comment function will allow you to post images, sorry!

  14. Ashoka Says:

    yeah. Our books and letters are the modern epuivalent of egyptian papyrus. Ha! we share simalarieties! But then again what about money?

  15. Kaitlyn Says:

    Yes, what about money? That’s new.

  16. Pisces Says:

    I had a question about hieroglyphs. Did you train yourself to read them. How do you think I could learn?
    Thank you!


  17. Kiki Says:

    hey hey hey pisces.
    does anyone have an aim??
    (desperate…no one is on)

  18. Moonflower Says:

    Hi Pices. R u new? My zodiac sign is pices.
    2day at school we made our website called Immersion6. We have a discussion forum and lots of other cool stuff. Only drawback: it is in french.

  19. Moonflower Says:

    n e 1?

  20. Moonflower Says:

    We had a Christmas craft fair @ my school and it was so much fun! :)
    well goodbye empty Theo site!

  21. Moonflower Says:


  22. Moonflower Says:

    :) :( :D :P

  23. Moonflower Says:

    Just testing out smilees. I heart smilees.

  24. Luna Says:

    I’m a Pisces too.

    Hey Theo, today my teacher said that there are hundreds of Egyptian gods… Is that true? Are there lots of minor ones, or was she stretching the truth?

  25. Theodosia Says:

    Moonflower, did you make something for your Christmas fair? Did you buy something, a present for someone perhaps?

    Pisces, I did train myself to learn hieroglyphs. Here are a couple of websites that are good places to start:
    And then the Minnesota State University has an actual hieroglyphs tutor:

    And Luna, yes there are lots of Egyptian gods. Hundreds? Maybe not that many, but close to a hundred, certainly.

    The thing is, every village and town had their own local gods and goddesses. Then, when a pharaoh came into power, he brought his own local gods and goddesses into public worship, so the people had to worship their local gods AND the pharaoh’s new gods. It seems like a very confusing system to me.

  26. Ashoka Says:

    cool. I am a jedi.

  27. Kiki Says:

    okay lucia good for you

  28. Ashoka Says:

    I know. I’m awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ULTIMATE POWER IS AT MY COMMAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW HOW TO MAKE A LIGHTSABER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN USE THE FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Kiki Says:

    well please don’t use the force on me! (choking isn’t my thing.)

  30. leximel Says:

    Theo, is this a clue as to what you are going to do in the next book?

  31. Ashoka Says:

    Kiki choking isn’t something I do. (FYI only Sith can do that and last time i check I’m not one of them). Though I can bend your mind to do or belive anything I say (You may go about your business or these are not the driods your looking for) or make any obect move but I want used the force on any of you unless I need to.

  32. Kaitlyn Says:

    I don’t get what you just said, Ashoka/Lucia/LU

    Why would KiKi choke?

    Theo, is it about time for another contest? I finished the book. And I noticed you changed one of the images on the home page. ;)

  33. Ashoka Says:

    Kaitlyn give me the book so I can read it to. (We go to the same school) And Kaitlyn! The force choke! Commonly used by darth vader!!!! Watch the 4th, 5th and 6th again!

  34. :) = happy hannah! Says:

    there are over 2000 egyptian gods and goddesess. *thanks mrs. januz* it’s snowing here! and i h8 every flake!! we missed 1 week of school, which means 1 lost week of orchestra AND science!!! :( those are my best classes!!! i want it 2 eenndd! and someone email me!!! and CLICK ON MY NAME!!!!! l8r cheese g8rs!!!

  35. Kiki Says:

    Haha I’ve never seen any Star Wars movies..ha…
    Hannah long time no see…or hear..or…I DON’T KNOW
    no just kidding, but really, none of the snow here has stuck yet.
    i’m on a break till jan. 5th or something!!! haha!!!
    and my best friend is comin bak 2 school after that, she went to india for a MONTH. A WHOLE MONTH.
    i know riteeeeee
    im going to nyc today!! until christmas eve day!!! cya!!

  36. Ashoka Says:

    Kaitlyn and me are all ready out of school.(Winter break is awsome!)and Kaitlyn, even if you haven’t seen the movies the force choke is famous. Just check anything star wars related I know tons of youtube videos where you can see the force choke.

  37. Luna Says:

    Theo, does this mean that no women had stelae in their name? YOu said “he”…

    Happy Holidaze to everyone:)

  38. Kaitlyn Says:

    guess what guess what guess what? I had a wonderful christmas! I’m writing from my new laptop!!!! I’ll open my stocking later! bye!


  39. Kiki Says:

    I got an iiiiPod, I got an iiiiiiPod, I got a p-u-r-p-l-e pod and once I start goin I can’t stop–IPOD.
    (to the tune of “our team is red hot”)
    His name is Skipper :D

  40. Kaitlyn Says:

    Hi miss Laptop is back!

    What was everyone’s….:

    Most exciting gift?

    Smallest Gift?

    Biggest gift?

    Most to your liking gift?

    Christmas like?


  41. Kiki Says:


  42. Ahsoka Says:

    Hi! I’m back from traveling to stay at my aunt’s for christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you all missed me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kaitlyn like Kiki and for the same reasons I will not answer. But since you want to know so badly about my gifts then I will tell you that by biggest gift is the key to YOUR birtday present. Know more on the matter, I have already said too much

  43. :) = happy hannah! Says:

    i m drunk on harajuku lovers perfume, prisma colors and true blueness!!!!!!!!! :D :D
    d(-_-)b I GOT AN IPOD 2!!!!!!!!! my sis got a TOUCH!!!!!!!! we were watching jeff dunham yesterday!!!! :9 mmmm vegitarian pizza
    yummylicious!!! i got the fall out boy cd 2day folie a duex :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    l8r, cheese g8rs!!!!!!!!!

  44. :) = happy hannah! Says:

    red hot! red hot! our team is r-e-d! h-o-t! and once we start going we can’t be stopped

  45. Moonflower Says:

    Hi everyone! I haven’t been here in a long time! Did everyone have a good Christmas? I got a digital camera! :)

  46. Moonflower Says:

    To answer your questions Kaitlyn:

    Most exciting gift: Digital camera

    Smallest gift: Digital camera (It looks more like an iPod or a cell phone than a camera)

    Biggest gift: CD player

    Best gift: Debating between my digital camera and Twilight.

  47. Moonflower Says:

    Merry Christmas!

    Joyeuse Noel!

    Buon Natale!

    Kala Christouyenna!

    Feliz Navidad!

  48. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    Ehmagawd Hannah. HARAJUKU LOVERS!?!?!
    I….(breathe in, breathe out, Kyra)…LOVE THAT.
    AND FALL OUT BOY (swoon!!!!!)
    Paramore is great too. But, you know…
    Decode just can’t beat I Don’t Care.
    “The rest of us can find–happiness in misery.” Sorry it’s stuck in my head.

  49. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    Oh and 50th comment :D
    Mi, mi, mi, mi, mi, mi, misery. CUZ I DONT, CARE WHAT YA THINK AS LONG AS ITS ABOUT ME.
    Okay it’s over now.
    (it’s oooover)
    nooo music is taking over meeeeee
    and have u heard the song young folks!?!?!!? LOVEEE IT.
    whistle whistle whistle “if i told you things i did before, told you how i used to be, would you go along with someone like me….”
    and dashboard by modest mouse :D
    i’m reeeeallly into alt-pop, heh.

  50. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    metro station. did i mention metro station? no i didnt. HOW COULD I.
    anyway, i wont scare you off
    buh-byez. going to the libry.
    yah i said it rite, libry

  51. Luna Says:

    Wow. You’re all hyper!!

    Most exciting gift?
    Smallest Gift?
    A book. or maybe chocolate
    Biggest gift?
    Most to your liking gift?
    the iHome, again.
    Christmas like?
    great! We made gingerbread houses. I know you’re supposed to eat them on Christmas, but we decided to mix things up. I still have half mine!

  52. Moonflower Says:


  53. Moonflower Says:

    I am so HYPER! All my friends are really serious and I annoy them so much. Execpt my friend Vera who got so hyper she screamed her crush out to the whole Mcdonalds.

  54. Moonflower Says:

    GOODBYE 2008!

    HEllO 2009!


  55. Ahsoka Says:

    hi 2009. Hi nine year old sister. all those things come now

  56. Kiki Says:

    Hey hey hey does anyone have a gaiaonline account? I mean I know that Paige does; but who else? Tell me. Or make one.

  57. Moonflower Says:

    What is gaiaonline anyway? I might make one.

  58. Kiki Says:

    Go to
    It’s kinda like, I don’t know. You make yourself, you go around, buy stuff, get new clothes, blah blah blah. That sounds realllly boring when I say it. But seriously I think it’s the best website.

  59. Moonflower Says:

    So…it’s like every other web site in history. But what makes it the best website?

  60. Ashoka Says:

    Yeah moonflower has a point. But it sounds cool

  61. Ashoka Says:

    Some people think I’m always hyper. Maybe I am!

  62. Kiki Says:

    you should know if ya’re always hyper
    i sure am!!!
    and moonflower
    it’s not like every other site in history.
    just check it out so i dont have to explain

  63. Kaitlyn Says:

    Why don’t we try to have another contest? I think that we’re making dumb comments again!

    Kyra, did you write to Dakota Blue Richards I wrote to her twice and she is taking her time!!

  64. Kiki Says:

    I don’t have time to write. I mean now I get home at 5 everyday, then i have to do homework and shower and practice piano and sometimes go to piano lessons and eat dinner.
    Eh, dumb comments are fine by me. I don’t care. This is like a mini-forum! And it’s not as weird.

  65. Ashoka Says:

    I checked out that website. I’m to young to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THID TO ME WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THAT IS JUST CRUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!all well. it’s okay. I won’t make a fuss.

  66. Claire Says:

    I know! That happens to me all the time, where you have to be thirteen years or older or something!
    My birthday’s coming up! I can’t hold my excitement! At least I’ll be one step closer to whatever their age limits are…fear me, cruel websites!!!!

  67. Claire Says:

    Does anyone here have an older sister?
    I don’t but finally I have a friend who became persuaded to read the Theo books!
    Hurrah! Ten points!
    She lives in my neighborhood and is in the sixth grade. Her name is Anna. I think she’d really like this website, and perhaps if she came over sometime she could check it out…
    She doesn’t have a computer at home.
    Or a TV.
    But she reads and writes like me!
    Although she hates math…I’ll have to persuade her on that one, too!

  68. Claire Says:

    I just got a little itching to do a poem…

    Though she is the measly age of twelve,
    Hark! Theo has yet again survived an amazing adventure!
    Evil cowers in her presence…well, not exactly, but it flinches.
    Open-minded, thoughtful, bright, and cleverer than most.
    Do not despair, England, with Theo on your side, you are sure to win!
    Only now time is ticking before the Serpents of Chaos strike again.
    Slythering, sneaking, crawling, those slimy folk.
    Intrepid Theo marches on again, ready for another challenge…
    Audaciously dodging every obstacle that evil throws in her way!

  69. Claire Says:

    Oh my!
    Oh my oh my indeed!
    Theo, I just saw something AMAZING on your “Theodosia’s Bookshelf” page that reminded me of a project our group in AGT did…on Ancient Egypt!

    The activity was to make a magazine…and if only you could read it all! It is simple OVERFLOWING with facts on Egypt in fun articles! Who knew two girls and…OK, two BOYS could write that much?

    My friend Jennifer and I were paired up along with two slightly less astute boys. After a game of ‘rock, paper, scizzors’ to see who would be the Editor in Chief or DA BOSS, Jennifer won. Then, we got a worksheet to see who would do what article and when and how and the DUE DATE.

    The boys ignored the due date, but that was to be expected of them.

    And, I just happened to do a few articles on Egyptian gods and goddesses, on the first website that you have posted on “Egyptian Entities”. I just thought that was a wacky coinsidence!

    My AGT teacher still has the magazine that we made (we put it into a really cool folder to make it look like a book) and another cool tie-in surfaced! On the cover, Jennifer (who is a cat person) found this really cool picture of the goddess Bastet, along with a cat! If only I could post it here…

    Theo, it was an absolutely amazing magazine! Even the boys proved useful, for Jeremy (who is Jewish) did an article about how the Egyptians and Jews were sort of against each other (but that’s Ancient History) and Parker (who has a sort of morbidly weird mind) did articles on MUMMIFICATION and about Canopic jars and the gods that guarded the heart, and the lungs, and the liver (the truth is, I only remember Hapy because Parker was making fun of him…but Hapy shall be avenged!)

    I really just wish I could send it to you or something…but unfortunately, I don’t know how to send a booklet made in 2008 to a 1907 or 1908 London. I could try, though!

    It is not the work of a seventh grader, or a college professor, but we tried to make it pretty close.


  70. Claire Says:


    Okay, so now we have another group project because we’re learning about…well, ancient things.

    So now we’re past Mesopotamia and Egypt and the inventing of the wheel and all that, and now we’re slightly more into the future, with the Roman Empire, The Han Wudi Dynasty in China, and Greece (Pericles) and now…

    My group, which consists ENTIRELY of girls (hurrah!) chose the Indian project…THE ASHOKA MAURYAN DYNASTY!

    So, Amanda, MeiLan, Maddie, Olivia and I set out on an epic journey to find out more about Ashoka Maurya…who was also known as ASHOKA THE GREAT!

    And I wrote a song about him for our project (because we were doing all these cool things like ‘A Month in the Life of…” and “Bio Poem” for our project display board. It’s to the tune of the “secret squirrel” theme song. Does anyone watch that show? It used to be on, and I actually did a little research on it (Yes, Theo, I LOVE research!) and made a magazine of my own, inspired by the last AGT project we did (see above). I could tell you guys some facts…if you were interested).

    But I’m getting off the point. I was looking through the discussion, and saw that there was someone called “Ashoka”. I’d just like to let them know that.

    P.S. Perhaps you could consider putting Ashoka’s full name up? I just love saying it because it’s so long (Jennifer and me were having a squabble because she was in the Roman group and we were squabbling about this:
    ME: Boy, Ashoka Maurya sure has a long name.
    JENNIFER: That’s not long. That’s two names!
    ME: Yeah, that’s just what they called him when they had less time. But his full title was DEVANAMPRIYA PRIYADARSI ASHOKA MAURYA…THE GREAT!
    JENNIFER: Devana-wha? Anyways, Augustus Caesar has a MUCH longer name.
    ME: “That’s not long. That’s two names!”
    JENNIFER: Ha, ha. HIS full name was Gaius Julius Octavian Augustus Caesar.
    ME: Ashoka’s is longer!
    JENNIFER: Yeah, in terms of letters! But Ashoka has only four names and Augustus has five!
    ME: You forgot “the great”, so now he has six names and he’s got you beat!
    AMANDA: Guys, stop fighting! And if you want to hear a REALLY LONG name, listen to this:
    (Amanda begins to ramble off her full name, which includes her first name, a Chinese name, a 15-letter Hawaiian name, and her last name. I couldn’t remember any of these except for her first and last name!)
    JENNIFER: Never mind.
    ME: WOW.
    (Amanda smiles smugly.)

    I just thought that that was so cool.

  71. Claire Says:

    P.S. Another title of Ashoka’s was “Dhamma”.

    His full name “Devanampriya Priyadarsi Ashoka Maurya” means: “He who is the beloved of the Gods and who regards everyone amiably”. Seriously, their names were more of a description, than a name!

    For example, my name is Claire, which is French despite most people’s Irish belief (although I am both French and Irish) means “shining” “clear” or “famous”. That’s not much of a description. But Ashoka Maurya has a whole sentence going for him!

    His titles alone were enough to make anyone faint: Here are a few:

    Devanampriya Priyadarsi

    If anyone is wondering, “raja” is an Indian title for “king” or “emperor”
    He had three wives, Rani Padmavati, Rani Tishyarakysha, and Rani Kaurwaki. His fourth wife, Devi, bore his only children, Mahindra and Sanghamitra, twin boys.

    And despite Amanda’s early belief, “rani” was not all of his wives’ first names. “Rani” is the title for queen or empress.

    Just wanted to post a few things about them…

  72. Claire Says:

    I suppose I am the only one on the website at the moment, or everyone is shocked at my love of writing.

    Yes, I know, I’ve been asked many times: “How can a seven-and-one-half year old know words like ‘intrepid’ or ‘antidisestablishmentarism’ or even ‘epic?’”

    I reply: “Well, I love reading. When you read, not only do you pick up the author’s voice, you pick up vocabulary words that the author uses. I find that rather amazing.”

    Adults are in stunned silence…

    Yes, how CAN a seven-and-one-half year old reel off words faster than an ATM reels off your current checking account balance? It’s a mystery! Or maybe it isn’t…here’s Claire to tell us that she’s completely normal!

    ME: I’m normal. Just a tad precocious is all.

  73. Claire Says:

    It’s kind of amazing, actually.

    I was thinking of how for every month of the year, I have a few friends who are born in that month. Here is my chart so far. If anyone has a birthday and they’d like to be on this chart, please let me know.













    OTHER FRIENDS: NICOLE! I must find out when her birthday is.

    Please, anyone who would wish to have their birthday on the Birthday list, please let me know.

    Theo, when’s your birthday?

  74. Claire Says:

    Honestly, has everyone ABANDONED this website. It’s amazing. It’s the only website I GO to, strictly speaking.

    The last three things you were talking about were:

    1) Being too young to go on some websites

    2) Not having time to do things

    3) Writing to Dakota Blue Richards, also known as “Lyra” in “The Golden Compass”, which is also an amazing book series


    Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos
    Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris
    ALL of the Harry Potter Books
    ALL of the “Chronicles of Narnia” books
    POEM books like “Where the Sidewalk Ends” “A Light in the Attic” “The New Kid On The Block”
    Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator
    Gilda Joyce and the Ladies of the Lake
    Gilda Joyce and the Ghost Sonata
    Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star
    Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague
    P.S. Has anyone had Brandon Mull come to their school? He is the author of Fablehaven and talks about the books. He is really exciting–in my eyes, all authors are celebrities! But his presentation was for fourth grade and up…I know SOME people were disappointed by that!!!!

  75. Claire Says:

    I noticed that “Kiki” says she does piano lessons.
    I do, too!
    How long have you been doing piano, Kiki? I’ve been doing it for four years this summer. YES, four-year-olds CAN play piano! It’s been known to happen.
    Isn’t it cool how most of the terms they use, like “adagio” and “arpeggio” are Italian?
    That is because the piano, or PIANOFORTE, had origins in Italy, according to my Italian piano teacher.
    My favorite music is Vivaldi, especially his Concerto C/11 in Piacere. That’s my favorite song!!!!

    I also did a little research on Vivaldi. Here are a few fun facts about him:

    Antonio Lucio Vivaldi had red hair.
    He was born on March 1678. His exact birthdate is unknown.
    On the day he was born, an earthquake occured.
    It was believed that his father, Giovanni Battista was the teacher of Vivaldi’s first violin lessons.

    I just wanted to share that…

  76. Claire Says:

    OK, I most certainly don’t know everything, and this PROVES it!
    I don’t have as much “exposure” to the modern conveniences we have today, such as iPods.
    So PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE, all knowing older people, could you tell me what these things are?

    youtube videos
    harajuku lovers perfume
    prisma colors
    true blueness
    jeff dunham
    fall out boy

    P.S. Moonflower, Bonjour ! J’espère que vous appréciez Immersion6. Oui, je peux parler français. J’ai su pendant longtemps–c’est un deuxième langage.

  77. Claire Says:

    Does anyone here have a second language that they speak?
    I know that for Theo, hieroglyphics is LIKE a second-language.
    Here are the following languages I know a bit of:

    French–Le Français langage est étonnant !
    German–Sprache Von Braggensnot in den Büchern.
    Japanese–Konnichiwa! Anata no o namae wa nan desu ka?
    Spanish–¡Hola, mi amigos!

    I love languages–learning them is so much fun!

  78. Ahsoka Says:

    Hi! I’m Ahsoka!! Well my name isn’t really Ahsoka but my real name is just too BORING. You should know I’m obsessed with star wars. It’s all I talk about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Claire Says:

    I haven’t watched any of the movies yet but have the first three.
    What’s your favorite one?

  80. Theodosia Says:

    Oh my goodness, Claire! You’ve been SO busy, I hardly know where to start! That was a most excellent poem, by the way. And the magazine you made sounds fabulous. You must be very proud.

  81. Claire Says:

    Why thank you, Theo! I think everyone in our group is proud of what we did. It was certainly a steep feat for us all.

  82. Claire Says:

    Dear Theo–
    I played the Ancient Egyptian game and loved it!
    I had no idea that Thoth was the god of writing.
    A strange coincidence–my mother has a koa bracelet, and stamped on the inside is one word with five letters: THOTH
    I asked around at school to see what it could have been, and a girl, Hallie Pound, told me it was an Egyptian god!

  83. Ahsoka Says:

    hmmm…impossible to say. In perspective,they’re all amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and plus I really shouldn’t pick one movie and call it “favorite” becuase it simply wouldn’t be fair to the other movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Ahsoka Says:

    then again, there is more to my life then star wars. I like a lot of other things. Just to name a few:
    Doctor Who
    pink(i love pink!)
    Project Runway

  85. Kiki Says:

    Claire that was possibly the longest string of messages made by one person that I have ever seen.
    Thoth is the Egyptian god of knowledge and books I think.
    It’s interesting a younger person is on here, because we’re pretty much all the same age here.
    (Ahsoka/Lucia, I’m technically not old enough for that site either…but I kinda didn’t say my real age :D I had to do that for AIM too though!)
    aim–AOL Instant Messaging.
    Immersion6–no idea
    Sith–baddies in Star Wars
    driods–robots in Star Wars
    youtube videos–videos on YouTube..kinda self-explanatory
    harajuku lovers perfume–perfume from the company Harajuku Lovers
    prisma colors–who knows
    true blueness–deekay. (my version of idk haha)
    jeff dunham–guy
    fall out boy–WHAT. HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW THEM?!?! Ah-dorable Pete Wentz…sigh. I hope freakin Ashlee Simpson has trouble losing weight from birth. Anywayz, fall out boy is an AM-AH-ZANG band. really popular
    FOB–fall out boy.
    iHome–home for your ipod

    I know a little Korean, a lot of Spanish, and I’m taking french right now. 6th grade.
    Bonjour, mon amis. Ca va? Je suis bien vraiment.

    Claire, you’re more than a tad precocious.
    If I HAD the free time, I’m not sure I would even glance at a link on Google that mentioned Vivaldi.
    And your book list..I’ve actually read all of those books. Love em!

    I have homework…

    <3, lindor
    (new nickname!!! like it? like lindor truffles.)

  86. Claire Says:

    Fanks! (That’s what me and my friends say instead of thanks). Merci tellement de me dire cette substance.
    I’m in third grade, and thank you. I did all of those messages because no one else was on…I’m on Pacific time, how about you?
    You should try listening to Vivaldi. It’s classical music, yes, but it really sets the mood.
    I heart lindor truffles, too!

  87. Claire Says:

    Doesn’t everybody just LOVE websites where the ACTUAL AUTHOR or CHARACTER OF THE BOOK COMES AND TALKS TO YOU?
    Like I said before, in my eyes, authors are celebrities. Even not-so famous ones like Jennifer Allison, Derek Landy…they’re more recognized for their works instead of everything else. Still…
    I’m reading this ENRAPTURING new story called “The Legend of Holly Claus”. It’s about this boy in Edwardian England (sound familiar?) who writes a letter to Santa Claus asking Santa Claus what HE would wish for.
    In the Land of Immortals, where Santa Claus or “Nicholas Claus” lives, he shows the letter to his wife Vivanna. They are so overjoyed because of the letter, not only because that’s the FIRST TIME EVER that a child has asked Nicholas what HE wants for Christmas, but also because they realize what they have wanted most of all is a child.
    So, for the first time ever, a child is born in The Land of Immortals. Her name is Holly Claus, and she is the most beautiful child in the world.
    But then, Herrikhan, an EVIL IMMORTAL, confined to his prison in the land of Odyl, finds out that Nicholas Claus (yes, they were previously acquainted) now is a father.
    Every parent’s weakness is their child, because they must look after their child and care for their child (yes, Theo, this is true). They worry if there is something wrong with their child, or their child is missing.
    So Herrikhan sets up a DEVIOUS PLOT to PUT A CURSE on the newborn Holly Claus.
    So he breaks in to the Land of Immortals by breaking part of the golden archway that all Immortals enter through.
    He arrives at the palace of the Claus family, along with a lump of snow in the shape of a heart.
    Now, fear has never been in the Land of Immortals, but Herrikhan brings fear to Vivianna and Nicholas because of their new weakness. He also can paralyze Holly’s godmother, Sofya (who is a Russian goddess and the protector of young Holly), because she also carries this weakness.
    He puts the snow heart into Holly…and it is her new heart. Now, after Herrikhan leaves, Sofya, Vivianna, and Nicholas realize that their daughter has a heart of snow. She is still pure and loving, but if she gets to warm, her heart cannot do its job and eventually, if she is in normal weather, SHE WILL DIE.
    As Holly grows up, she realizes that she has done nothing to help the land of immortals. “I’ve only brought a curse here, ever since I was born!” she says. Her parents try to reconcile her, but she has a new goal: to become an Immortal the right way.
    That is all I have read so far–its a great book and I love all the magical creatures and how it ties into Santa Claus beliefs today.
    This is a heartwarming story by Britney Ryan which boasts immaculate illustrations. Read it today!

  88. Claire Says:

    I have to hand it to all illustrators–they help make a story come ALIVE.
    I felt like I just had to give credit to some illustrators–here are a few who help bring the words off the page:
    Yoko Tanaka–THEODOSIA books
    Mary GrandPre–HARRY POTTER Books
    If you have anymore, take the time to appreciate them!

  89. Claire Says:
    A Place for Theo Fans

  90. (Kiki) (Kyra) (Kiyura) Says:

    Oh sorry I called you a second grader, it’s just that before you said, “DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE US SECOND GRADERS”.

  91. Sophia Says:

    hi! i’m new here and that The staff of osiris is a little scary.. even though
    i’ve read a little bit

  92. Sophia Says:

    i’m kyra’s sister

  93. Sophia Says:

    yes I am…

  94. Theodosia Says:

    Welcome, Sophie! I’m sorry the book’s a little scary for you. Trust me, it was no picnic living through it!!

    Would it help you feel better if I promise everyone turns out just fine? Honest. RL is a great believer in happy endings. :-)

  95. Theodosia Says:

    Welcome, Sophia! I’m sorry the book’s a little scary for you. Trust me, it was no picnic living through it!!

    Would it help you feel better if I promise everyone turns out just fine? Honest. RL is a great believer in happy endings. :-)

  96. Yongie Says:

    Hi guys!
    Um Theo I really like your books a Whole lots but I can’t pick to get your books with my Birth day money of Fairy books with my Birth day money I am really confused??? do you think you can help or anybody else here could help! I need to know by next week or else I won’t get any book at all:( And I love reading SOOOOOOOOOOOO much readings like everything!
    If anybody has any idea post it up soon.

  97. Yongie Says:

    Oh and I love Writing,Drawing,Painting, Kitting,Hiking,swimming,gardening,playing sports mostly soccer, and TONS more

  98. Kaitlyn Says:

    you know what? I haven’t bothered to read even one of these comments. This blog post is getting to cooped up! I can’t spend my time reading a whole string of 100-sentence comments! I so sorry if you think I’m rude, I really don’t mean to be. It’s just that if Theo has even replied to these comments, then I think we should make a new post to string our pot of comments there. I personally would like to have a new contest, especially for our new friends, Sophia and claire (by the way, sorry the book scared you a little ;) ). So, theo, do u agree!



  99. Yongie Says:

    Oh and I think you mean St. Nicholas he was a Bishop. Most people call him Santa but I just thought you all would like to know. All of you should read about Saints they are so important and the Virgin Mary is like the Queen of all the saints.

  100. Yongie Says:

    Oh and My B-Day is August 11,

  101. Bebe Says:

    Hey Kitlyn its Bebe! sorry I have not talked in a long time its just been kinda busy.

  102. Theodosia Says:

    Welcome Yongie! Choosing between books is SO hard! I don’t have anything brilliant to say to help you make your decision. Sorry!

    Kaitlyn, I did answer many of them,however, I’ll put a new post up as well.

  103. Paige Says:


  104. Moonflower Says:

    Whoa Claire you TALK a lot! I like those Fablehaven books you talked about, by the way. Sorry i havent been here in a LOOOOOONG time, I’ve been busy!

  105. Sophia Says:

    I love the Harry Potter books i already read all of them and I’m only 9! P.S. a looong time ago

  106. Sophia Says:

    ugh! California time i did not know that!!!

  107. Sophia Says:

    Right now it is 7:54 P.M. in United states time

  108. Sophia Says:

    srry about the annoying messages i sent to you theo…

  109. Sophia Says:

    Sophia is AKA Sophie!

  110. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    Hello? Anyone home? No offense

  111. hannah Says:

    phew *wipes sweat from brow* u guys can TLK!!! harajuku lovers is a brand designed by Gwen Stephani(she got the idea in japan). i have 3 bags, a perfume and a pair of shoes. prismacolors are the best colored pencils made just for the seasoned artist. true blueness is a phrase my 2 friends and i made up. it even has a poem!!! jeff dunham is the greatest comedian EVER. he is a ventriloquist. hi puppets are: peanut, walter, sweet daddy d, bubba j, marvin, and achkmed. achkmed is a skeleton. well i got 2 go
    p.s. i have a gaiaonline 2. ncvbc_cutie or sweet fire ocean

  112. Theodosia Says:

    Welcome back Hannah!

  113. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    Who is Hannah?

  114. Sophia/Sophie Says:


  115. Beth Says:

    yongie I love Writing,Drawing,Painting, Kitting,Hiking,swimming,gardening,playing sports mostly soccer, and TONS more TOO.

    Have you read the w.i.t.c.h. novels Im reading the 7nd book anyway why do you like theodosia I can’t wait to read the next book I’m just finishing it I’m so busy thats why its hard

    till the moon beams,


  116. Vanessa Says:

    Hi,Beth.Theodosia what are your hobbies?Mine are writing,reading,soccer,tennis,baking,and cooking.

  117. Sienna Says:

    I’ve done research on Ancient Egypt, and hieroglyphs. The Rosetta Stone still fasinates me!