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A lot of the emails I get have asked me about the new series I’m writing in addition to Theodosia, so I thought I’d mention it here. It’s called, NATHANIEL FLUDD, BEASTOLOGIST, and tells the story of Nate Fludd, whose parents are lost at sea so he is sent off to live with a mysterious unknown relative who turns out to be the world’s last remaining beastologist. It is now Nate’s job to help take care of the world’s mythical beasts.

I have had a blast writing this series. I’ve always adored animals, and we had a ton of them when I was a kid, including some very exotic ones; a goat (we lived in a city) chipmunks, about eight cats, three dogs, chickens, an anteater, and for a few brief weeks, two baby bear cubs. So yeah, animals were a huge part of my childhood.

The idea for this series came about when two different things I’d been reading about kind of crashed into each other. I’d read a newspaper article about a couple of new species of animals that had been discovered in some wild, desolate place. It made me realize how there really are so many pockets of uncharted territory in our world, who knew what lived there?

I was also doing some research for a medieval book I was working on and stumbled across medieval bestiaries, books that documented all the creatures the medieval scholars believed existed at that time, and I was struck by how many mythical beasts had once been thought to really exist.

And then I thought, well, who’s to say they didn’t exist?

Thus Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist, was born.

Now a warning; these are much shorter, smaller, easier to read books that the Theodosia books. I specifically wanted to write something for slightly younger readers. However, many Theodosia readers (kids and adults) have enjoyed them. Just be forewarned that if you’ve read Theodosia, you can probably read these books in about an hour each. The first one, The Flight of the Phoenix came out in September last year. The second one, The Basilisk’s Lair, came out this week!

So that’s what I do when I’m not working on Theodosia or writing blog entries.

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8 Responses to “My Other Books”

  1. Mae Says:

    And never forget THE FALCONMASTER!

  2. Mae Says:

    I’m considering writing a fan-fic sequel to THE FALCONMASTER, actually, with your permission.

  3. R.L. Says:

    Thank you, Mae, for remembering THE FALCONMASTER. :-)

    As for fan fiction, that’s a tricky one for authors. I am thrilled if my work inspires you to write stories, but if it inspires you to write stories involving my characters, you probably shouldn’t tell me. Legally, I think if I know, I’m supposed to do something about it. But if I don’t know, I can’t do anything, right? ;-)

  4. Isis Says:

    Oh wow, a new series to read! I can’t wait to read The Last Pharoah or whatever, and I’m going to reread theodosia and the serpents of chaos

  5. dahozho Says:

    Finished the second Nathaniel Fludd book, and enjoyed it very much (looking through new kids’ lit for books to have on hand as my precocious small fry grows). I’m glad you now have a little boy hero– its actually a challenge to find good (current) books with boy protagonists. Looking forward to reading the next two!

    Sorry to have missed your appearance at Politics & Prose! Hope you had fun on the East Coast (did you get a chance to see the Library of Congress?).
    I thought I’d seen something on another Theodosia book– is one coming this fall?

  6. Mannie Says:

    Um… what IS the Falconmaster?

  7. R.L. Says:

    Isis, the book order is as follows:
    #1 Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos
    #2 Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris
    #3 Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus(April 2010)
    #$ Theodosia and the Last Pharaoh (May 2011)

    I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the Nathaniel Fludd books, Dahozho! And interesting to learn that there is such a dearth of boy heroes…
    It would have been lovely to meet you in DC! Maybe next time.

    Mannie, THE FALCONMASTER is the first book I published. It was published seven years ago and is out of print, which means you can’t really find it in stores. It is VERY different from both the Theo and the Nate Fludd books!

  8. Ima Says:

    The Falconmaster’s out of print? I didn’t know that… Well, I checked it out from the library a while ago and I loved it, although I do prefer the Theo books. I haven’t read Nate Fludd…