Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus: Chapter Four

I’m sorry I got so busy working on Theodosia Four that I forgot to post this month’s chapter for Book Three!

For those of you just tuning in, I am posting a chapter a month of Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus to help tide you over until the book comes out in April. I also need to post my standard spoiler alert:

WARNING, This chapter of Book Three, Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus, MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR BOOK TWO, Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris. So if you haven’t read that yet, STOP RIGHT NOW. The rest of the chapter is up under the cut in order to protect those who haven’t read Book Two yet.

Chapter Four: The Arcane Order of the Black Sun Calls a Meeting

I’m sorry, this post is no longer available…..

15 Responses to “Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus: Chapter Four”

  1. Kara Says:

    NEW CHAPTER!!!!!!:)

  2. Claire Says:

    I love Theodosia! And I can’t WAAAAIT for ANY THEO BOOK to come out!!!!!!! :)

  3. R.L. Says:

    Thanks, guys!

  4. Claire Says:

    You’re most certainly welcome!

  5. Scarlet Says:

    I have come to love Theodosia through a friend and have enjoyed books one and two. I am very grateful that you have posted these chapters of the third book. I look forward to when it is released in April. I was wondering though if you are going to be having a book signing?

  6. Hailey Says:

    It’s February! I love your books Can you do chapter 5?

  7. Paige Says:

    Another chapter!
    Not much longer until the book is released!

  8. R.L. Says:

    Yes, yes! It is time for another chapter. I’ll have it up by tomorrow. I’ve just been so busy writing about MORE Theodosia adventures!

    Scarlet, I will be doing some book signings this spring. I don’t have my schedule yet, though. What city are you in, I’ll check with my publisher and see if that’s in the schedule.

  9. Claire Says:

    Can’t wait!

  10. Christine Says:

    Will you have any book signings in the eastern part of Virginia? I’m starting to get comments on our blog for my Theodosia reviews. Looks like she is gaining popularity!

  11. Bibliophile Says:

    Will you be doing any book signings in the Houston area? Probably not, because you did one in October, but I missed it, and I really want to go to one!

  12. R.L. Says:

    Christine, I will be signing in the Washington DC area in May, I believe. That’s as close as I’ll get in the near future. And I’m so glad Theo is gaining popularity on your blog!

    Bibilophile, DRAT! You’re right, I won’t be back in Houston for a while since I was just there. I’m so sorry!

  13. Bibliophile Says:

    I understand. Thanks for letting me know!

  14. scarlet Says:

    I don’t know if it is to late but I live in riverside, ca. Please let me know if you are going to do anything in southern California.

  15. brenda Says:

    I am no where near u guys!I live in Singapore!