I Want to Hear From YOU

Okay boys and girls, I know I have only been able to post here every month or so, but now that I’ve met so many of my deadlines, I would like to post here more often. One of the things that would help me is knowing what YOU’D like to hear about. Do you have any questions about the books (ones that don’t include spoilers!) or about the writing process or about anything at all. I’ll do my best to answer them. Leave your questions in the comments and I’ll use them for blog topics in the next few weeks.

I’ve also done some updating of the site, most notably adding information about school visits on the Teacher and Librarian pageI wan since I get asked that question so often, and links to a number of interviews I’ve done on the About the Author page.

21 Responses to “I Want to Hear From YOU”

  1. Kaitlyn Says:

    Hi, R.L.!

    I just read your book.

    And as you may have guessed…


    But I am wondering when the fourth (fourth, right?) book will be on sale. The third ended in a bit of a cliff hanger…

    Also, how is Nathaniel Fludd going? Do you have any other ideas for books?



  2. Kaitlyn Says:

    Woops! Sorry! I just realized I asked you a question you already answered. Ah! :)

    So scratch that question…and the other two will do just fine. :D

  3. Collin Says:

    I was wondering how many books will be in the Theodosia series? They are really good books and I can’t wait for the next one to come out.

    Also, do you have a working title?


  4. kalifaziz Says:

    i just joined and I have to know when the next contest is.
    P.S. the eyes of horus was awesum
    P.P.S. the ben ue bird is the perfect energy that created the world. you should really be careful for immature reasearch from rambontious anthropologist

  5. Mae Says:

    What books do YOU really like, RL? And what Egyptian ruler do you think was the coolest? Personally, I’m going with Hatshepsut!

  6. Adriana Says:

    I had no idea that the theodosia series was about egyptology! what is the next book called.

  7. Amelia Says:

    I’d like to know where you get all your great ideas for your books. I personally have a little notebook of ideas and stuff to put into my stories.
    Also, if you have any tips for writing well, maybe? :)

  8. Amelia Says:

    I also like Mae’s idea, and I’m wondering (like Collin) how many books will be in the series. I hope it’s a lot, I never want the books to end!!

  9. Kaitlyn Says:

    Hey, R.L.!

    Just wondering if Theodosia has been noticed yet for movie making. It would be sooo cool if she was!

    Kaitlyn ;)

  10. Adriana Says:

    I am exactly like Theo. I get in to Situations that only i know about. If there were a movie of theodosia, I think her mom should be played by Gemma Arterton. She would be PERFECT!

  11. Adriana Says:

    Could you tell us how to make the amulets that Theo wears??? I want to learn how to make one. :)

  12. Henry Says:

    How is Isis???

  13. Kiley Mcleroy Says:

    L.R. Lafevers,

    I have just finished your first book, Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos. I loved it as I have never loved a book before! I love the way you pictured a young girl who lives in a museum. Make that a stubborn girl. My age is nine and I am much like Theo. “A plucky, determined heroine” said one of the book critics, that’s exactly how I am. I know how to make the amulets. I think I will try to make one soon.

  14. R.L. Says:

    Dear Kiley!

    I am so thrilled to hear that you loved Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos so much! It is what all we writers hope for when we write a book.

    And how terrific to meet another plucky, determined girl. Can’t get enough of those. Welcome!


  15. Go Isis! Says:

    Hi! I changed my name… from Greek Girl/Athena to Go Isis! I am eleven. Theo is my hero! (Aside from Hermione, Athena and a bunch of other girls and goddesses.)I wish I could try a pasty… they sound so… yummilicious!

  16. Erica the world biggest Theodosia fan ever! Says:

    Ok, i know you are really busy writing other books but please write more THEODOSIA BOOKS! I HAVE READ THEM ALL 8 TIMES EVEN THE NEW ONE THAT CAME OUT! i love your books! please WRITE A NEW ONE! It could be called THEODOSIA AND THE RETURN OF ISIS! IT WOULD BE GREAT! Please if you could e-mail me that would be great!Thank you for your time, your #1 fan in the world, Erica

  17. Erica the world biggest Theodosia fan ever! Says:


  18. Erica the world biggest Theodosia fan ever! Says:

    i am 11 an i love your books!

  19. R.L. Says:

    Dear Erica,

    Thank you for being such a BIG fan! I do plan on writing another Theodosia book, although it won’t be out for a while yet. However, it will be titled THEODOSIA AND THE FLAME OF SEKHMET.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  20. Erica the world biggest Theodosia fan ever! Says:

    cool! i love your books! please write more books,Erica

  21. Erica the world biggest Theodosia fan ever! Says:

    Also when i had to do a book report, i did Theodosia and the eyes of horus and all the kids in my class loved it. i have read all of your books and i have always liked Egypt so Theodsia is always ready for an adventure, and the London really does it so please write books,Erica