Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus – Chapter Three

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet lately! I’m busy working on Theodosia Four, Theodosia and the Last Pharaoh. However, here is this month’s chapter excerpt for Book Three!

WARNING, This chapter of Book Three, Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus, MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR BOOK TWO, Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris. So if you haven’t read that yet, STOP RIGHT NOW. The rest of the chapter is up under the cut in order to protect those who haven’t read Book Two yet.

Chapter Three – Scorpions on the Loose

BOTHER. I had hoped to avoid another meeting with the supreme master of the Arcane Order of the Black Sun for a while longer. Say, a lifetime. In fact, that’s why it had taken so long for Will to coax me out to the Alcazar to see Awi Bubu; I’d been trying to avoid Trawley. He was mad as a hatter and convinced I was a reincarnation of Isis and had mystical powers. Of course, that was all nonsense, but even so, he had a nasty habit of snatching me off the street.

I’m sorry, the rest of this post is no longer available.

21 Responses to “Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus – Chapter Three”

  1. Kara Says:

    YAY!!!!!!! another chapter!!!!!!
    but really…….. can’t the book just come out already?
    I’m up to here (points to above the head.)
    in bordem! None of my favorite authors have come out with new books! (you included! of corce!)
    Why must i wait untill spring?!!!!

  2. Kaitlyn Says:

    Oh my goodness! A NEW THEO!!! I haven’t even read the 3rd one yet…wait, it isn’t even out! I can’t wait to get my hands on these books! It’s driving me bats!

  3. Anna Says:

    I can’t wait either! Lots of people are wondering when it’s going to be released….but take your time, R.L.!

  4. Claire Says:

    Dear R.L.:
    Sorry about the wonky email address thing!
    Mine is posted to you if you want to contact me… I’d love to hear from my favorite author!

  5. RL Says:

    Hi guys!

    The new book will be out April 12, 2010. Not too much longer!

  6. Christine Says:

    Thanks so much for the book. It made it through the nor’easter without a drop of water touching it!
    The museum says it doesn’t have the staff to do an egyptian outreach with me, but I haven’t given up yet. I’m sending in your title in March to make sure I can get it at soon as possible.

  7. Melissa Says:

    I am so excited for the third book! I just finished the second book and it was so shocking! I can’t wait to see what the third book has to offer!

  8. R.L. Says:

    So glad the book stayed safe and dry, Christine. I’m hoping you did, too. :-) Hm. I wonder if I need to brainstorm a way to do Egyptian Outreach in a box, or somesuch, for cash-strapped libraries?

    Melissa, I am THRILLED you enjoyed Book Two and found it shocking! Yeay! I love to surprise readers.

  9. Claire Says:

    Book two WAS great.

  10. R.L. Says:

    So glad you thought so, Claire!

  11. Arania Says:

    AWESOME book two. Am counting down the days until book three. Also, could I have a little advice on amulets?

  12. Ren Says:

    Ooh, this chapter ends in suspense. Can`t wait for next one!

  13. Claire Says:

    Well, it’s true! The growing sense of suspense…wackos who think that Theo is Isis…you know, the usual!

  14. Lauren Says:

    Hi people! I got Theodosia and the Srpents of Chaos for Christmas and fell in love with it! I believe that R.L.LaFevers should write a whole series of Theodosia’s adventures. Who agrees with me?

  15. R.L. Says:

    Well, I am working on Book Four, Lauren, so I guess that does qualify as a series! So glad you liked the book!

  16. Kara Says:

    When are you coming out with the new chapter? i can’t WAIT!!!!!
    : )

  17. R.L. Says:

    Ack! Kara, I got so busy writing Book Four that I completely forgot about the next chapter of EYES OF HORUS! Thank you so much for reminding me!

    I’ll get it up by Friday at the latest. So sorry!

  18. K.T. Says:

    I need to read the next book! I’ve read 1 and 2! How can you have 1 & 2 without 3 & 4?

  19. Hailey Says:

    It’s February! Where’s chapter four?

  20. Brin Says:

    OK i’m having some problems, and this is going to make me sound a bit like a idiot but…, i don’t understand. where is chapter one? or are you just skipping to chapter three? by the way i can’t even find chapter three!

    P.S. love your books, read each of them in under 2 hours!! they were great, i love how clever and independent Theo is!

  21. R.L. Says:

    No, no Brin! It IS confusing! The publisher let me put up the first five chapters as a preview, but I couldn’t leave all five chapters up at one time, so I had to take chapters three and four down. I should probably take chapters five and six down too, since the book is out.

    SO glad to hear you are enjoying the books so much!

    Here is the link to chapter one of Eyes of Horus:

    Chapter Two:

    Chapter Three isn’t up any longer. Sorry. :-(