And The Winner Is…

And now, for the announcement you’ve all been waiting for…

The Grand Prize Winner of a copy of THEODOSIA AND THE LAST PHARAOH and a copy of THEODOSIA AND THE EYES OF HORUS is…Eaden!

The Second Prize Winner is Raelynn, who will receive a copy THEODOSIA AND THE LAST PHARAOH

And the third prize winner of a copy of THEODOSIA AND THE EYES OF HORUS is Olivia!

You guys did so good on these contest questions! I was quite impressed. I used Random Number Generator to select the winners. All nine of you who got all the questions right were put in the hopper for the Grand Prize, then all eleven of  you were put into the hat for the second and third prize.

Please email me (using the contact page on the website here) with your name and physical address so I can mail your books to you. Be sure and get your parents permission first!

Thanks so much for participating! And for being such awesome readers. :-)

149 Responses to “And The Winner Is…”

  1. Kim Says:

    **sigh** oh well there’s always next time. great job Eaden, Raelynn, and Olivia!

  2. Ducky Says:

    Will you tell us if we got them all right? Because I am dying to know. And I am BEGGING MY PARENTS TO BUY ME THE BOOK!!! I AM GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bryn Says:

    Awesome. Great to hear. Well, sort of. I didn’t actually win. Or participate. But, you know… good for them. I still haven’t read the Last Pharaoh but that’s just because my local bookstore doesn’t have it in store yet. No worries. I have ordered it and it’s on it’s way. :)

  4. R.L. Says:

    Hey Ducky! You got them all right except #2. The answer to that one was sulfur. Better luck next time! And don’t forget that the library might have it, or will possibly order it if you request it!

  5. Bryn Says:

    Thanks for the advice RL but my libraries just take soo LONG!! Especially with the newer books. It may be weeks before I get it from the library. Besides, I like to reread. Although, I do love our library. It’s looks so cool! it’s huge, bigger than the highschool and there are a bunch of comfy little corners to hide away in with a book. The chairs are so soft and comfortable more than a few people have fallen asleep in them and the archietic (I think i spelled that wrong but you know what I mean) is the best I’ve ever seen. I looks like someone picked up the oldest most beautiful castle in Ireland and shipped it to my town. And it’s smackdab in the middle of a prairie. The wildflowers are in bloom in the summer and there are butterflies that float above it all. OMG. One time I saw a wedding party taking their pictures there. It think that’s were they got married!!
    Anyhow. I still am waiting in fierce anticipation for the fourth book, but it’s should come in any moment.

  6. Caitlynn Says:

    i got to this contest a day late. D: do you think you could do another one soon for a copy of theodosia and the last pharaoh? that would be really great!


  7. Kate Says:

    Congratulations to the winners!
    Your library sounds great!
    Is Theodosia 4 on Kindle?

  8. Olivia P. Says:

    Just wondering, did you get my email with my address?

    Thanks, Olivia

  9. R.L. Says:

    Kate, yes, Theodosia 4 IS on Kindle!
    And yes Olivia, I did get your email. The books went out yesterday.

  10. Ducky Says:

    I read the fourth book! IT IS SO GOOD!!!! BEST YET!!!! (notice I said yet. am anticipating better. R.L. is the best writer ever :D ) R.L. how DARE you leave us in suspense!! That is by far THE most cruel punishment ever! [sobbing violently] [brain flash!] When will you post another excerpt? [sigh of sadness] Never mind. It will probably take a while. [again, sobbing violently] I guess I will have to prepare for more waiting [sigh]

  11. Kim Says:

    hi everybody! just got the new book today and already finished it!(it was THAT good) i can’t believe it though R.L. how could you end the book that way, a complete cliffhanger! now i have to wait FOREVER for the next book. oh well i loved it just the same. ; ) Kim

  12. R.L. Says:

    I’m so glad you liked it, Ducky! And sorry to leave you so high and dry. Also? I’m going to keep your second comment with your question hidden for a little bit in case it is too much of a spoiler for the book for other readers.

  13. R.L. Says:

    In ONE day?? Wow. I’m impressed, Kim! So glad you liked it! And sorry about the cliffhanger–but I had to be SURE you would be back for number five. Actually, that’s not it at all; it’s just the place where the book said, “stop.” So I did. :-)

  14. Ducky Says:

    Well, it’s complete torture if you ask me!

  15. Bryn Says:

    Okay, excitement, all around! The book came in and it WAS waiting for me at the store but… unforunately I’m completely and utterly, raving broke. Sorry. But it’s okay because I already told my mom I want it as an Easter present and Easter is a few days away. Originally I was going to get my mom to buy it for my on terms of an early birthday gift, (May 8, just a couple weeks away, *squeals*) but this works just as fine. Kim, I’m going to try and beat your score and finish #4 in two hours!! Hahaha! I’m very competitive, so be warned.

  16. Kim Says:

    just so you know Bryn, i got the book when i got home from school, (about 4:00) and would have finished it by 6:30 if i didn’t have to eat dinner. so actually i finished #4 in about 2 and a half hours. (and i didn’t skip pages i swear! i would never do that, especially with a theodosia book! i’m just a really fast reader…) anyway your going to have a hard time beating it, but good luck! i guess………

  17. Kim Says:

    4:00 and 6:30 pm of course

  18. Kim Says:

    how do you make smiley faces in a comment? everyone is doing it and i’m dying to know!

  19. R.L. Says:

    Kim, it’s a colon or semi-colon, followed by the small dash, then the parenthesis mark above the zero.
    : – )

  20. Ducky Says:

    R.l. listen–or rather–look. ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD BUY THE BOOK! IT IS SO GOOD!! I’M NOT JOKING! I WAIT WAITING!! AAAAHHH! [converting shouting to tears] [never mind] I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Anarakna Says:

    Man! Missed the contest! ): Luvd book 3!! kind of a cliffhanger, sadly. much suspense. hey, could u do that “chapter a mnth” thng again 4 the Last Pharaoh, Ms. Lafevers? :) Wd B vry appreciated!

  22. Kim Says:

    thx R.L. but i meant the yellow ones like at the end of comment 13. is there some membership thingy that i didn’t know about? or is it my computer? (it’s a macbook) please answer! Kim

  23. Bryn Says:

    Gotcha, I’m still going to try and beat it Kim, I’m a fast reader too.

  24. Kim Says:

    : – )

  25. Anarakna Says:

    Oh my goodness! MY LIBRARY HAD LAST PHARAOH!!! book 4, here i come!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

  26. Kim Says:

    so wait Bryn did you read the book yet or what? it’s really good! the best part is when…. don’t worry i won’t spoil the book. but all you people should read it! so we can talk about it! PLEASE PLEASE pretty PLEASE!

  27. Ducky Says:

    Go Bryn! No offense, Kim, I just like cheering. And contests. Because they involve cheering. 8)

  28. R.L. Says:

    Congratulations! Hope you enjoy it!

  29. Kim Says:

    yeah cheering!!!!!

  30. Kim Says:

    and how do you make yellow smiley faces?!?!? somebody PLEASE tell me!!!!

  31. R.L. Says:

    Kim, I don’t know how else to make them except the way I told you. Be sure to NOT put spaces between the characters, and be sure to hit return. Sorry you’re having such trouble with this!

  32. Kate Says:

    I’m not sure if all computers can make yellow smiley faces. Mine doesn’t. :-)

  33. Kate Says:

    Hey, it does when you enter it! :-)

  34. Kim Says:

    but R.L., you have them in your posts too. like right after “So I did” in the 13th comment or at the end of the first post. I don’t really care anymore I’m just kinda curious. is there a bar at the bottom of the comments? I’ve seen a different blog website do that. or does it just appear randomly? i don’t think that would be the case but i can’t rule it out. do any of you other lovely people know? in that case PLEASE speak up, cause i want to find out!
    :-( Kim

  35. Kim Says:

    WHAT!!!!!!!! how did i do that! yeah i think i figured it out!!!

  36. Kim Says:

    just trying out smiley faces!

  37. Robin Says:

    Man. I love the books (reading the fourth one now and think it and the others were sweet) and I just found the website. It’s really super awesome cool (great adjective huh?) that R.L. replies. By the way R.L., I think I kinda look like Theodosia. Well, except the fact that I wear glasses. Plus, I even own a black cat! I wonder if I was born in Egypt…

  38. Kim Says:

    Hello Robin! nice that you found this site. everyone here loves the theodosia books so if you like them you’ve come to the right place! :-)

  39. Kim Says:


  40. Robin Says:

    Thanks Kim. I do love the books (who doesn’t like Egyptian mysteries)? Happy Easter everyone! :) How often are there contests? Just wondering (though I probably will never get around to entering many.) Gotta go read more Theodosia!

  41. Robin Says:

    Wow! This is just a random thought, but wow Kim! Your post (#38) is listed to have been made at 1:13 am! That’s super early!

    And R.L. Do you have any pets? (Like a black cat?)
    How about everyone else? :)

  42. Ducky Says:

    Well, about the comments, I’ve only been on this site for about 4 1/2 months, so my answer probably isn’t reliable, but since I came, there’s only been one contest, and it was fairly recent. And you probably already knew this, but if you didn’t (and you better have), Thoedosia ROCKS!!!! :D

  43. Ducky Says:

    sorry, at the beginning of that comment I meant contests. I got distracted. (which I do a lot) :)

  44. Bryn Says:

    Finished!! :) *Singing with happiness* Alas, I got it done in one night, which unforunately didn’t met up to my goal. :( It’s soo good!! I love Sefu!! He’s soo cute! Oh and the scene with Isis (the cat) becoming really big (not to give away any spoilers) was my favorite of the WHOLE SERIES!!!!!
    I LUVD IT!!!!

  45. Kim Says:

    Hello everyone! Robin I have 2 cats, a black and white boy named Z (Zoute) and a ginger girl named Snap (Gingersnap). I’m Sorry that you didn’t reach your goal Bryn…. although that would have meant beating me which would be totally unaceptable! Just kidding! I wouldn’t mind THAT much if you beat me…… Love Ya, Kim

  46. Robin Says:

    Sweet Kim! I really like cats. (I have three, an orange and white named Butters, a calico named Tuna, and my black one named Otto.) I’ve got about a chapter left of the last book. I’m saving it. I don’t want it to end.
    Thanks Ducky. Who knows….maybe there’ll start to be more contests now that R.L. sees we like them.

  47. Robin Says:

    Wait a second…I think something is wrong with the times that are listed with the comments posted.It looks like everyone’s posts are from super early in the morning, and I just posted one around five and it listed as 8:23 pm! Hmm… Weird! :)

  48. Robin Says:

    Sorry, I feel like I’m posting a ton of comments, but right now I don’t know if I should cry or jump for joy! I just finished book four!! :) And I’m super happy ’cause it was an awesome book, but super sad ’cause I’ll have to wait for another one :( I guess I’ll just have to accept the fact that I have to wait. Ugh. (But it really was a totally extremely great book).

  49. Kim Says:

    Hi guys! Robin I’m not sure, but I think because all of us live in different places, the clock is set to a singular time so things don’t get confusing. Great that you finished the book! I’m glad you liked it! otherwise we might have to kick you out…. Just kidding! I sure seem to be doing that a LOT lately. :-)

  50. Kim Says:


  51. Robin Says:

    You’re probably right, Kim.I didn’t think about time zones. The fourth book was really awesome! Bye! :)

  52. Eaden Says:

    Just wondering, does anyone know Brian Jacques’s Redwall book series? I love those!

  53. Kim Says:


  54. Robin Says:

    Definitely heard of them, Eaden. My friend’s read them all…there’s a ton. I’ve neer read them. Not my kind of book. I like the totally strange weird could-never-happen adventure/mystery/battle books. I’ll read the occasional realistic fiction though. Like “Exile, Memoirs of a Camel” which is a good book.

  55. Robin Says:

    Meant to say ‘never’ read them, not ‘neer’ read them. Sorry :)

  56. Kim Says:

    Hi everybody! R.L. I was just reading some old posts (I was bored) and now I’m wondering, why did handling the blogs go from you to theo? I love talking to you of course, but I was just curious.

  57. Robin Says:

    Kim, what do you mean? Well, anyway, R.L., I have an idea to throw out there. Maybe you could visit Connecticut…I would like that. No one ever visits us. We’re too small. I think Mary Pope Osborne did once when I was little, but no one else GOOD, (like you!). :) Please!!

  58. Kim Says:

    Oops! I meant theo to you. sorry!

  59. Robin Says:

    Kim, makes more sense now!

  60. Ducky Says:

    Or visit Nor-Cal (Northern California)! I would SO go if you went on tour there! Am I allowed to say what county I live in? Anyone who does not like Theodosia will find themselves dead before the next full moon(May 17). Just kidding! But they might find they have an ancient Egyptian curse on them!! [cue the evil laughs] MWAA-HA-HA!!! Get the joke? No?…Oh, well. :D

  61. Robin Says:

    Come on Ducky! Definitely CT! You’re so much bigger than we are! Nice evil laughing, by the way. :) Tomorrow I’m going to NYC for a band trip (I play clarinet). Anyone else doing anything exciting?

  62. Anarakna Says:

    Halfway thru book 4. SO GOOD :) )

  63. Kim Says:

    Evil laughter rocks!!!!!!! MWAA-HAA-HAA-HAAA!!!!!

  64. Ducky Says:

    Why, thank you, Robin, it’s what I do best! He! He!

  65. Ducky Says:

    How old are you, Robin and Kim? And everyone else? You DO NOT have to answer. Just curious. THEODOSIA IS THE BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Rin Rin Says:

    hi Ducky I’m 13 turning 14 this year :-) i love the Theodosia books sooooooooo much!! i haven’t read the fourth book yet but i am dying to i really really wont to get it cept my b-day is in Dec. so i have see if my mom will let me get it i hope she will if not:-( cause i cant get it from our library it take soooooooooolong to catalog it and everything[sigh]

  67. Rin Rin Says:

    how old are you Ducky?????????????????????????????????????????? you don’t have to tell if you don’t wont to

  68. Rin Rin Says:

    does Theo have a dream height:~}

  69. Robin Says:

    Oh, Ducky, let’s just say I’m 4,550 years old… *Evil Laughter* MWAA-HAA-HAAAAA-HAAAA! I have to say, I’m pretty good at that!(Who doesn’t like having “evil” secrets :) ?) And Ducky, look on one of my previous posts.

  70. Kim Says:

    Ducky, I am 12 but my birthday is coming up. (the 29th of June if you’re wondering) how old are you Ducky?

  71. Kim Says:

    by the way, we have some very exciting news in our house, an exchange student from spain is coming to stay at our house for the summer! ironically it starts the day before my birthday…….

  72. Robin Says:

    Super awesome Kim! Probably gonna be really fun (unlike my life). Sometimes I wonder if I’m destined to be someone amazing, but everyone’s hiding that from me…:)

  73. Kim Says:

    Happy mother’s day R.L.! I would say that for the rest of you, but I’m pretty sure you’re not moms………

  74. Rin Rin Says:

    sorry i didn’t say the question was for you R.L.cause it is!! does Theo have a dream height when shes older???????????????????? :-) :-)

  75. Kate Says:

    Ducky, I’m 12(My birthday’s the eleventh of November). None of the bookstores in my area have Theodosia 4 in stock:-(, but I’ve ordered it and it will be here soon.:-)

  76. Kate Says:

    It’s not doing the smiley/frowny faces anymore!

  77. Jess Says:

    What program is he or she coming on? My grandfather used to work for an exchange program called AFS.

  78. Jess Says:

    About the time zone thing, it’s set for either Iceland or the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Why?!!! (It just seems sort of idiotic) Shouldn’t it be set for a more populated area so it’s actually right on some people’s clocks. :-)

  79. Jess Says:

    Sorry, that last mark should have been a question mark.

  80. Ducky Says:

    Wow, Kim! That’s cool. Everyone is asking, so I’ll tell you. I’m 12 years old, and my birthday’s in early November. I’m one of the craziest kids at my school! And, guess what! I LOVE THEODOSIA!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve said that way too many times. BUT IT’S TRUE!!!!!!!! :-D

  81. R.L. Says:

    Guys, I have been WAAAY busy the last few weeks and owe everybody a lot of answers to their comment. And I will get to them, I promise! But probably not for a few more days, yet.
    Thanks for being patient!

  82. Ducky Says:

    That’s fine, R.L.! We seem to be having our own conversations–not that we don’t need you to keep writing! If you didn’t write, we’d have nothing to talk about. If we had nothing to talk about, this site probably wouldn’t exist. If this site didn’t exist, I would not be able to survive. If I could not survive, I would die. If I died, millions of people would grieve for me. Those peoples’ grief would most likely make it to y’all, and you would know that Ducky was no longer alive. Now, trick question: (Don’t cheat!) Would you know who I was if R.L. didn’t write?
    Ooh, I loved typing that. It was fun! JUST LIKE READING THEODOSIA IS FUN!!!!! MWAA-HA-HAA!!! :-D

  83. Kim Says:

    Hello! Jess, the program is called greenheart.
    We haven’t seen their picture yet but we should be soon.
    it’s so hot here!!!!!!

  84. Rin Rin Says:

    i wish i was still 12??my birthday’s Dec.3 it was supposed to be in Jan.thou!! me and my twin were 6 weeks early!!I LOVE THE THEODOSIA BOOKS SO MUCH:-) :-)

  85. Robin Says:

    Man. I missed a lot while I was gone.(Sorry. I was in NYC, and then my internet was down.) It’s fine, R.L. I’m sure you’re busy writing a Theodosia story, right? (MWA-HAA-HAAA-HAAA!!)
    Ducky, you’re logic is incredible. But then again, would you know me if this site did not exist?
    (Have you figured out around how old I am? If not I’ll give you my hint again. Look at my old posts!)

  86. Rin Rin Says:

    i just found out that the Linc libraries have THEODOSIA 4 so i can get it through my library :-) :-)

  87. Kim Says:

    Robin, What do you mean!?!?!? (about how old you are) your previous post don’t say anything!!!! (that I know of) *sobs* please give me a hint!

  88. Jess Says:

    I, unfortunately, will be waiting MONTHS for book 4, since the local library is astonishingly slow in ordering new books, and the school library, though fast, won’t get it by the end of the school year, because of the time it takes to ship them here. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  89. Jess Says:

    Ducky, we don’t know who you are regardless of whether R.L. writes or not. You’re just some random person who loves Theodosia.

  90. Jess Says:

    No one could be more bored than me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Jess Says:

    Sorry I’m posting so many in a row, but Kim is right. Robin, I have checked all the blogs for hints and I have found NOTHING.

  92. Robin Says:

    Hmm, Jess that does stink. I hate when that happens.

    Kim, don’t you just love riddles? MWAA-HAA-HAAA! I think you’re looking for a number, but it’ll take more than that…(L+(Cook-C-K)+(Lock-L-O)and make it plural. There’s your hint. That’s what you should be looking for.)Ducky, you really started a fun hunt for info. But Kim, I’m not as old as R.L. (I hope)but I do write-a lot.

  93. Rin Rin Says:

    hi Robin i looked at your old posts do you mind if i answer the hint on how old you are???? [please tell me or i'm gonna die of waiting to long]

  94. Rin Rin Says:

    I;m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy cause a linc library is sending Theodosia 4 to my library :-) :-) I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVE the THEODOSIA BOOKS ssoooooooooo much I’m so glad you wrote them R.L. :-) :-)

  95. Sweetness Rich Says:

    1. Moonlight
    3. red, green, yellow, white, blue, and black
    4. Orb of Ra
    8. Egyptian Hyroglyphs
    Questions so hard, so many pages! Could only answer a few!

  96. Ducky Says:

    Ooh. I like that answer, Jess! And, that sucks for you because book 4 is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  97. Ducky Says:

    oops. I took my finger of the shift key too soon. I meant–AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Robin Says:

    He-he-he! I’m telling you guys, you’re not looking hard enough. It’s not obvious! It’s gonna puzzle you…maybe you’ll never know. :)

    Hi Rin Rin, Jess, and Sweetness Rich. I know Ducky’s been posting for a while, (longer than me) but it’s nice to see some new Theodosia fans!

  99. Kim Says:

    Loocks??????? that is your hint right? I STILL don’t get it! :-(

  100. Robin Says:

    No, no, no. Close, but no cigar. You’ve got an extra consonant,but I probably made a typo in the clue. (I did) Take out the “c”. You’re searching for what or whom I look like, and trust me, this has something to do with Theo (it’ll give you a rough idea of how old I am). I’m not gonna give you a number, but really, if I really like Theodosia, how old could I be? I’m most likely as old as you, as long as you’re not some 25 year old who reads Theo.That’s all I’m saying, so you might as well drop it.

  101. Robin Says:

    That kinda sounded funny. I reminded myself of a little kid who was complaining. Well, whatever.

    By the way, what other book series do you guys like? :)

  102. Kate Says:

    I got Loocks too. Is there a letter that is supposed to be different?

  103. Rin Rin Says:

    Hi robin just a random guess are you 12???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  104. Robin Says:

    Hey, Rin Rin, awesome guess (I’m around there, but let’s just say 12) and my hint without the typo was referring to how I said I looked like Theo. If I look like Theo, I would have to be Theo’s age, right?
    I’m surprised it took so long, and it wasn’t even Ducky who got in the ballpark.

    Okay, so back to my question. What do you guys like to read (besides Theo.)? I like Brandon Mull (author) Micheal Scott (author) The Hound of Rowan books, D.M. Cornish (author) P.B. (P. Bosch; his pseudonym is too long to spell out) and one good book is the Secret Order of the Gumm Street Girls (I know it sounds stupid, but it’s not).

  105. Rin Rin Says:

    I love the Squire’s Tale:-) :-) by Gerald Morris!! and 100 Cupboards:-) :-) by Nathan D. Wilson!!

  106. Kim Says:

    hey Robin? I think I got your hint. are you qq? (I selected the key right under the one I think is the answer so people won’t accidentally get it) please tell me if I got right! (or if you don’t understand what I mean)

    Distressfully yours Kimberly

  107. Christine Says:

    We received our copy recently. I passed it to a young fan first. Will the publishing company ever do an event kit for the Theodosia series? I’m still trying to work out a tween program related to the series. It’s looks like I might have to combine it with the Kane Chronicles and use a bit of what is in that event kit.

  108. Raelynn Says:

    Hi everyone!
    R.L. – thanks for the book!

  109. Raelynn Says:

    I’ve been here sence Sep.
    Just never posted. (hee hee)

  110. Raelynn Says:

    I like Rick Roidon. Children of the Lamp.
    39 clues.oh I HAD a list. can a list run away?

  111. Robin Says:

    Woah. Kim, you’re a genius with the qq thing. Okay.

    Rin Rin, 100 cupboards was pretty good, O’ve never heard of Squire’s Tales by this Morris fellow. I’m google searching him.
    Raelynn, Rick Riordan’s all right, but as I get older I think I’m just reading them ’cause I’ve read the others (though the Kane Chronicles was better than Heroes of Olympus and I’m pretty much neutral in terms of the Percy Jackson books) and Children of the Lamp books are awesome. Have you read the most recent one with Shangri La?

    One last thing, the Bartimeaus trilogy and the parallel book was great. And Knightly Academy. And the Emerald Atlas. Tat author is insanely like me. It’s really scary. Our personalities are so similar, kinda nerdy looking, super weird and creative, and really strange.

    Oh (this is the last thing now) R.L., why do you use your initials?

  112. Robin Says:

    Oops, sorry that’s supposed to be I’ve not O’ve and That not Tat. Sometimes my keyboard doesn’t type all the letters I hit.

    I kinda feel like I’m spilling my guts to you guys. Sorry. Might as well say that my English teacher gives too much homework and has huge mood swings. What’re your English teachers like?

  113. Robin Says:

    Hey Raelynn, you won the contest!

  114. Robin Says:

    Man, sorry but something jogged my memory. I also like the Mysterious Benedict Society. SO many books… *faints*

  115. R.L. Says:

    “R.L., why do you use your initials?”

    So people don’t get you and me confused. :-)

  116. Robin Says:

    No, no. R.L., Why do you use your initials on your books instead of your full name? (So instead of Radical Llamas, you say R.L.)

    Oh, an I discovered you recommendation page, and agree that Savvy (and Scumble), Monster Blood Tattoo (a.k.a. Foundling, and Lamplighter and Fatctotum)and Enola Holmes books, Half Magic, and a Drowned Maiden’s Hair are all great books.

  117. Kim Says:

    Hi everybody! right now I’m in the musical school house rock, and today was the first 2 school shows! (we have 2 more school shows tomorrow, opening night tomorrow, 2 public shows on saturday, and closing night on sunday) so I am super exhausted :-( but I’m having a ton of fun :-D did anybody watch the cartoons when they were little? we sure did!

  118. Rin Rin Says:

    i like the mysterious Benedict society and i like Brandon mull to:-) :-) oh and Robin I’m Homeschooled so my moms my teacher!!

  119. Rin Rin Says:

    I just finished the 4 Book i love it R.L. the is very maddening!!

  120. Rin Rin Says:

    i meant to so the end is very maddening

  121. Raelynn Says:

    i just got the book, the prize.
    i’m reading the new children of the lamp.

    R.L.- How long does it take to get a book published?
    I’m writing a book with egypt mytholgy that is really different from theo.

  122. Robin Says:

    Cool, Kim. Have you got a good part? I’m in Little Shop of Horrors about the man eating plant for summer this year. Can’t wait.

    Rin Rin, I used to be homeschooled (for like a year when I was four) and sometimes I wish I still were. The class would move faster, I would have more free time and so on, but then I would miss by chums. (or really chum. Being odd limits friend possibilities. Either that or my school’s the size of an ant hill.

  123. Kim Says:

    :-( did anyone even notice what I just posted?!?!?!

  124. Em Says:

    Hey Kim! I LOVE musicals! School House Rock sounds really fun! Break a leg! I was just in Pippin, and we had so so much fun, but it WAS really exhausting. :D

  125. Rin Rin Says:

    cool Kim no i didn’t!! yes Robin it does limit friends but i have some home school friends and some other friends in our book club :-) :-) one problem about being a twin is that we have the same friends :-(

  126. Kim Says:

    Robin I’m a chorus member. But I do get to say “Hurray! I’m for the other team!” in interjections.

  127. Roshni Says:

    R.L, you are a great author. Kim, did you tell us how old you are? Because there is a person in my school who’s name is Kim, and we had a school house rock musical in our school too. By the way, I’m 9. I’m new to this website, but I’ve finished the whole series. And it’s interesting that we can actually talk to you, R.L, online. I’ve went through most off the comments. I wish I hadn’t missed the contest. I love your books, R.L. so much that I literally begged my friend to check out Theodosia 4 for me from the school library.

  128. Roshni Says:


  129. R.L. Says:

    Okay, I am hugely late getting to these comments, but I can also see you’ve guys had a great time talking amongst yourselves. Excellent.

    Robin, I do have one cat. Her name is Oreo and she is the cat Isis was based on. She is also slightly demonic. Also? I would love to visit Connecticut someday!

    Bryn, reading the book in one night is nothing to sneeze at! And so glad you liked that scene! I had a lot of fun with that.

    Also, for those who are worried about the time listed when comments post, that’s a function of the website. Not sure if I can change it, but I will look into it.

    Kim, the reason the blog switched from Theo to me was that it just got harder to answer reader questions while talking as Theodosia. That is also very cool you will be having an exchange student! I hope it’s a fun experience for you both! And thanks for the Mother’s Day wishes!

    Ducky, Northern California is definitely on my list of places to visit soon!

    Rin Rin, I don’t think Theodosia has thought too much about what height she’d like to be. She’s too busy with other things in her life—namely curses and secret societies. ☺ So glad to hear your library has the book! But sorry to hear you think the ending of book four was maddening. It wasn’t supposed to be!

    Christine, I will be emailing you.

    Raelynn, it can take quite a long time to get published. Some writers, like me, take about ten years from beginning to write seriously to getting their first book published. Others can take even longer, and some shorter. It just all depends.

    Welcome, Roshni! I’m sorry you missed the contest, but will try to have another soon.

    And a hundred thank yous to everyone who said (repeatedly!) how much they love the Theo books! That makes me very, very HAPPY!!

  130. Roshni Says:

    R.L, I would really like it if you could visit North Carolina! Ducky, guess what? I used to live in Northern California too! But, I moved here when I was 4, almost 5.

  131. Rin Rin Says:

    R.L. what i meant was that you leave us in suspense for the next book there is gonna be a other one right?? cause i just wanted to keep on reading ;-) :-)

  132. Roshni Says:

    :( I wish I didn’t have to move. I wonder if I would have met you?

  133. Raelynn Says:

    I’m homeschooled and I have a TON of friends.
    So go to school but most are homeschooled.

  134. Raelynn Says:

    so= some

  135. Roshni Says:

    Cool. I go to school.

  136. Ducky Says:

    Hey-llo! I’ve been gone forever! But I’m back now! (for a little while)

  137. Ducky Says:

    (just read R.L.’s LOOOONNNNGG comment) Oh yes. I’m somewhat repetitive. I LOVE THEODOSIA!!!

  138. Ducky Says:

    (Ooh, I was just looking at all those book things.) As for the rick riordan–I’m not so big on the greek ones(in fact, I don’t really like them), but I’ve read the Kane Chronicles and those are pretty good. but Theodosia is SO MUCH BETTER!!! (oh yes, the repetitiveness again) :D

  139. Rin Rin Says:

    so what did you guys do on Memorial weekend?? :-) :-) i was in NY for a Wedding reception. then on Sunday (the day after that) we were with our Aunt and Uncle on Long Island. we went to a airplane museum we got to see A-10s F-18s and the only flying B-29 and we flew on a B-17 it was AWSOME :-> ;-> do any of you guys know which plane shot down the German plans

  140. Rin Rin Says:

    i meant to say the most German air plans

  141. Ducky Says:

    I went snow boarding at Lake Tahoe! (border of NV and CA) It was awesome! It was also freezing cold! There was about 15 feet of snow–on MEMORIAL DAY!!!! VERY UNUSUAL!!! BUT AWESOME!!! LIKE THEODOSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Rin Rin Says:


  143. Jess Says:

    I actually skiied at Tahoe on Monday!

  144. Rin Rin Says:


  145. Rin Rin Says:

    And Theo

  146. Raelynn Says:

    I’m good at sking. i’ve only went once

  147. Ducky Says:

    I snowboard. I like weaving through trees. And I like Theo.

  148. Rin Rin Says:

    i’ve skied some EX stuf so i’m not that bad

  149. Adelphia Says:

    These topics are so confusing but this heelpd me get the job done.