Quick Contact Reminder

For those of you who send me an email through the contact page here, please double check your email address. If you don’t leave a correct one, I can’t get back to you!

(Keeley and Julia Rose–I’m looking at you! The email addresses you left aren’t working…)

2 Responses to “Quick Contact Reminder”

  1. Askoka Says:

    Oh and by the way, will we ever get an explimation on why Theo has her amzing curse lifting abilities? She’s definitly not Isis reincarnated, but there has to be an answer as to why she can detect curses so well. And also, will we be seeing more of Snuffles? I’d like that.

  2. R.L. Says:

    Oo. Good question, Askoka! The explanation behind Theo’s special curse-detecting abilities will be revealed in Books 3 and 4, so stay tuned!

    And yes, there will be more of Snuffles in Book 3 and we’ll get to meet more of Will’s brothers, as well.