Answering Reader Questions

Thanks so much for all the great questions in the comments! And keep them coming! I will be answering a few each week.

From Kaitlyn: How are the Nathaniel Fludd Books coming?

Very well, thank you! I have finished up the fourth one and have just received a copy of the cover for it. Here’s a peek at the new cover.


Also, Kaitlyn asked if I have any new ideas for books, and I do! It’s just that I don’t really talk about them until they’re finished, so I can’t say much. Sorry!

Collin, there will be at least five Theodosia books and probably more. As always, with everything in publishing, it depends on sales numbers. The final title for Book Four is THEODOSIA AND THE LAST PHARAOH, and it comes out May of 2011. The working title of Book Five is THEODOSIA AND THE FLAME OF SEKHMET, but that is subject to change. It will be coming out sometime in 2012, most likely.

kalifaziz asked when the next contest is, and I have to think one up first! But you’re right, we are definitely due for one.

kalifaziz aso said: “the ben ue bird is the perfect energy that created the world. you should really be careful for immature reasearch from rambontious anthropologist’

You know, there are actually a number of theories on the origins of the benu bird. Most of what we know we are guessing from clues left behind or trying to decipher earlier writings. Also remember, that Theodosia was working with information from 100 years ago. We have learned about archaeology and interpreting the past since then. So just because Theo’s story of the origin of the benu bird is different from yours, doesn’t make it immature research. :-) She is just using different sources.

12 Responses to “Answering Reader Questions”

  1. Bibliophile Says:

    I was wondering how long it takes you on average to write a first draft.

  2. Kaitlyn Says:

    Oh, goodness. I was wondering that, too. It takes me a million years, and sometimes I don’t even finish it! :P

  3. Paige Says:

    Sorry if someone already asked this, but what made you chose Egyptian mythology, not Native American, Celtic, Nordic, Roman, or Greek mythology?

  4. Kaitlyn Says:

    Ha! Because Egypt is awesome!

    I dunno, but it’s a good subject to base a story on. Especially when you get into the gods and legends and tombs and prophecies and stuff. :D

  5. Adriana Says:

    What was theodosia’s biggest challenge at the museum of legends and antiquities?

  6. Amelia Says:

    I was thinking that one of the books would have to do with Sekhmet. Cool!

  7. R.L. Says:

    These are some more great questions! I’ll answer them as soon as I finish up the ones in the last thread.

    Off to post answers right now…

  8. kalifaziz Says:

    will there ever be a movie?

  9. L.P.R Says:

    The Theodosia Throckmorton series certainly is a good one. And finally a girl as the main character! But where do you get your inspiration?

  10. Awesometheodosiafan Says:

    will there be a movie? :)
    2 how many books ar you planning to have?
    3 will there be any more books in any more series’?

  11. R.L. Says:

    Awesome Theodosia fan:

    I don’t know about the movie. That’s up to Hollywood.

    There will be at least one more book, and possibly more.

  12. Erica Says:

    When will the next book be out?