Answering Some Reader Questions

Hello, RL here. I’ve had some great reader questions lately, so I thought I’d answer them here. (And also because the email address you gave me was wrong, Claire, so my answer to your email keeps bouncing back to me! Oops.)

What was your childhood like? Was it as exciting as Edwardian England?

Well, it was very different from Edwardian England, but exciting in its own way. To learn more of the gory details, you can go here:

Do you and Theo share any traits? If so, what?

Well, I was a bit precocious, but cowardly about it, so a lot of what Theo thinks are the kinds of things I thought but didn’t have the courage to voice to anyone when I was a kid. I’m very sensitive to my surroundings, which is where Theo’s special powers came from; I love libraries and research books, and digging into the past, and am fascinated by Ancient Egypt. And I had to take care of my parents sometimes, help them with the things they forgot.

Do you think that if Henry had not gotten sick with flu, would Theo have treated him the same?

I think so. Even if Henry hadn’t had his brush with death, Theo had, and she learned a lot from that. Also, finally having her parents acknowledge her and show her how much they cared about her helped her feel freer in demonstrating her affection for Henry.

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  1. Kiki Says:

    first comment (bill cosby dance)
    does anyone have the sims 2? i do! well i have sims 2 deluxe (nightlife expansion)…right now i made the WHOLE cullen family…you would think it would be hard cuz thats about 7 people, and i even added 1 so that they could have the whole jasper/alice and emmett/rosalie thing…but i did a cheat so they don’t have to like eat or anything..i have the biggest and BEST houses ever :D even one with 14 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom!!! (sigh) fully furnished too..i wanna go on now but its late.

  2. Ahsoka Says:

    No. hmmm what to do … I LOVE STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Claire Says:

    Thank you for answering my questions, RL and Theo. I have a little bit more:

    Since Theo has an American “mum” or mom, did she adapt to British dialogue? How did she meet Theo’s dad?

    Could you describe Theo’s physical features? In the book, it mentions Theo with hazel eyes. In illustrator Yoko Tanaka’s depiction, she has brown hair. Is she short? Tall?

    Thank you.
    Love from Claire

  4. Claire Says:

    RL, in the section “Ten Strange Things About Me”, you and I are a lot alike minus the 30-or-so age difference.
    For #1: Actually, diving out of a plane sounds fun, but I should take back my words because I’m horribly afraid of death-provoking heights. I mean, I could look out a 40th-floor window, and not be scared, but if I was rock climbing and 140 feet off the ground I would be scared because I would feel insecure and unsafe.
    For #2, I always try to turn the scary movie into something funny, or a “completely never-going-to-happen” experience. For example, my older neighbors told me about this old movie where this kid gets stabbed in the shower, and I took a shower sitting down for weeks. But then I saw a cartoon when they replayed the same thing, except the potential killer was brandishing a CARROT. I imagined that happening to me and burst out giggling on several occasions. Also, I saw this one commercial for this scary movie once, and a woman looked in a mirror to see she had a VERY SCARY MONSTROUS/DEVLISH face (maggots included!) and so I told myself that the director of the movie was obviously a cheapskate, putting a rubber mask on that conflicted actress. Try it sometime–maybe you’ll be able to watch scary movies.
    For #3, I have never HAD a sibling, much less seven brothers, although I sometime imagine having a busload of siblings and having to take care of them and trying to find a place to read in peace.
    For #4, I’m not very fond of shopping, either, unless it’s at the thrift store. You can find TREASURES in that place! Last Halloween, I was a hippie, and I found a vest that was very much 70s-style in there. I guess I’m sort of a packrat–but I’m becoming less junk-prone. I think shopping for shoes is very tedious, unless it’s for yellow sneakers. I have a thing for yellow sneakers and these type of shoes called “Converse” because Anna showed them to me.
    For #5, I’ve been in the gifted program since 1st grade, but in 1st grade I had to choose between P.E. or AGT. I chose A.G.T. In our “Gifted Program”, we get to do fun stuff like arts and crafts and…
    HISTORY!!! For #6, this is probably the one that I can most relate to! I love everything and anything about history, which is why I’ve read the American girl books, the Theo books, and more!
    For #7, I daydream A LOT, which is why I’m using a dream I just had last night to make a story. That’s only happened four times before, so I’m excited and should be getting on Word soon.
    For #8, I snorkeled once–does that count?? I just love swimming and the ocean, though, but got freaked out when I saw this really thin, silvery fish that was unidentifiable (did I spell that right?)!!!! I don’t know why I was so freaked out…
    For #9, I have a literal book bag for all my books at school. In a book called “The Anybodies” by N.E. Bode (great book!), the main character’s grandmother reads three books at once! I tried that once, and it was rather difficult, but normally if I have a craving for a certain book, I read it straightaway!
    For #10, I
    exceedingly believe in any type of magic–big magic, little magic, Harry Potter magic, fairy magic…And I always will.
    Love from Claire.

  5. Claire Says:

    Dear RL or Theo,
    What do you think was your favorite memory? My favorite memory was probably when I read a really great book…or any great book! Also, dreams are my favorite memories.

  6. Kiki Says:

    Oh I love the anybodies series!! I have emailed the author a lot, I know who he/she is (of course NE Bode is a pen name) but I’m not telling! I figured out by myself.
    Anyway, I can read about 4 books at once actually! Not holding them all at once, though–I’ll read a chunk of one and then switch. It’s not that hard, really

  7. Bebe Says:

    I got Mysims and well… I’m at the point where all you do is build things for people but its getting boring and is that the whole game???? but the games I do LOVE are animal crossing city folk I LOVE THAT game and Mario Kart Ect. But don’t think I’m all into games I LOVE TO WRITE!!! I just made a book called Freckles big adventure and just to tell you Freckle is a duck that I own… I live on a farm :) I love animals!!! we have a whopping 65 animals incuding a huge farm

  8. Bebe Says:

    Ps. I want to be a writer/farmer when I am older… Well now I am a farmer but I want an Apiary to A.K.A I want to keep bees

  9. Claire Says:

    Oh, Kiki! I know, too! All you have to look at is on that page where it shows the publication date…and also, there’s a hint on the back flap (hardbound copy). Let me guess–his/her initials are JB????

    To Bebe–that sounds exciting to live on a farm! Sometimes I wish that I lived somewhere simple, to just get away from “it all” and read to my heart’s content.

  10. Bebe Says:

    Thanks Clair:) That’s really nice of you to say that!
    hey Theo would you like to live on a farm??


  11. Bebe Says:

    Hey Guys,
    Um well I am going on a road trip in April to Florida but it really is not a fun thing we have to stay at my grandparents house and it is kinda hot and sticky there well we used to live there but know I live in north Georgia and we are going at that time because I have soccer in the early summer and fall ( are team is the Sabres A.K.A saber tooth tigers) but I really don’t know what to do when I am there??
    any Ideas?

  12. Sophia Says:


  13. Sophia Says:

    Hii it’s me kyra im too lazy to switch my sister’s name to mine, so.
    I have MySims too, it’s really fun, don’t get discouraged!

  14. Sophia Says:

    that was my sis (which is kiki)

  15. Bebe Says:

    Thanks Guys :)
    Well.. what do you think about the Road trip?
    what should I do? I can’t read in the car cuz I get a stomach ache I will read at their house but what should I do at the car??

    P.s I learned how to knit!!
    P.s.s I am home schooled is anyone else ??

  16. Claire Says:

    Dear Bebe–
    Florida doesn’t sound so bad–it has colder weather than where I live, probably (Hawaii).
    I’ve always wanted to go somewhere…a road trip sounds exciting!
    Maybe in the car, you could bring a magnetic chess set and challenge yourself…I have one. I got it for Christmas from my grandparents!
    Congratulations on learning how to knit! I only know how to chain-stitch (crochet). My mom tried to teach me how to knit and I kept on getting it wrong, so I made an armadillo out of rainbow-colored yarn and about 50 meters of chain stitch.
    I’m not homeschooled, but my friend Delsey’s older sister is…I think.

    Love from Claire

  17. Theodosia Says:

    Claire asked: Could you describe Theo’s physical features? In the book, it mentions Theo with hazel eyes. In illustrator Yoko Tanaka’s depiction, she has brown hair. Is she short? Tall?

    RL here. Theo is average height and her hair, while brownish does have some blond highlights if you look very carefully at the picture Yoko Tanaka did.

    And Claire, the story of how her parents met will most likely be in an upcoming book, so I’ll have to save it for then!

    I loved reading ten things about you, Claire! Thanks for posting that!

    And yeay! Kiki is another multiple book reader! Four-at-once. I am currently reading four-at-once, as well. The Willoughbys, Princess Ben, The New Policeman, and The Art of Racing in the Rain (an adult book.)

    Bebe, that’s awesome that you love to write! I’ve loved to write since I was about seven years old, so I know the feeling well. Also, I live on a farm too! It’s a very small farm, and we only grow cherimoyas, which is a very odd, exotic fruit. We used to have chickens, but that was a while ago.

    You have my sympathies on your car trip to the south. I’m not fond of hot and sticky. Nor am I fond of car rides, actually. I think Claire’s suggestion of magnetic chess is good–but only if you have someone else to play with. Some people can read in the car, but I can’t. I get a headache. You might see if you could rent books on tape or books on CD from the library and listen to those on the long ride!

  18. Claire Says:

    Wonderful ideas, RL!
    And you loved to write since you were age seven–that’s interesting, I’m age seven and I love to write, too! I’m currently working on a Harry Potter fan fiction story.
    P.S. I’m turning eight this February, and think that a Theo party like how Caitlyn had would be GREAT!

    Love from Claire

  19. Kiki Says:

    I thought you said you lived in Texas Claire? Not Hawaii?
    Oh I don’t know.
    Theo/RL, I got Princess Ben for Christmas. I still have to read it though, all of these other books are calling to me…
    Oh and I found a cool website.! It’s still in its beta testing but if you sign up now you get a free membership for all 2009. It’s really cool and kid friendly. So! Check it out.

  20. Claire Says:

    Well, I have relatives in Texas, but I don’t live there.
    I don’t think I ever mentioned Texas before. Maybe you’ve got me confused with someone else?
    I think I’ll check that website out, thanks!

  21. Claire Says:

    Dear Theo/RL:
    I’m doing a book report on Theo!
    Here’s my first page:
    Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos Book Bag Project
    1st draft
    Cover Picture—
    I’m Claire F______, here to tell you all about the ABSOLUTELY BEST BOOK EVER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos. Theodosia is a young girl, of about eleven, who lives in Edwardian England. Before you make any assumptions, this story is NOT about lacy frills and tea parties and worrying that stockings will get dirty, NOT IN THE LEAST. From page 1, Theodosia tells us about the arcane—about the latest addition to her parent’s museum (the Museum of Antiquities) from Thebes. Her mother, or “mum”, is an archaeologist of sorts, excavates artifacts from the Valley of the Kings, a chain of pyramids in Egypt that house all sorts of antiquities—which means more trouble for Theo.
    Why is it more trouble for Theo? Well, to put it simply, Theo is THE ONLY ONE IN HER FAMILY who can tell if the curses are on the artifacts…or not!

    Do you like it so far?
    Could you please tell me what areas I need improvement in?
    Thank you!
    Love from Claire

  22. Claire Says:

    P.S. My real last name is NOT Flanagan–
    I borrowed that from a friend.

  23. Claire Says:


  24. Claire Says:

    Please, Mrs. LaFevers, COULD YOU CHANGE IT!!?!?!
    I’m begging you–for the safety of my friend!
    I just don’t want anything to happen to her…
    Like how you were worried when Henry got the flu!
    The same gut-wrenching, nail-biting, hair-tearing worry, NIGHT AND DAY, DAY AND NIGHT!

  25. Claire Says:

    P.S. IS YOUR date and time thingy on LONDON????
    The reason is I was trying to see what time it was in Southern California, and it was NOWHERE NEAR 7:00 AM!

    (I lose my mind when I’m worried. How about YOU?)

  26. Claire Says:

    Kiki, you were on a while ago.HELP!!!
    RL, I…
    I just don’t want ANYTHING to happen to her!


  27. Claire Says:

    Guys, I’d just like to remind you (in a time of utter despair for me)
    The serpents of chaos are one step closer to you WHEN YOU MAKE AN UNPRODUCTIVE COMMENT!!!
    Sorry, I don’t mean to be a snitch or anything, I just don’t want anyone getting in trouble.

    The voice of reason,

  28. Theodosia Says:

    RL here. Claire, honey. It’s okay. Since Claire Flanagan is not her name, no one can track her down. Remember, it’s a combination of your name and her name, which was very smart of you. So she’s safe. Not to worry. Plus, you’ve been very good about not putting any information about where you live. Finding someone with the last name of Flanagan in Hawaii, well, let’s just say there are lots of them.

    However, I did go in and delete that last name.

    Theo herself is on London time, but London in 1907. I am on Pacific Time, specifically, California.

  29. Claire Says:

    And Theo, too!

    On a happier note, I have that Egypt magazine that we made. Is there any way we can send it to you?

  30. Kyra Says:

    Okay. People. I have an announcement that will change your lives if you haven’t heard what I’m talking about.
    So Fall Out Boy and Coldplay are great bands and all that…
    But what I’m talking about is The Band.
    The Best Band.
    And one certain amazing song by them begins with the word “Beautiful”.
    Hint: lead singer’s name begins with B and ends in O (one word name).
    I’m giving you until Feb. 10th to guess!

  31. Claire Says:

    I’ve never heard of those bands before.
    Does Vivaldi count?
    Is their band name…

  32. Claire Says:

    RL, I have another question.

    In the first book, Theo’s uncle is her mum’s brother.
    Is he from America, too?
    If he is, has he changed his customs from American to British?

    Thank you!
    Write back soon!

  33. Moonflower Says:

    Claire! I type like a hundred words a day…u beat my record!

  34. Anna Says:

    Moonflower!! I don’t type a hundred words a day!
    Well, sometimes I go on Microsoft Word and write stories. My longest one so far is 4,000 something words. But it doesn’t really have an ending, so I think I’ll have to edit it sometime soon.
    Well, that’s all I have to say for now!

    RL, you don’t have to answer my questions if they’re too much trouble…my dad always says I come up with questions that are hard to answer.

  35. Ahsoka Says:

    I’m sorry. I stopped posting and forgot all of my friends here! I just hope you can all forgive me. I’ve done so bad, I don’t desverve to have as great friends as all of you. How can I make my ammends? (sobbing) Oh dear! I’ve over done it haven’t I? Sorry, I’m used to being dramatic sometimes.

  36. Ahsoka Says:

    Kiki! I’m not in time with all the BANDS and there LEAD SINGERS I have no idea what your talking about!

  37. Sophia Says:

    step 1. choose a band you like
    step 2. find a band member that’s cooooolll
    step 3. find a popular song by them thats amazing
    step 4. obsess over the band, but make it a point to mention the band member and song
    see how obsessive that was

  38. Anna Says:

    Guys, why don’t we actually talk about the book instead?
    Remember what RL said?
    This isn’t a chatroom or anything!
    Does anyone know when book 3 is coming out??

  39. Ashoka Says:

    I don’t know when book 3 comes out. But tell you the truth it took RL like 3 years to write book 2.

  40. RL Says:

    Ashoka said

    But tell you the truth it took RL like 3 years to write book 2.

    Excuse me? It SO did not take me three years to write book two! It took me one year, and it came out eighteen months after book one. :-)

  41. RL Says:

    Oh, and book three will be out in early 2010, about 14 months between books two and three.

  42. RL Says:

    Claire, Uncle Andrew maintains most of his American customs. It’s one of the reasons Theo likes him so much.

    And I absolutely don’t mind questions, it’s just sometimes it takes me a while to get to them if I’m busy…

  43. Kyra Says:

    Claire, why is your name Anna on here?
    Anyway I just finished Princess Ben :D Sometimes I found myself really disliking Ben, she was kind of whiny sometimes and dramatic a lot too…but I loved the ending and it was different than I thought it would be.

  44. Bebe Says:

    Hey guys,
    Happy Ground hog day!!!! :p ;cp
    I don’t know if these little thing will work..

  45. Bebe Says:

    shoot! the little thing don’t work ;)

  46. Bebe Says:

    I mean Shoot the little things don’t work….Sorry!
    Oh and if they make a Theo movie are they using Dakodah Fanning or whatever :>

  47. Nubia Says:

    HELLO I’M NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Nubia Says:


  49. Theodosia Says:

    Welcome Nubia! We’re so glad to have you here! Are you named after Nubia near Egypt?

    Also, my apologies but I had to trim a few of your exclamation points. If there are too many, it makes the whole comment section go wonky.

  50. Theodosia Says:

    Bebe, I think Dakota Fanning would be an excellent Theo, if I do say so myself.

  51. Bebe Says:


  52. Kiki Says:

    Wow…I remember Hannah’s exclamation points before :P
    Hmm even though this is a bit early the band is U2. (the song is beautiful day)
    Welcome Nubiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    oh yeah from now on my name will be metro-girl

  53. Sophia Says:

    Hello i am bored…

  54. Sophia Says:

    WAKE UP IF YOUR SLEEPING EVERYONE!!! sorry but Theo never welcomed me…

  55. Claire Says:

    Theo! Are you a “wonky” Fan? I first came across the word in Harry Potter…now I use it to describe myself.

    And Sophia, you have MY welcomes to you!

  56. Claire Says:

    If anyone is interested in a new book series, I have an awesome one. The 39 Clues. Read the first book, THE MAZE OF BONES, and you’ll be hooked on it. Each book has a different author, and the 3rd one is coming out in March. They’re mystery books, and I guess you’ll have to read them yourself to find out more!!!!!!!

    Sorry about the exclamation points, I’m just so excited about that series. It is awesome and there’s even a website for it packed with games and cool stuff. Try it out!

  57. Claire Says:

    If anyone wants to know what the books are called, here’s a list:
    BOOK 1–Maze of Bones By Rick Riordan
    BOOK 2–One False Note By Gordon Korman
    BOOK 3–The Sword Thief by ?

    If you’re just interested in the games on the site, go to and you can start your own account.

  58. Theodosia Says:

    Sophia darling, I’m sorry I never welcomed you! But the first time “you” posted, it was your sister using your login info, so by the time the real Sophia showed up and posted, the name felt like an old friend, not a new one. I’m so sorry.
    WELCOME, Sophia!!!!!!

    Claire, I haven’t heard of the word wonky until you mentioned it, now I shall have to try it out. And I know RL has read the 1st 39 Clues book and liked it.

    Sorry I was gone so long, but I was off busy having adventures that I can’t tell you about until the next book!

  59. Claire Says:

    Theo, RL should read the 2nd one! It’s amazingly awesome and I read it in a day, I liked it so much.
    Oh, I do wish you would tell us about your adventures! But I suppose they’ll have to wait…
    Ah, yes, once you try out the word “wonky”, Theo, you will NEVER GO BACK.
    Speaking of good books, I came across another one that my parents said that I may get it for my birthday (on the 21st of this month. I can barely wait!!!). It’s called “The Daring Book For Girls”, it’s by Andrea J. Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz. It’s packed with all sorts of cool information for girls to have adventures and things…sort of like a Boy Scout Guide for girls!
    And, also, there is a link on the website for Girl Guide Leaders (a.k.a. Girl Scout Leaders in Canada).
    I personally am a Girl Scout, so this is a helpful book that also has some fun sections on camping. My favorite part was the US state statistics. Try it out!

  60. Kiki Says:

    “Wonky”? Reminds me of Willy Wonka…how creepy was he in the latest Charlie/Chocolate Factory movie?? (shudder)
    Anywayyy I’ve read some of the Daring Book For Girls and it’s kinda cool.
    (yawn) I’m tired.
    signing off….
    the 60th commenter

  61. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    Hello sorry for posting all those… complaints

  62. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    Where do you live Theo? In real life

  63. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    It is 4:55 in PA and it is not very late now

  64. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    oops! my sister answered my question for Theo

  65. Ahsoka Says:

    Hello world and all of the people who live there

  66. Claire Says:

    Hi everybody!
    Today is my birthday
    I got the 39 Clues book 2 (I already read it), the Daring Book for Girls, and a locket.
    I wish that the Theodosia book had come out!!!

  67. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    hello does anyone go to the Wynnewood library?

  68. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    And happy belated birthday Claire! (just in case you don’t know,belated means late birthday)

  69. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    Does anyone have Black Beauty? Just asking

  70. Kaitlyn Says:

    HIIIII so sorry I missed so much.

    I hope you forgive me…I forgot about you guys and I feel so horrible.

    Forgive me…but…Dakota fanning would make a well…not a Theo…It’s just my opinion.

    Nubia’s real name is Jackie…yes, she’s named after that.

    So sorry theo…please send me a letter or something…I feel like I’m new here.

    I made a website..

    Please post comments and stuff…

    I my goodness, I feel I’m going to cry right now…I soooooo much to apoligize


  71. Claire Says:

    Hello, Kaitlyn!
    Don’t worry, I’ll check your website out ASAP!
    And Sophie, did you know that a synonym for “belated” is “behindhand”? Fascinating!

    It’s OK, Kaitlyn, if you feel out-of-the-loop. I agree with you on the Dakota Fanning thing. I think Abigail Breslin would be a better Theodosia, did you see her in Kit Kittredge, an American Girl Mystery?

    Off to check out the website now, goodbye!

  72. Mary Says:

    Hello Everyone!
    I’ve just discovered these books. Theo, you are so brave! I am glad that you aren’t like other girls.
    The 39 clues are a good books too. I’ve found 5 clues so far. Ciao for now!

  73. Kaitlyn Says:

    Hi, Mary! Good gad, here’s alot of new people these days…I think Theo is getting POPULAR!! ;)

    I hope you all are ready for another contest? I AM!!!

  74. leximel Says:

    wow….. so many comments!
    I’m beginning to thing that there needs to be a theo forum! :)

  75. Claire Says:

    I showed my friend the Theo site today!
    She hasn’t read the books but I told her about it.

  76. Kaitlyn Says:

    Yes, Lexi, I agree STRONGLY.

    And neither has Nubia, but she has been shown this website by Ashoka. :P

  77. Mary Says:

    Theo, do you have any other family that your grandmother, Harry, and mom and dad?(and Iris)? It would be really cool if you have a partner to help you with curses and black magic.

  78. Kiki Says:

    Hey Mary!
    (I can’t keep track of all these comments…I’m not really reading most of them haha)
    There really rrealllyy needs to be a contest pleeasssee? I’m begging you Theo/RL please.
    (does anyone have an aim sn?)

  79. Mary Says:

    I’ve been waiting for another contest, maybe have an idea for another Theodosia story. That would be cool. Valete! (Latin for goodbye)

  80. Kaitlyn Says:

    Hey, Mary:

    You wrote Iris, for one, it’s ISIS.

    And, you wrote harry. IT’S HENRY.

    Just pointing that out.


  81. Theodosia Says:

    Claire, The Daring Book for Girls sounds lovely! I’m so glad someone thought of it! And Happy Birthday!

    Sophie, I live in London, but RL lives in Southern California, I believe. :-)

    And Kaitlyn, don’t be silly, of course it’s all right to disappear for a week or two or a month! Everyone has busy lives! Absolutely, you’re forgiven!

    Welcome Mary! I’m so glad you found us, and that you liked the books. And Sticky Will is probably the closest I have to a partner in my adventures.

    And I will put a bug in RL’s ear about another contest, but she is very busy working on a new series of chapter books, so we’ll just have to see.

  82. Mary Says:

    Ohhh…A new series of chapter books, that sound interesting.Thanks Kaitlyn for checking my spelling :)

  83. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    Hellooo people

  84. Mary Says:

    Finally someone!

  85. Mary Says:

    Does anyone know when book 3 is coming out? ANd how many books will there be? I’ve almost finished the 2nd, so I’m desperate for a 3rd!

  86. Gunario Says:

    I am hot and you girlie girls are NOT!!!! Hahahhahhahah

  87. Kaitlyn Says:

    Ok…R.L. please do me a HUUUUGE favor and erase Gunario’s comment. It’s totally inapropriate.
    Sorry, but seriously, it doesn’t fit on this site at all!!!!!
    Gunario, try again with your greeting.

  88. Theodosia Says:

    Kaitlyn, I already erased two of Gunario’s comments that were even more inappropriate. Since I do believe in free speech, and what he said was merely annoying, not offensive, I decided to leave that one up. However, if he doesn’t come back and try again–nicer this time–then I will delete it in a day or two.

  89. Kaitlyn Says:

    Ok, Theo. I understand

    But…a boy? No boys have ever come on here…how did he get here?

  90. Mary Says:

    Thanks Theo and RL. I thought the comment(s) were very inapropriate.

  91. Gunarios brother Says:

    I am so very very sorry for his behavior he saw our little sister on and he went to see what it was… and he is Retarded…. Sorry it will never happen again… I am so sorry I don’t have anyone to play with… Well it will never ever happen again…

  92. Theodosia Says:

    Gunario’s Brother, that is very kind of you to apologize for him, but you don’t need to. It’s certainly not your fault! Although I totally get how the oldest child sometimes feels responsible for the younger ones. :-)

    And honestly! Boys are more than welcome around here! So feel free to stick around and chat about the book or egyptology…

    Thank you again for having such nice manners!

  93. Mary Says:

    Well, that was nice of him.

  94. Gunarios brother Says:

    Really Theodosia Throckmorton can I stay????
    If I am you can ask me any question

  95. Kaitlyn Says:

    Hey, Gunario’s brother! How bout this: What’s your real name so we can call you that? Or if you just want to be called Gunario’s brother… ;)

  96. Mary Says:

    Good idea Kaitlyn. Gunarios brother: Theo did say boys are welcome here, so I guess you stay.

  97. Kaitlyn Says:

    Claire and everyone:

    Plz visit my website! I really would like to have more people there. It’s quite lonely.

    or my friends site:

  98. Gistinio Says:

    Gistinio is my real name.. Do you like it?

  99. Kiki Says:

    Hey peeps hows it hangin
    Welcome everyone new on here, haha I remember when it was like only me, Shayda, Paige, Leximel and Kaitlyn on here!
    Gistinio, I love your name, and the name Gunario too, Italian names right?
    My real name is Kyra and I think it has Greek roots and means “lady”, “sun” “beloved” and it’s a title of respect for a woman. I just looked that up :D
    Anyway peace out

  100. Theodosia Says:

    Gistinio is a very unique name! Is it Italian?

    And yes, we’d love for you to stay!

  101. Claire Says:

    Hola to all!
    Ah, we have come to the subject of languages…Russian is currently taking the prize for intriguing me the most. I mean, “hello” is so strange-looking?
    I wonder where languages came from? Maybe it was from man speaking in different grunts and stuff. To think, our language (English) is the conqueror!
    Either that, or Spanish. Or French. Or Japanese, or Chinese, or Italian…

  102. Kyra Says:

    Hm I think Korean is an intruiging language…because I’m Korean-American but not really. I mean my grandparents were all born in Korea and lived there but I only know a little of Korean. I know how to say yes, hello, how are you, woman, man, mother, father, older brother, grandfather and grandmother but that’s pretty much it.
    I’ve always wondered about accents, I mean..
    sorry gotta go peace out

  103. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    Kyra’s also Asian! I know that because i’m her sister!

  104. Bebe Says:

    Hola Me Ninia’s….. I speak spanish Kinda.. My Momma is Lebinize,Cuban and whatever my father is Irish,German,Yittish soo I am kinda a mutt

  105. Bebe Says:

    Oh and a whole lots more…. but I cant remember.

  106. Kiki Says:

    Sophia, Korea is in Asia, SEE THE CONNECTION? If someone is Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Indonesian/etc they are all asian.

  107. Bebe Says:

    ……. What I don’t understand anything you said… Comfused

  108. Bebe Says:

    Soo dose anybody see mine???

  109. Claire Says:

    Kyra, I wonder about accents, too?
    What makes a British accent British?
    What makes a Southern American twang…twang?
    The history of accents…ooh, I’ve gotta look that one up!

  110. Bebe Says:

    well I live in Georgia and not all people have a twang.. I don’t actuly. not many people do have one…. and I live in cleveland not Atlanta….

  111. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    Kyra, you don’t have to be so mean!

  112. Bebe Says:

    Yeah Kyra, How dare you.

  113. Bebe Says:

    Oh and I’m on Sophias side

  114. Sophia/Sophie Says:


  115. Bebe Says:


  116. Bebe Says:

    Sophia, Do you like soccer?? I LOVE IT. Though my Mom says I am the sportiest one in my family including boys.. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? what do you think Theo and you guys?
    Goalie and Stryker Bebe,

  117. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    Bebe, I like soccer a little bit but I really like the goalie position!

  118. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    you are welcome!!

  119. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    Good thing!

  120. Kaitlyn Says:

    Uh huh…

    Guys it’s seriously getting crowded here Theo do you think just a new post would be possible? It’s getting kindof anoying to have to keep scrolling down so far.

    Whadya think?

  121. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    Kaitlyn, RL made a new post!

  122. Kyra Says:

    Well, I’m her older sister. You should see the things she does to me.

  123. Sophia/Sophie Says:

    Yes Kyra is my older sister

  124. Beth Says:

    Sophia and Bebe I like soccer too my fav positon is offense.

  125. Kaitlyn Says:

    Holy cow I didn’t realize their were so many comments

  126. Kaitlyn Says:

    Oops sorry Sophia! Silly me, tee hee, just saw it. Ladeeda

    AW, man! I don’t live in Texas!

  127. Kaitlyn Says:

    Oh and hi Gistinio! Cool name! It sounds Italian..forgive if I spelled or got it worng!!