Theodosia Four Cover!

Wow. Has it really been six weeks since I posted here last?? So sorry, all! I’ve been busier than I thought.

BUT, I will now make it up to you by posting the cover for Theo Four, THEODOSIA AND THE LAST PHARAOH. It’s hard to say just how many different ways I love this cover!


I also want to leave you with a link to a fellow Theodosia reader’s blog whose family, the Derringdos took a trip to England and while there, gave themselves a Theodosia Throckmorton Tour of London, and visited many of the places in the Theodosia books! How cool is that? I want to go with them on their next family vacation!

Back soon with more answers to your questions from the last couple of posts!

39 Responses to “Theodosia Four Cover!”

  1. sasha Says:

    that is sooooo cool when is it coming out?

  2. Collin Says:

    I like this cover too! I was wondering what color it would be and blue looks good!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I love the books!!!!! Can’t wait for the next to come out :) I was wondering, I can’t wait so long!!!

  4. kalifaziz Says:

    why is it that when theo was calling isis hathor appeared? should’nt bastet or isis should have appeared?
    also, why is it that awi bubu and the chosen keepers have the swame symbol? did an ex member of the wadja deen found the chosen keepers?

  5. Adriana Says:

    I love it!

  6. Amelia Says:

    Aaaaahh!!!! I can’t wait for it to come out!!! :D

  7. Anonymous Says:

    @kalifaziz: isis DID appear. . . hathor has a hippo head
    i also can’t wait for it to come out!

  8. Anonymous #2 Says:

    @kalifaziz: isis did appear because hathor has a hippo head
    i also caon’t wait for it to come out!

  9. kalifaziz Says:

    anonymous,hathor can become a cow not a hippo check it out yourself

  10. kalifaziz Says:

    hold on I think that I did read some where that she can be a hippo. I’ll have to look into it but in what reality has isis or as the kemetics call her iset(i think their right on using her egyptian name)ever become a cow

  11. zoology girl Says:

    the books came to me in a strange way. i was lookin in the LB and my finger stoped on it. and i can’t wait for book signing do you think you could come to st.louis MO?

  12. Isisfan Says:

    OMG!!!!!! I was so excited when I saw that there would be a fourth book. Here are some thoughts that I have about the Theodosia books.

    There are hundreds of books about egyptology, probably, and there are thousands of books about girls with special powers, but there are only a few about a girl with special powers AND about egyptology. And out of those few, yours is probably one of my favorite.

    It is easy to write a novel about people with special powers, but it is HARD to write a novel that is funny, witty, and makes me want to read it over and over again. So congrats, R. L. LaFevers, you have succeeded in making one of those very special books. Keep on cranking them out!

    ~ Love, Isisfan

  13. Amelia Says:

    @zoology girl: that’s so cool!! I love when stuff like that happens.

  14. fictionfreak Says:

    I was just so happy to see there would be a fourth book!!!!! I absolutly HATE it when a seires ends, and i thought it was done on the third!!!!! Theodosia is just so smart, it really interests me when i see how she figures somethig out, awesome!!!

  15. fictionfreak Says:

    i am just so amazed how you could write about a girl who lived almost 100 years ago!! i wish i was just like you!!! fiction and fantasy are two of my favourite topics in books!(but also one of my favourites is greek mytholygy)

  16. fictionfreak Says:

    what your cats name r.l. lafevers?????????

  17. R.L. Says:

    Sasha, the book will be coming out in April of 2011. But if you check back in mid-December, I might have a first chapter posted!

  18. R.L. Says:

    I love the blue, too, Collin!

  19. R.L. Says:

    Whoops, I was hoping my replies would show up underneath the comment I was replying to, but it didn’t. Now I’ll just do one big reply.

    Kalifaziz, it wasn’t Hathor that appeared, but Isis. And both Isis and Hathor have been shown on temple walls with the golden disk between two horns.

    zoology girl, I LOVE the way you found the books! Very spooky and otherworldly!

    Isisfan, I am so glad that you enjoy these books so much! Thank you! And I do plan to keep writing them.

    fictionfreak, glad that you’re glad there will be a fourth book! The series won’t be ending quite yet. And my demonic cat’s name is Oreo. She is black and white (which you might have guessed from the name) and we named her before we realized she was such a wild thing.

  20. fictionfreak Says:


  21. fictionfreak Says:

    i really hope there will be a 5th one!yes!

  22. fictionfreak Says:

    it’s cool how I can relate to Theo because I’m eleven and sometimes i do feel like noones listning.

  23. Trey Says:

    Hi! Vry happy to hear about Theo four. Will be lookng frwd 2 that sneak peek!:)

  24. Em Says:

    Wait what is all this about Isis appearing? Did I miss something? Oh, and you should all check out the link! :)

  25. Adriana Says:

    I just figured out what Theodosia’s name means in greek. It means “Giver of god” Pretty cool right?

  26. Choco Says:

    can’t wait until this 1 comes out! cover is super neat! i checked out the Theodosia Throckmorton Tour of London, it was super cool 2 be able 2 see the places today.

  27. fictionfreak Says:


  28. Kimberly Says:


  29. kalifaziz Says:

    you can’t keep holding out on us, we have to know something about the book just one litle spoiler, thats all I ask. WHO’S WITH ME?

  30. R.L. Says:

    Ha! No spoilers kalifaziz, BUT, I will try to get a sneak preview of Chapter One up next week. How’s that?

  31. Isisfan Says:

    Lol, haha, you’re welcome. They’re on my list for “santa”. Does Theodosia believe in santa?

  32. Iris Says:

    we still don’t have the third Theodosia at my bookstore…but I can’t wait for the fourth one to come out anyways :D

  33. Em Says:

    HELP i’m still confused: when did isis appear to theo?? i read the books awhile ago so i might have forgotten.

  34. Flare Says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. sasha Says:

    its my iphone’s screensaver

  36. R.L. Says:

    Oh Sasha! What a great idea! That makes me very, very happy!

  37. Ducky Says:

    Now that the cover’s out, we just have to wait for the book. and wait. And Wait. And Wait! AND WAIT!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

  38. allison Says:

    theo is really good. can’t wait till i can read the 4 book. go theo! you rock. my dad said it looked good, and he is hard to please.

  39. R.L. Says:

    So glad you enjoyed the book Allison! And nice to know it swayed such a hard to please customer as your dad!