At Last! Time to Blog–And a Contest!

Hello, hello! I’ve finally finished up Book Four, THEODOSIA AND THE LAST PHARAOH, and sent it off to my editor. Yippee! Which means I have more time to blog.

For today, just some fun random things. And maybe—yes, I think so—a contest! I have one last, lonely Advanced Reader’s Copy of Book Three, THEODOSIA AND THE EYES OF HORUS to give away…

First of all, the Theodosia books are now available in an audio book! Very cool. I’ve been dying to know what voice they’d pick for Theo, and I think it’s a winner. I love it. If you are curious, you can listen to it here. (Click the green bar beneath the image of the book cover.)

And speaking of listening, I’ve gotten a few questions lately about what, if any, sort of music I listen to when writing the Theodosia books. I don’t actually listen to music while I write, but I will often listen to music before I write, to get me in the mood.

Below is my Theodosia playlist:

Manic Monday- The Bangles
Walk Like an Egyptian – The Bangles
Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper
Orange Crush – R.E.M. (I have no idea why, it just works)
Other Side of the World – KT Tunstall
She Bop – Cyndi Lauper
Rumble in Brighton – The Brian Setzer Orchestra
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds – Elton John
It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) – R.E.M
Man On the Moon – R.E.M.
Suddenly I See – KT Tunstall

And here is where the contest comes in. To enter, simply post a comment and name a song that you think deserves a place on a Theodosia playlist. Be sure to post both the name of the song and the artist who performs it.

If you don’t have any songs you want to suggest, the other way to enter the contest is this: Invent the name of a magician and a book he wrote on ancient magic. There are lots of examples from the books: Mummies and Their Secrets by Sir Lynn N. Bandage, The Rites of the Dead by Sir Roger Mortis, A Dark Journey Through the Egyptian Underworld by Mordecai Black. (Note, yours don’t have to be on Egyptian magic, it can be any kind of magic!)

I’ll close the contest at midnight on Monday, March 29, then announce the winner on Wednesday, the 31st.

Have fun! And I can’t wait to see your answers!

24 Responses to “At Last! Time to Blog–And a Contest!”

  1. Mike Katz Says:

    I suggest Strange Magic by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO).

  2. Megan Says:

    Umm, I don’t know many songs but I guess I would suggest Defying Gravity by Wicked, because, its kinda like becoming your own person and for some reason it reminds me of Theo, or Egyptian Fantasy by Allen Toussaint. I would also like to give a book name: Amulets and Remedies from Ancient Egypt by C. Bastet or Egyptian legends and myths by Sir Bet. L. Scarab. Thanks!

  3. seaweed Says:

    The End, by The Doors
    White Rabbit, by Jefferson Airplane/starship, whatever
    also; I’m inventing a book and author. Ancient Magyks, by Dioneleus Necro

  4. R.L. Says:

    Wow, what great song recommendations! Awesome! I’ll have plenty of music to get me through the next book. Seaweed, I’ve been thinking of that Jefferson Starship song ever since I saw the ALICE movie with Johhny Depp.

    And STRANGE MAGIC is PERFECT! Can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that one. :-)

    Megan, I haven’t ever heard that song. I’m off to research it now. Love the book titles!

  5. Paige Says:

    Viva la Vida by Coldplay
    Just sounds like something the Serpents of Chaos would listen to while plotting revenge, or remembering how Theodosia always destroys their plans.
    As for an author, how about The Theory of the Underworld by I. C. Is

  6. Kara Says:

    I have a book name: The Egyptian Underworld And its Mysteries by N.B. Karalimat
    Or Ancient Egyptian Funerary Rites By E.M. Spellman I don’t know any song but I ABSOLUTELY love defying gravity, Its one of my favorite songs.

  7. ErinR Says:

    Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder. Totally fits in with some of the 80’s songs and can keep you motivated . . . or make you want to do some Jazzercise.

  8. Debby Says:

    Awakening Your Inner Oracle by Euphemia, Daughter of The Pythia

  9. Sarah Says:

    I have to suggest “Bad Moon Risin” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. It makes me think of all the time Theo spends trying keep everyone safe from all the “trouble on the way”.

    Also, though not an Egyptian magic title, but because I love Anglo-Saxon/Norse culture, I couldn’t resist making up the title Runes and Witchcraft of the Northmen by Ethelbert O. Din

  10. Icarus Says:

    I missed the contest, but wanted to suggest a song. “Wunderkind” by Alannis Morrisette. I first heard it during the closing credits of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and just thought it was awesome.

  11. sasha Says:

    when is the last theo book coming out?

  12. R.L. Says:

    I just answered this up thread, Sahsa, but the next Theo book (NOT the last!) will be coming out in about eleven months, Spring of 2011. THEODOSIA AND THE LAST PHARAOH.

  13. Amelia Says:

    Coolest. Playlist. Ever. I already uploaded it to my MP3.

  14. R.L. Says:

    So glad you liked it, Amelia!

  15. Brin Says:

    I totally have to suggest Ironic by Alanis Morissette

  16. claire Says:

    I sugest hero in me sung by Emily Osment.

  17. Bryanna Says:

    I suggest Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, it’s an old song, but it is a classic. It reminded me of Theo because is so very unique. The Secrets of Melin by King Arthur the Second

  18. Cindu Says:

    These are some books on magic that I can up with:

    Psychic Powers:
    Unleashing the Powers of the Mind by Clair Voyant

    Creating a Web of Magic by Ariadne Spinner

    Native-American magick:
    Communing with your Spirit Animal, a compilation of shamanic techniques by Ravenstar SpiritWolf, Tomas Wildfox, and Flint Arro

    Spells for Souls by J.C. Dieu

    Egyptian Magick for Beginners by I.M. Hotep

    Runes and their uses by V.I. King

    Celtic legends and spells by Siobhan Samhain

    How to Communicate with the Sidhe by Maeve Tamisin Fae

    and that’s all I could come up with for right now.

  19. Suzette Says:

    Curses, Magic,and Egyptian Beliefs by Moroni Yavar

  20. Suzette Says:

    Communication with Ra and Osiris by Omar Nyeruba

  21. Suzette Says:

    I suggest the song Holiday sung by Madonna or 99 red balloons by Nene

  22. melody Says:

    hello, i don’t have any songs but i just want to say that your books rock and that you are a very good author.

  23. marshall Says:

    walk like an egyptian would go with it to.

  24. R.L. Says:

    Thank you, Melody! So glad you like the books!