Ancient Egypt in the News!

For all you budding Egyptologists out there, I thought this article was fascinating. It mulls over the possibility that Cleopatra did not die from the bite of an asp, but from poison instead!

And as if that weren’t enough ancientness and history in the news, another article talks about the discovery that the ancient beast, Leviathan, was real! And they have the fossils to prove it! (Although really, any of the beastologists from the Nathaniel Fludd books could have told them that.)

Seriously though, this is why I love writing historical fantasy. There are just so many mysteries out there we don’t really know the answers to!

6 Responses to “Ancient Egypt in the News!”

  1. sasha Says:

    do they know who poisoned cleopatra?

  2. Kaitlyn Says:



    That was Theo’s word. I forgot.


    But honestly. It WAS fascinating. :)

  3. Ana Says:

    Wow, that`s awesome! It`s great that they`re making so many new discoveries :)

  4. R.L. Says:

    Sasha, I think the general consensus is that Cleopatra still killed herself, it’s just that she took poison instead of having an asp bite her.

    It’s okay, Kaitlyn! Fascinating belongs to everyone! You’re allowed to use it. :-)

    Ana, it IS awesome that they keep discovering new things. Love that about our world.

  5. Bibliophile Says:

    Wow,that’s really interesting! Especially about the Leviathan!

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