Theodosia’s Travel Journal, Egypt 1907

One thing I like to do as a way to help bring my story world to life, is to make a collage of the events or settings in the story. This time, however, a regular collage didn’t seem to be working for Theo Four. For one thing, collages are big and tend to evoke a story world rather than represent it, and for this Theo book, I needed factual specifics. It takes place in Cairo and Luxor in 1907, both real places and real times, so I am somewhat constrained by, you know, reality. And in order to write about it, I need to see it. But if I paste the old photos I find on a collage board, they become lost or overwhelmed.

Well this weekend, I stumbled upon a fix to this conundrum. I decided that instead of creating a collage board for this Theodosia book, I’d create a travel journal such as Theo herself might have kept to record her trips.


(Sorry about the glare.)

So now I’ve been cutting and pasting all the old photos I’ve found in my research into this book, then making notations and observations in Theo’s voice next to each picture.

Travel Jnl 2

travel journal3

This is doing two things. It’s a great way to accumulate all the research visuals I need in one place and in chronological order, and it’s allowing me to focus on seeing them through Theo’s eyes. It’s really helped me “get into the mood” for writing this book.

484 Responses to “Theodosia’s Travel Journal, Egypt 1907”

  1. Robin Says:

    Thanks, R.L.! That was interesting. I’ve never thought about compiling inspiration/photos/ideas in a journal. (And it gives us a new page) ;)

    Sasha-I left you a reply on the previous page. :)

    Since when is mail a required field for posting comments? I don’t even have an email I use! :( So I tried to post on the old page, and it told me I couldn’t! That comments were closed or something. I’m gonna try filling in my ancient fifth grade email!

  2. R.L. Says:

    Sorry about that, Robin! I went in and fixed those settings so you should be able to post again without an email. Don’t quite know what happened there…

  3. Robin Says:

    Brilliant! R.L., you are a GENIUS. Though it was interesting to login to my old email and scroll through all the nonsense people used to send me! :P It was probably the gnomes that live in your house. While you weren’t looking, they changed the settings. :D

  4. Kim Says:

    Gosh, I don’t even HAVE an email! :-(
    This is really cool R.L.! what a great idea! I have a scrapbook, but it is mostly filled pictures of the plays I’ve been in. I’d love to show you all, but you can’t post pictures!!!!! *scowls* :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

  5. Roshni Says:

    It’s been a while since i’ve been here

  6. claire Says:

    its so cool how u found those pics!!!!!!!! when is the next book coming out?

  7. Sasha Says:

    I use my email ALL THE TIME, but a couple years ago it was just filled with forward chain emails :( Anyways, I do love your idea for the next book. How far have you gotten on it

  8. Robin Says:

    I don’t like to email :( ’cause I can just call the person or see them face to face.

    Kim, I’ll tell you the same thing I suggested to Sasha-Maybe if you scanned the photos into the computer, and emailed them to R.L. she would post them on a page as an entry. :) Maybe. But the sound cool. :D

  9. Robin Says:

    Oh, just had an *awesome* idea!:P What if had a giant Theo. themed party?! We could have it in IL because 2 of you live there (I think-Kim and someone, right?) and it’s kinda half way between California (Ducky) and CT (me). Roshni and Rin Rin and Sasha and everyone else should come too. Maybe if we started to plan this summer, we could convince our parents to do it next summer? Maybe R.L. could come, too.
    What do you guys think? :)

  10. Rin Rin Says:

    AWESOME I’m one of the people who lives in IL :D :D

  11. Rin Rin Says:

    Its real feel 100 outside :( :(
    plus thunder storms so I’m HAPPY I LOVE THUNDER STORMS :D :D And I LOVE THEO :D :P

  12. Robin Says:

    I love thunder storms, too! (Mostly I love rain, though.) It’s kinda cloudy here, but I think it might clear up soon. I’m at my computer in a long sleeve shirt. Our high temp. is supposed to be 81 :) with a 50% chance of scattered showers! Before, today was supposed to be the nicest day of the week! I’m supposed to go to the pool today! :( Probably not!

  13. Raelynn Says:

    i love thonder storms and rain but my sister dosn’t. i love drawing. my favorite paint is watercolor but i like all dry media. i’m not really a pirit or a ninga. if i had to fight or something i’d fight with two knifes or daggers maybe a bow and arrow( i know how to use one and have ok aim.) This might sound weird but i had a hobby of making knifes and daggers but the ases or the funnest( with legos not real metal!) i refuse to wear girly stuff and my dressyest thing is a green shirt with some folds in the faberce at the top and some white cupes. i make things like the jounal for my books too! i live less then 30 minutes away from IL. can you guess what state i like in. i’m a girl just so thats cleared up. if you had to pick a new name for your self what would it be? mine would be AMELIA.

  14. Raelynn Says:

    i like doing all tipes of drawing. i do cartoonish people but can do real people. i do seanery and objects. and like doing animals in watercolor and dry media( real and cartoon.) one time my neibors had me draw pokymon for them!!!! All my friends say i’m the best drawer they know. I’m sure you are all great drawers too.

  15. Raelynn Says:

    on line six word 8 on #13 i meant cases( the holders)

  16. Robin Says:

    I like to build legos, too! If I had to fight? Let’s just say I have experience (being a pirate and a ninja) with multiple lengths of sharp things (i.e. knives/daggers/swords). ;) If I had to have a different name? Well, obviously something strange, like Quintilian (Quinn for short) or Europe or Threnody (latter two being book characters.) Yeah. :D

    Oh, and as for my idea-that makes three people in or close to IL!

  17. Sasha Says:

    OMG ROBIN I WAS JUST THINKING THAT YESTERDAY!!!!!! And illinois would work 4 me because I live in Missouri (ST. Louis city) :D

  18. Sasha Says:

    If I had to fight I would fight either with a bow or a dagger and NINJA STARS!!!! I love to draw, but Robin, ur idea would work except for the fact I dont have a scanner :( If I had to have a different name, my mom says I would be elinor, but I dont like that name, so maybe Selene or Aerie. I want to name my daughter Isis though!

  19. Sasha Says:

    Where in IL? maybe springfield?

  20. Raelynn Says:

    I live near you Sasha. In MO, St. peters. i’d fight with short wepons because i’m fast when i’m paying attion and i’m clumsy so a short wepon gives me more control. none asked but just thought that i would say.

  21. Robin Says:

    I fenced-so I’m used to longer projectiles-but seriously! I’m a pirate ninja! :P

    I dunno where-you mid west people would have to give some suggestions ’cause I don’t know about IL!

  22. Robin Says:

    Hey Kim-I read your post on the previous page. I wouldn’t think that you’re quiet! Being involved in theater makes me think you’re at least slightly loud. :) Hmmm…

  23. Em Says:

    Sasha I practically almost live in St Louis since I visit it all the time because of family! And R.L., this is such a cool and creative idea! I love making scrapbooks and making one from the past is an even more interesting idea!

  24. Raelynn Says:

    Em, have you posted before? if not welcome.

    Robin, i don’t know IL ether, but somewhere in the middle, not too far from chicogo or st.louis.

    Kim, if you like my sister( she likes theater too) you are quit intell you get to know people or you know what your saying.

    Sasha, the stars sound cool but you souldn’t trust me with them!

  25. Robin Says:

    Chello Em! I don’t remember you-but that doesn’t mean you’ve never posted! :D Welcome if you’re new!

    Man, have you guys realized how weird we sound? Ninja stars (don’t trust me with them either) and Egyptian parties in IL! :)

  26. Raelynn Says:

    *snicker* that’s weird sounding alright. imagen if the presedent got on the website right now. What do you think he would think?

  27. Robin Says:

    Obama? Oh man! Well, he’d probably see that we’re incredibly awesome and invite us to the Whitehouse for a party (along with R.L.) :P Or he would faint in disbelief-that’s how weird we sound! :D

  28. Kim Says:

    Robin, unfortunately I haven’t the faintest idea how to scan something. :-( but you’re idea on the Theo party sounds AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D and I’m HORRIBLE at drawing! oh well, some talents you have, and some you don’t……..

  29. Rin Rin Says:

    I LOVE LOVE drawing!! tho I’m not good at doing cartoon drawing!! Kim you said you were that your quiet
    (1)I would not think you were Quiet
    (2) I’m THE shyest person in WHOLE world!!

  30. Robin Says:

    My odd! What is this, a convent of mimes?! (What do you call a group of mimes?)Why must you all convince yourselves that you’re SHY and QUIET! :P
    Kim-I would expect the exact opposite from you-loud, energetic, conversational, awesome.
    Rin Rin-I see a person who likes to dance in the living room when no one is looking(which I do)and is talkative and happy.
    In other words-NOT shy and quiet! :)

  31. Raelynn Says:

    this adds to the weird box but for my homeschool group we made valintine boxes and mine was a egyptian prymid. glyphs and stuff like that. it even had a rough texter. But i hit my toe on it and the corner and one of the glyphs are smashed to bits and i lot the pieces! :-(

  32. Raelynn Says:

    in feburary of corse it would be plain mental if it was now. in. July.

  33. Raelynn Says:

    and i’m not quite if you know me and i’ll talk for… lets just say a long time. But i’m a bad singer so don’t say i’m not. I’m not a good dancer. as said before, you have it or you don’t. What’s your guy’s favorite sport?

  34. Sasha Says:

    I love volleyball!!!!!!!!! I’m like you Rin-Rin, I’m shy and once you get to know me lets just say im not. I can make ninja stars out of duct tape!!!!! Oh, and HI EM!!!!! It’s my sister’s birthday to day. shes a pirate!

  35. Robin Says:

    5:00=4th of July party w/ HUGE fireworks!!! Can’t wait!!! Swimming too! :D

    Sport?-Let’s just say I prefer art and theater to sports! Though I do know how to fence well!

  36. Raelynn Says:

    i want to fence but oh well.
    Volleyball is my fav.

  37. Em Says:

    thanks for the welcome, guys! i have posted a little, but not much, but i’ve been reading for a while. i love theater too! and raelynn, my school gives fencing for pe credits and it is really really fun! you should try it!

  38. Raelynn Says:

    I really want to.

  39. Robin Says:

    What’s not to like about poking people with swords? :D

  40. Raelynn Says:

    it’s really fun if the person you are pking is your sister or brother. MAHAHA!!

  41. evie Says:

    oh cool! what a good idea. R.L., could you perhaps post larger pictures of the pages of Theo’s journal so that we could read some of it? that would be really great :D

  42. Raelynn Says:

    Evie Welcome!!(i’m guessing your new.)
    R.L. if you did post what they said i’d be… what’s the word… ah, supercalafraglishesextrafrilishes!! (Spelling)

  43. Robin Says:

    Hallo Evie! Welcome to our website dedicated to world domination! (He he he) ;) Just kidding!

    Yes, Raelynn, that is quite enjoyable! I got to fence my brother occasionally.

  44. Raelynn Says:

    it’s hot here. (i’m not a heat person AT ALL!)
    What’s theo’s favorite color?

  45. Sasha Says:

    Hey evie!!!!!!! Theos fav color would have to be green. I dunno why but she seems like that kind of a person. I love volleyball and floor hockey. Does anyone here like Justin bieber??? I DO NOT!

  46. Robin Says:

    Man!Some people and there Bieber Fever! Ugh!I hate popular trend bands and artists like that! :(

    Theo’s color? How about a blue-gray? Or a dark green.

    Do you guys have required summer reading? I have to read “Phoenix Rising” And it sounds *Terrible*! It’s not even about a Phoenix!

  47. Sasha Says:

    Oh, and what does everyone look like? I’m pale and have long strawberry blonde hair (blonde red) and green eyes and freckles on my face. I’m really tall. I used to live in south America

  48. Sasha Says:

    I read phoenix rising 4 years ago. It sucked. Everyone dies.

  49. Raelynn Says:

    i’m light tan all year have a light line of frecals across my nose and cheeks. my eyes are look black from a distance but are really a dark brown. I have brown hair that is reddish at the bottom when light shines on it.

  50. Raelynn Says:

    I’m also a little shorter then avarge but am growing out of it.

  51. Robin Says:

    I’m pretty average in height-little short, but not enough to be noticeable. Dark brown hair, gray-blue eyes and giant black plastic glasses (the best part). :D
    Anyone else get a lot of poison ivy? I feel like I’m covered in it! I dunno where I get it! :(

  52. Robin Says:

    Sitting in front of my t.v. watching “School of Rock” with Jack Black from 2003! Hilarious movie! Better with rootbeer! :D

  53. Sasha Says:

    ive seen that movie WAAAY too many times. i’m painting my nails. they look pretty.

  54. Sasha Says:

    I have those glasses too, Robin.

  55. Raelynn Says:

    i don’t have glasses. it’s raining here. so pretty sounding. I’m here way to often. i feel like saying the name of my favorite careter i made up. full name= Orabel Catherine Panama
    What do you think?

  56. Raelynn Says:

    No stealing the name!!!!

  57. Robin Says:

    My current story character is Quintilian Sequoia. Another in the same story is Victor Wedge-win Van Hedgrow. :D

    Sasha-don’t you just love black plastic glasses? Two of my pairs have been black plastic, out of four. Three have been plastic. :)

  58. Kim Says:

    Hi everybody! sorry I haven’t been posting, we had to go pick up my sister from camp :-( but then we stayed the night at a hotel and went hiking at Starved Rock :-) Robin and Rin Rin, I actually AM quiet, but have a totally different personality onstage OR with friends OR online :-D the weapon I would use would probably be a shuriken/ninja throwing star. I am sort of tall, have dark brown hair, brown eyes, and pink and purple hearing aids. I think Theo’s color would be a blue-gray, or a dark blue. I think that’s enough for one comment don’t you think?
    :-P Kim

  59. Kim Says:

    Watashi wa teodōjia ga daisukidesu!
    that is japanese for “I love theodosia!”

  60. Rin Rin Says:

    I’m 5 ft.4 blueish gray eye’s Freckles :( :( light skin!!Med brown heir!! I’m growing my hair out it’s 4 or 5 in. past my shoulders!! Kim I’m like you kinda besides i could not do theater!! Robin yeah I’m like but i have to no the people better first before i act like that!! Kim my bro went camping with his Boyscout troop at starved rock i think or I’ve heard about it some were!! hi Em and evie. my fav. color is BLUE what’s your guys fav. color. my fav. sport is SOCCER :D :D

  61. Rin Rin Says:

    there was an AWESOME Motorcycle cardbored boat it won!! my hairs actually 6 and a have in. past my shoulders :D :D

  62. Rin Rin Says:

    i meant cardboard Oops

  63. Robin Says:

    Color? Blue or green-neither of which I want to think about right now! I’ve got Klutz’s “Bead Loom Bracelets” and I followed all the directions for the bugle bead bracelet (which I made blue and green) and it says to make it an in. shorter than your others-I did-and it came out too short! AGHH!

  64. Robin Says:

    My hair’s an in. and a half or so past my shoulders. I’m aiming to grow it out. It’s brown-so pretty boring, and gets pretty knotty.

    What do you guys do when you’re aggravated? I’m sitting here singing along with One Republic’s “All this Time” :)

  65. Raelynn Says:

    My fav color is… torquse. my hair is about mid way down my back.

  66. Robin Says:

    (About singing in my dining room w/ my computer) The rest of my family’s at a graduation party so I’m not humiliating myself.

  67. Raelynn Says:

    when i’m bored i lay half off my chair in front of my PC on the web or some program on my computer.
    In my room i sit staring at my lego or reading or drawing or reading or letting my mind wonder or just stare or listen.
    Some times i spy on my sister or brother.
    Do you guys have siblings?

  68. Robin Says:

    Oh odd Raelynn! Tell me about siblings! I’ve got three older brothers (though only one lives at home).
    When I’m bored I read upside down on my couch, draw my story characters or anything, write, or, if no one’s home, I dance around with music on. :D

  69. Raelynn Says:

    i have a 9 year old sister and a 6 year old brother. i’m the oldest at age 12.

  70. Raelynn Says:

    or is he 7? i don’t really pay attantion. I think it’s six….. yes! it’s six!!

  71. Sasha Says:

    I’m the oldest at like u! My siblings r 5 and 8. My fav colors are yellow and turquoise, but I look really good in green. Robin, I get my black fake glasses from Claires ( the store) My hairs probably 6 in below my shoulders. I’m trying to sleep but my dog’s biting my feet. Do you guys have pets?

  72. Sasha Says:

    Oh, and guess the times a diff time zone on this website, but it’s actually 11pm

  73. Rin Rin Says:

    I’m the youngest believe me you NEVER wont to be the youngest!! i have an older bro who’s 18 an sis who’s 16 and an older sis who’s 13 and then me 13min. younger :( :O

  74. Rin Rin Says:

    HAPPY 4th Y’ALL :D :D

  75. Rin Rin Says:

    I made a awesome 4th of JULY t-shirt yesterday ;D ;D

  76. Rin Rin Says:

    Oops bad smiley face

  77. Raelynn Says:

    happy 4th of july!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i have 2 dogs a little one and a meddime one.
    my sister ahs a giune pig.
    my name when i type it with my nose. You try it now!

  78. Raelynn Says:

    i typed that last one with my nose.

  79. Kim Says:

    Happy 4th of july!! :-D

  80. Kim Says:

    kimberly (that was with my nose)

  81. Raelynn Says:

    why do mine always come out weird! nose typing of corse!

  82. Robin Says:

    Rin Rin, I suppose you are the youngest, but at least it’s to a twin! My brothers are 16 22 and 25 (Pretty sure about last two).

    Sasha-I do like the for-style-only glasses, but I’m half blind without mine! :)

    I have two dogs-one ancient snorty pug and one two yr. old corgi! Three cats-one ancient black one who’s never home, one orange and white one that’s only ever friendly to me because she’s scared of everyone else, and one adventurous calico. Whew. :D

  83. Robin Says:

    Just finished “Factotum” by D.M. Cornish. Awesome series, great books, depressing end. It fit well, made sense, was a good ending, but I wish there had been one more ch. that elaborated on the main characters’ fates.

    Time to make Annie’s Mac&Cheese! :D

    Happy Fourth!! :)

  84. Sasha Says:

    sasha, thats with my nose.
    HAPPY 4TH!!!!!!!!! my character s are:
    Selene Rivers, Aerie (she doesnt have a last name, she’s a water witch) and Reni 0089. She works for the government and their last names r numbers.

  85. Sasha Says:

    I have one dog, a really cute demented lab/ golden retreiver, a cat, lots of fish and a hamster. I used to have other dogs, but they died recently and a horse (that didn’t die) The horse was actually a lease, but still and I did have an olf black horse named Estrella (spanish for star) when I lived in Argentina.

  86. Sasha Says:

    *old horse. whoops

  87. Robin Says:

    Okay, let’s back up a little Sasha. You lived in ARGENTINA?! Way cool! :)

  88. Raelynn Says:

    where’s that:-(

  89. Raelynn Says:

    i ment :-(

  90. Kim Says:

    does anybody like singing to themselves when they think no one is listening? *raises hand* :-P

  91. Robin Says:

    Argentina is in South America. It’s located near the bottom, and it’s lower half is on the east coast, while it’s northern half is almost on the west coast. :D

  92. Raelynn Says:

    OK. Bordem has taken over my brain!! if you could look different then you do what would you want to look like?

  93. Sasha Says:

    Yes, Robin, I used to live in Peru and argentina. And Raelynn, I would either want to be Native American or Asian.

  94. Robin Says:

    I think I’d keep my current skin tone and eye color, but I’d love to have slightly wavy strawberry blonde hair and freckles.

    Kim, not only do I sing when I think I’m alone, I dance, too. :D

    Theater camp starts tomorrow at 8:00! Ends at 1:15 but then I have a 2:00 clarinet lesson! Don’t expect much!

  95. Raelynn Says:

    i would have short black hair in tight curls.
    Purple eyes. ( yes its true.)
    keep skin.
    less freckels on my nose.

  96. Kim Says:

    Good luck with theatre camp Robin! if I was to change my appearance, I would have auburn hair and be slightly shorter 8-)

  97. Robin Says:

    Thanks Kim! It’s my first real theater experience, and it’s a musical, too! Slightly nervous. Hope I get a fairly nice part. :D

    I wrote a story where one character was tall and Japanese. She was from an ancient ninja clan, and had black hair and purple eyes. It was cool. :)

  98. Kim Says:

    What’s the musical?

  99. Robin Says:

    Little Shop of Horrors-you should google it. :D
    About a man-eating plant. Gotta leave! ater :)

  100. Rin Rin Says:

    we used to have a cat but she died when i was 6and a half and then my older sister has cat allergy’s :( :( erin there’s my name!!

  101. Sasha Says:

    Hey robin, u wanna look exactly like me!!!!!!!!! Oh, and good luck!!!

  102. Sasha Says:

    Hold on sec Rin Rin ur name is Erin?!

  103. Raelynn Says:

    at an outdoor theater near me the little shop of horrows is going to play this summer.
    it looked interesting.

  104. Robin Says:

    It’s great-if you have Netflix the movie is available. I got a great part-one of the leads! If any of you googled it, I’m Mr.Mushnik, but instead it’s Mrs. (same lines though) And I get a solo in “Skid Row” (the song)! :D My new friend is the plant! :)

    Erin-Rin Rin…makes sense, I guess. You could never guess my name! ;)

  105. Rin Rin Says:

    yup that’s my name my dad’s the only one who call’s me that and barely :( :(
    i wish i didn’t have freckles!! i would keep my eye color and i would LOVE to 6 ft.4 or at least 6ft. :D :D and I’d have curly brown hair!! Robin is your name Robin or Rumpelstiltskin

  106. Rin Rin Says:

    hey Sasha we (my family and i) went to Argentina last Fall

  107. Robin Says:

    Interesting guess, Rin Rin, but no. Neither is correct. :D Keep trying-get it right and I’ll turn hay into gold! :)

  108. Raelynn Says:

    it’s a name!!!!!
    porply a girl name.

  109. Robin Says:

    I’ve heard of girls and boys being named it. Isn’t this fun! This is the second time you nosy people have been faced with the penalty of being in the dark! :D

  110. Raelynn Says:

    what letter does it start with?
    And is Robin your nickname and does it have anything to do with your real name?

  111. Sasha Says:

    You know Robin- you could just tell us!!!

  112. Sasha Says:

    Does ur name have something to do with a bird?

  113. Sasha Says:

    I wish i didnt have freckles 2 rin rin

  114. Robin Says:

    I would be very satisfied with freckles. :) Funny how you only want somethings when you don’t have ‘em!
    Just tell you?! A crime, indeed. As to your questions:maybe, maybe, maybe. To all of you! ;)
    Super excited! Septimus Heap Book Six just came!! Titled “Darke”! :D Yay! Which to read first:that one, or Catherine Jink’s “Genius Wars”?! Hmm…

  115. Sasha Says:

    I’m just gonna think of u as robin then :) It’s less confusing

  116. Robin Says:

    Sasha-and it is the name I would rather have! :)

  117. Rin Rin Says:

    R.L. whats your favorite Color!! how did you get the idea for the Theodosia books??

  118. Raelynn Says:


  119. Raelynn Says:

    is it Anarakna?
    Most likely wrong.

  120. Robin Says:

    No, but you’re getting there…

  121. Raelynn Says:

    so it starts with A. Right?

  122. Robin Says:

    Potentially. Possibly. Perhaps. No. Yes. Maybe?

    Man-super tired! Eleven more rehearsals before show. Must learn lines! And songs… And entrances. Man! And should practice clarinet for lesson Tues. Zzzzz… :)

  123. Raelynn Says:

    No afence but some times i wound if you and my sister know each other. She too does not like giving up info.

  124. Robin Says:

    I believe you were looking for “offense”, and “wonder” but I got the idea. :) Depends on the info. I would gladly inform you that I have a pair of blue galoshes with green polka-dots. Or that I just heard someone on t.v say that their eyebrows are curling. :D
    I’m a secretive secret agent!

  125. Raelynn Says:

    well your not a ’secret’ agenty anymore. the world can see it now. the internt is forever as ferb says.

  126. Robin Says:

    Ahh. So the world knows I’m a secret agent… How terrible. :)

  127. Robin Says:

    Oh and who in the world is Ferb?!

  128. Kim Says:

    I have no idea what a ferb is…….. Maybe it’s something from the show Phineas and Ferb?

  129. Robin Says:

    The show whata whata? Maybe a ferb is, like, a variety of bug? Or a disease?

  130. Raelynn Says:

    kim you are right. Phineas and ferb. it was on one of the shows.

  131. Kim Says:

    I uh, never watched the show……… What’s it about?

  132. Robin Says:

    I lost you guys. What is Phineas and Ferb? What the… Whatever.

  133. Raelynn Says:

    Phineas and ferb is a show on disney channel.
    The boys and their friends invent stuff and their older sister tries and bust them. Its funny.

  134. Rin Rin Says:

    i can’t wait were going to our house in WI this Monday:D :D besides taking my harp!! I’m SOOOooooooooo HAPPY!!

  135. Rin Rin Says:

    cause it’s gonna be hard!!

  136. Robin Says:

    Harp? How interesting, my math teacher’s daughter plays the harp, as well.

  137. Raelynn Says:

    my sister wanted to play harp. my mom said: There is proply one harp teacher in a 500mi radis, so no.

  138. Robin Says:

    My math teacher lives five seconds away their harp teacher.

  139. Raelynn Says:

    Well u live in a different state!!

  140. Sasha Says:

    OMG RIN RIN, I will b leaving for my lake house in WI sometime soon as well!!!

  141. Sasha Says:

    BTW, what happened to ducky and everyone else?! It’s like we own the site!!!!!

  142. Sasha Says:

    I want to b the princess of the website!!!!!! Rin-Rin, u can b my twin. Who’s everyone else.

  143. Robin Says:

    Vacation happened. Camp happened.
    And what?! Are you very very bored? I don’t even follow your train of thought! (to sasha) I’m a pirate ninja. Not a princess!

  144. Kim Says:

    I would be you’re older sister sasha. how old are u anyway?

  145. Robin Says:

    I guess I would be the first female knight in the kingdom. I would be famous throughout the lands and would get to stay in the castle. B) Kim would inherit the throne, being eldest.But then she would have to marry some terrible, ugly, vain, vile prince. I suppose it’s a give/take relationship. ;)

  146. Robin Says:

    Sorry-experimenting with new smiles. Is anyone else having issues loading the website? (Besides me)

  147. Kim Says:

    :-) :-( :-D :-P 8-) ;-)

  148. Raelynn Says:

    I would be the head arctor and master of daggers and knifes. i would have power but not to much. i live in the castal in room decorated with books and egypt stuff( and wepons) I am NOT a knight. to much armor. but i would fight with the knights in light armor(chest only and maybe alight arm gurd)

  149. Robin Says:

    Are you kidding? Totally claimed that before you, Raelynn. How could I be the first female knight and *not* be a master of fighting and weapons?! And knights don’t have to wear armor. It’s just a stereotype. I would wear light leather armor. What’s an arctor? Can I also be terribly beautiful?

    And my room in the castle would have a secret staircase to a room of glass-walls of windows. That would be my large library but I would have a mage cast a spell that would make it invisible from the outside.

  150. Robin Says:

    Man, this whole role playing in the medievals thing is pretty fun, Sasha! :D

  151. Raelynn Says:

    Oops. Bow and arrow. And i don’t do srowds. Just daggers and knikes in pairs. my armor would be a loss chainmail shirt mid leghth sleave. Black leather chest armor and finger gaurds on my fingers(they hurt bad when you are pulling a bows string) and a arm gaurd on one of my arms(also bow thing)
    I also wear a crown like lucy in Narnia. i can cast spells and see the fuchor. also can shape shift.

  152. Sasha Says:

    See you guys!!!!! I knew that this would be fun!! Plus you get to put your writing brains to work. I would be the youngest princess (even though I’m a twin) and I sneak out to see the world behind the king/queen’s back. And Robin would catch me. (kings orders) But instead of taking me back she secretly teaches me how to fight so that if I go back out into the world, I’ll b protected. And my power is that I can see the future, so I have to work with Raelynn to control and understand it. My room would just be one big one in the turret in the castle so that one entire wall would be windows. I think that this kingdom should be a queendom, as R.L. being the queen.

  153. Raelynn Says:

    my room is in the highest tower with a huge libary. it has paintings on the wall of what i see in the future. My aprintce is Sasha. my daggers are manly used the see into the future wel my knifes are used in battle. Robin is the only person that can beat me, but only sometimes. i shot my bow from my tower and a stadest.

  154. Raelynn Says:

    i do this all the time by my self but not really with other people.

  155. Sasha Says:

    Sweetness, I have 2 masters!!! What about my sisters and twin though?

  156. Robin Says:

    Sasha is the fastest student I have ever had. After I caught her I continued on her adventures with her, while teaching her my skills. We often complete multiple lessons a day before returning to the castle.

    Raelynn is the fastest archer in the kingdom, but my sword fighting skills rival her glory. I often win our jousts only because of my power-I can turn invisible.

    Kim is a stunning heir to the throne and has many suitors. She wishes to be a magnificent queen, but has reservations toward her ability. She is hesitant to pursue her love of nature, including her vast knowledge of herbs and healing.

    Erin is just as sneaky as her twin. She is known by the name as Rin Rin when she is out of the castle. Her disguises are perfect-she is a master. She catches criminals, helps the peasants, and leaves her signature sign in paint in every area. When people see the paint emblem, they know Rin Rin has been past.

  157. Robin Says:

    Okay-thanks if you read my previous comment-could I compile all this awesomeness into a story? I think I could make it into a masterpiece! Please?! (Folding hands and opening eyes wide.) If you guys keep feeding me these great details, I’ll make a story (adding some of my stuff, too). Then, if you got emails, I could email it too you. Or I could send it to Queen R.L. to post. :D

  158. Robin Says:

    Starting with it now! I promise it’ll be wonderful! :)

  159. Raelynn Says:

    alright. i have a best friend i’m hearding without named gwin. She ’s a great arctor too. When you tryed to teach me how to use a sword i nearly be-headed you 10 times before you decied i was hopeless with a sword but great with knifes.Gwin can shape shift better then anyone.No one knows but me.
    i have long black hair that i keep in a high ponytail. I’m also great at gymsasics. Purple eyes.
    Gwin has Short brown hair that she wears lose. better with daggers and short swords then me. sea green eyes.

  160. Raelynn Says:

    oh. no one but the queen, the princess and gwin know i can tell the future! then just think i’m very wise.

  161. Raelynn Says:

    oh and if you have any ? about me or gwin please ask and not make up stuff about us. after all it’s me not you and my friend not your’s.

  162. Robin Says:

    Hold on, man. I’m keeping everyone’s real hair and eyes, but will change lengths if you like. Here are the full names I gave the princesses:
    Kimberly V. Hathanway
    Erin “Rin Rin” J. Hathanway
    Sasha W. L. Hathanway
    Here’s me: Robin Theedon C. Hoodinstill
    Here’s Raelynn: Raelynn Amelia Hathanway
    If you had told us the name you would rather have, I used that. If not I filled in an initial.

  163. Robin Says:

    Oooh. Woops! Raelynn, you’re not a princess so you can’t be a Hathanway. How about Coolwaters?

  164. Raelynn Says:

    i like it and i still have long BROWN hair in a high pony tail and NEAR BLACK BROWN eyes.
    Don’t for get gwin.
    i also go by my middle name Amelia ok.

  165. Robin Says:

    Brilliant! :) I got all the “looks” info. from your previous comments. I’ll have you be an amazing acrobat-which makes you a great fighter, too. I have notes. Won’t forget Gwin! Sounds like a great character. Might need personality info. on her later.

    Can the king be dead?

  166. Robin Says:

    I can walk through walls too, ‘K? Raelynn, you’re basically our archer/wizard/mage/shapshifter/oracle, right?

  167. Robin Says:

    Could you guys get emails? It would be easier to read segments, go over characters, so on.

  168. Kim Says:

    Amelia OK? That isn’t the name is it?
    in addition to being good with herbs and plants and that sort of thing, I can also talk to animals :-) a dead king sounds just fine to me. it saves the trouble of making him up. he probably wouldn’t have been a very big character anyway. OPENING NIGHT IS ON THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It should be fun. My costume is ADORABLE! :-D :-D :-D

  169. Kim Says:

    I just wasted, ten seconds of your life! :-P
    (tell me if you don’t know what I’m talking about)

  170. Sasha Says:

    I have an email, but I can’t exactly post it on the Internet for any old creep to read, so I don’t know how I’d be able to give it to you. Can me and rin rin be mischievous twins who run away a lot? By the way, where is rin rin? The king SHOULD be dead, but what about the queen? Ooh, can I be pretty?

  171. Sasha Says:

    Robin, can I have a wolf (maybe a pack?) that follows me everywhere and stuff like that? By the way, a book isn’t complete without a plot and storyline. What’s yours?

  172. Sasha Says:

    Oh, and who is the main character? Or is it a pov (point of view) book? That’s when it’s a chapter or so of every characters pov.

  173. Raelynn Says:

    I ment to put a comma.
    Robin- that sums it up.
    the king is dead. yeah.
    Gwin is- loyal. always wants to help people. if she had to pick her life over a villans she would give her own(don’t make her die).

  174. Raelynn Says:

    i like when story’s change point of veiw. you get to know the carecters more.

  175. Robin Says:

    Kim-can’t wait till Thurs.!

    Okay. Got all that. It’s all in my notes. Thank Odd that you agree-dead king! It is a queendom, so it just gets rid of a boring useless character. The queen’s R.L.! She can’t be dead!!

    As to plot/storyline-you’ll see. I’m narrating it, though all of you are main characters. I’ll catch Sasha, find out about Rin Rin, there’ll be an invasion, in which Raelynn’s magic and fighting skills will come in handy. Kim saves me after a battle the first chapt. Gwin will be of smaller part, but still imp. I will go over Sasha’s troubles controlling her powers, R.L. will almost die, the princesses will combine their powers to save her. The wolf will lead a good part, too. Whew!

  176. Kim Says:

    awesome Robin!

  177. Sasha Says:

    YAY!!!! I get wolves!!!!!

  178. Sasha Says:

    I wish I could give out my email!!! I’m a good editor, so robin, you could send it to me and I could work on it.

  179. Robin Says:

    Here we go-this is my way of telling you, Sasha without it being obvious. The letter’s are in order, with no caps or spaces.

    First letter in the queen’s last name. (Without the La)
    The third letter in the eldest Grimm’s first name.
    Litera următoare este litera sasea în alfabetul.
    A famous fictional male character’s accomplice and companion is ___________. (”You see, _____. I observe”) Use the second letter in his last name.
    Take the first letter from our favorite book character’s first name.
    Do the same with her last name.
    Add the “at” sign.
    Deduce the website: I like to _______ things I don’t know.

  180. Kim Says:

    Litera urmatoare este litera sasea in alfabetul??????????????????????????? please explain

  181. Sasha Says:

    What’s the language?

  182. Sasha Says:

    Oh, and you mean Watson, right?

  183. Evie Says:

    Hi everyone! (Remember me?)
    I don’t want to interfere with any plot lines… but could I be written into the story by any chance, Robin? (As a rather minor character, of course, to reflect my role on this blog.) I promise I’ll reply more often! You can make up everything about my character. (But make sure I have perfect grammar. Otherwise, I won’t like myself at all ;D)
    I never told you guys what I look like. I have straight blond hair a bit past shoulders, big hazel eyes, and I’m pretty short.
    p.s. as to your riddle, Robin, I got “”… that can’t be right.

  184. Evie Says:

    Oh… and I really, really like to read. Especially Sherlock Holmes, Jane Austen, and, of course, Theo. :D

  185. Robin Says:

    Mmmm…definitely. I LOVE Jane Austen! Ooo! Evie are you in the story? Of course not! How stupid am I?
    Raelynn, can she be Gwin?

  186. Robin Says:

    Nope, you’re wrong in terms of your answer, Evie. I missed those comments. And how many Sherlock’s have you read? I have the complete collection. (Though I’ve only read Scandal in Bohemia).
    And if you’re blond, then you can’t be Gwin! Oh no! Think! Uhh… I’ll get to you when I need a character (I’ll need one very soon!). Perhaps a thief that will become a treasured friend?

  187. Evie Says:

    I have read about ten short stories so far from the Sherlock book I have have. I’ll read A Scandal in Bohemia next.
    Ooh, that thief character sounds cool. That shall be me! :D
    Mmhmm… I wasn’t too hopeful about ‘ficgatty’. Have I got any letters right?

  188. Raelynn Says:

    i remember you Evie. maybe you could be one of the princess maid’s or something like that.
    Robin- can i please help write it? i would just need a more detated plot. then it can be from two points of veiw. PLEASE!!!

  189. Robin Says:

    Plot comes to me as I observe the outside world, my moods change, my fellow commenters spout ideas. How about this: when you figure out my email (don’t say it just tell me how many consonants and vowels you got) than I’ll send it to you and you can tell me what you think, any changes you’d make, character adjustments, so on. Also, as I continue to write, I’ll give you details on plot through comments. ‘K?

  190. Robin Says:

    So far, I began with a prologue. I stumble in from battle (half dead) and wake up in the castle. You enter, and explain how you healed me with your herbs and potions. I describe you. Then your two sisters enter, I describe them, and that’s where I left off (it was late!). :D

  191. Raelynn Says:

    ok. i’m good at discriping scenes. and adding funny things.
    i think i might have the e-mail. just one part.
    A famous fictional male character’s accomplice and companion is ___________. (”You see, _____. I observe”) Use the second letter

  192. Robin Says:

    Did you get “CCCCVCCC” (C=consonant V=vowel)?

    Might not write a ton tonight-just a chapter or so ’cause I don’t have AC and it’s deadly in my house. And I have a clarinet lesson at 3:00. It’s 2:12 now.

    Oh-and Evie-I think I might make you one of my long lost relatives…

  193. Raelynn Says:

    is y a c or v.

  194. Robin Says:

    “Y” is a C for Consonant. If you think you got it try shooting me an email and have the subject be “Hallo this is ______”. :)

  195. Raelynn Says:

    did you get it?

  196. Sasha Says:

    I think so, but does ur email make no sense and have the word fatty in it?

  197. Robin Says:

    Raelynn, do you mean did someone solve the riddle or did I get an email? ‘Cause I didn’t get an email… :( The first three letters should seem weird, but it’s an acronym. The other letters are an adjective that we named my cat. :)

  198. Sasha Says:

    I GOT IT RIGHT!!!! in about to send u an email.

  199. Sasha Says:

    Check ur email robin!!

  200. Robin Says:

    Got it! Sent you an email and what I’ve written so far-it’ll probably take me another two times to perfect that, but it’s just the roughest stage.

    Raelynn, how’s it going?

  201. Robin Says:

    Man, it’s so hot here!! :( And I don’t have A.C.!!

  202. Robin Says:

    Sitting here thinking-please ask your parents before you email me-I don’t wanna get in trouble ’cause your parents don’t want you doing this! I don’t want to make your parents nervous, so please just clarify! And I don’t want you guys in trouble! My parents will be very mad if I have emails from angry parents!! For me, ‘K? :) Thanks!

  203. Sasha Says:

    I’m most likely gonna edit a lot, just warning you. But I do love it a lot!!!!! I like me and Rin Rin!!

  204. Robin Says:

    I made you (Sasha) and Rin Rin kinda like Tweedle-Dee Tweedle-Dum.

  205. Sasha Says:

    Ya, thats what I thought too.

  206. Sasha Says:

    KEEP WRITING!!!!! i finished that first part, so check ur email robin

  207. Raelynn Says:

    Have you discriped me already?
    is so how?

  208. Raelynn Says:

    can you post the first paragragh or so here?
    I can edit it and if some doesn’t have e-mail they can help to.

  209. Evie Says:

    OK. I think I’ve got your email. I’ll try to email you and hope that it works out cos I want to read this story! (And also I am very interested in long-lost relative me as long-lost is always wonderfully mysterious. :D )

  210. Robin Says:

    I didn’t get anything from you, Evie. I’ve done a little bit of describing you, Raelynn. I’ll post a little bit! :)

  211. Robin Says:

    That first fateful day, directly after the battle that changed me, I was dying. As I stumbled into the queendom, I was starving, thirsty, wounded, and exhausted. I collapsed in the village, and slipped into unconsciousness.
    I awoke to the sound of birds, the feel of wind in my long brown hair, the smell of peppermint. I gazed out at my surroundings and viewed a room with shining wooden floor and soft green walls. The walls contained a small white table on which an array of unfamiliar bottles and substances sat, a short white book shelf that was bursting at the seams with novels, and the fairly small bed with a white frame that I lay in. However small the bed was, the blankets that were heaped upon me were sufficiently soft.
    I alighted from the bed, and began examining my wounds. All I could locate were a few scars and minute blemishes. I was just opening the door that would lead me out, when a stunning young woman, about a year older than me, came gliding over, almost as if she were flying. She approached me, and took my hand.
    “I am Kimberly V. Hathanway, heir to the throne of The Queendom of Node. You are warmly welcomed to our castle.” Her voice was sweet and smooth, like honey, and her brown hair flowed behind her, completely loose. I bowed, never having been someone who curtsies, partly because I never wear dresses-just leggings and tunics.
    “I am honored to be in your presence. I have heard many good things about this queendom; the only area successfully run by a woman. I am known by the title Robin Theedon C. Hoodenstill” I was not lying, either. News about The Qeendom of Node was buzzing about everywhere. I heard the gossip where ever my trade took me, and had been curious about the area for months. Kimberly bowed back, which surprised me because she was wearing a long gray dress with a stiff, lacy purple petticoat and purple sash around her waist. The purple was soft, a lavender almost.
    “Enough with the formalities. You may call me Kim.” I smiled, and she beamed back.
    “Robin.” Kim proceeded into the bedroom, and stopped at the table full of herbs and potions.
    “I used this,” she held up a tiny jar, “to stop the bleeding. Then I applied this,” she picked up a bottle of blue-green-brown liquid and showed it to me, “to prevent infection. I poured it onto these leaves,” she displayed a bunch of thick, olive green leaves, “which smell like peppermint and soothe the pain away. For your bruises I combined this root,” she presented a chunky piece of something that resembled a bit of wood, “with this potion,” she showed me a bright orange liquid in a transparent flask, “to form a paste that I spread on them to ease the swelling and dull the feeling. I also made you drink this,” she handed me a half full cup of sludgy, chunky, yellow drink. I gagged at the sight, “that provided a restful sleep.”
    “Where did you get all this,” I gestured at the remedies Kim had employed. She blushed furiously.
    “I make them. It’s nothing, really. Just a hobby.” My mouth opened so wide, I’d be surprised if I didn’t look like a fish!
    “Nothing?! It’s amazing! There’s not a better healer in the entire continent! I was three quarters dead when you found me and now I’m fine! Better than fine!” As I finished ranting, I heard another voice and two more pairs of feet. Two girls, my age, entered. One had strange yet wonderful blue-gray eyes and her chestnut hair was done up in a complex system of braids. She wore a sky blue dress, which stopped a little above her ankle; a scandalous length at the time. It was simple, with an empire waist and three quarter length sleeves. The skirt had folds, which alternated between sky blue and navy. The other sister had bright green eyes that gazed right into your soul, rare and lovely red-blonde hair which was curled and pulled back from her face. Her dress was just as short as her sister’s but green. The sleeves were cropped just above her shoulder, and above the waistline the dark woodsy green blended into a bright lime.
    “Oh dearest sister, do tell,” said one.
    “who is this strange warrior?” the other completed. Kim leaned toward me and whispered in my ear.
    “The one in the blue dress is Erin. The other is Sasha. They are a year younger than I and are twins, though Sasha is the younger of them. You may find them a tiny bit…eccentric. Different. Odd.” I nodded and bowed. In other words, a lot like me.
    “I am honored to meet you. My name is Robin Theedon C. Hoodenstill, Robin, if you like.”
    “Hallo. I’m Rin Rin,” announced Erin. Kim frowned and began gathering up her vials and herbs into a brown canvas bag.
    While she did, Sasha sat on my bed and said, “Sasha.” Then more eagerly, “Who were you just fighting? You were dead when the villagers discovered you! Can I see your swords?” Then Erin cut in.
    “Do you even fight with swords? There’s a warrior here who favors archery. And she can cast spell and shapeshift! It’s so awesome! What can you do? Do you have a family?” Kim finished organizing her medicines and threw her hands up.
    “Of course she has a family. Erin, you know it isn’t proper to call yourself ‘Rin Rin’. Sasha, it is horrible manners to pepper a guest with questions before she settles in. You are not going to be a warrior, so don’t bother looking at her weapons. Erin, you should not tell people about other guests in residence. Ms. Raelynn can inform Ms. Robin of her talents if she chooses to. Now, why did you come bother us?” Erin stuck out her tongue and Sasha wrinkled her nose.
    “Maybe ’cause we felt like it.”
    “Or ’cause it’s boring in the castle.”
    “Or ’cause it’s time for tea?” Both twins looked at each other and yelled at once.

    This is more than I sent you, Sahsa, ’cause I did some more work.

  212. Robin Says:

    Sorry, that’s like ten eons long! Sorry R.L.!!

  213. Raelynn Says:

    that was good!
    Sence you said what everyone eles was wearing here is what i wear:
    a thin sky blue mid sleaved loss shirt.
    My black chest armor over it.( the armor is sleavless.
    black loss pants that tighten right below the knee.(they end there too)
    and no shoes.(when i have to i wear leather ballet flats with a sky blue ribbon(or what ever color shirt i’m wearing)attacted to the shoe and then tied around my ankal.

  214. Raelynn Says:

    it is not what people in medevil times wore but i don’t follow trinds.
    i don’t wear pink other wise you can change the shirt and ribbon color every day.
    when i’m not wearing my shoes they are tied to my belt that my knifes are attacted to.

  215. Robin Says:

    Just noticed that the princesses’ last name is Hathanway when the queen is R.L. La Fevers. I guess she adopted them…

  216. Raelynn Says:

    when do i come in? hope i don’t sound full of my self.
    i think the twins sould have a twinlk in their eyes as if they were hiding somthing.

  217. Robin Says:

    Raelynn, you’re in the next part more.And most of the clothing/talking is not traditional medieval. :D Sasha, you and Rin Rin just smashed my best dagger to bits and got blood on the floor. I’m going to Raelynn to see if she can fix it with her magical powers.

  218. Raelynn Says:

    maybe i’ll charm the dagger to make the holder invensable.
    please post the next part soon(like as soon as you read this!!!!!)

  219. Sasha Says:

    i like it a lot, but did you get my email with the revisions?

  220. Sasha Says:

    There are lots of changes, but feel free to make changes to those.

  221. Robin Says:

    Sweet-read them over. Kept the part about herbs but will keep it all prologue. Ch. One is four months later. Post more later… Have to work on lines! Haven’t read in AGES! :(

  222. Raelynn Says:

    alright. check back twomorrow.
    Sasha- can i etit chapter 1 then post it and then you can edit it and send it to Robin.

  223. Sasha Says:

    Raelynn, I already edited it and sent it back to robin.

  224. Sasha Says:

    The one she posted was not the one I made revisions to though.

  225. Robin Says:

    Here is the next part. Sasha-I have not sent it to you yet. Hope you like it!

    “Maybe ’cause we felt like it.”
    “Or ’cause it’s boring in the castle.”
    “Or ’cause it’s time for tea?” Both twins looked at each other and yelled at once.
    Tea with the Hathanways was a very new experience to me. Being a warrior, I hardly took tea in the first place, but I learned more during that one hour than I had in many years. I enjoyed it greatly, and loved hearing about life in the castle of the only Queendom on the continent. Tea was not, though, all fun and no observation. I gained much information. The way Kim swung her feet beneath the table, the way she took muffins and the method she used to spread her jam told me she was not a strict sister, but instead, a fun but hesitant person. The actions of Erin and Sasha did not surprise me at all. They were what I first thought they were; a slightly odd, rebellious, and humorous. I knew that I would not mind my stay here one bit.
    I sat on my bed, the same one I had woken up in just four short months ago. I was not happy.
    “RIN RIN!” I screamed. The princess came in casually, in a royal blue tunic and brown leggings. Her hazel hair was up in pigtails.
    “Yeah?” I glared at her.
    “Where is my dagger?!” She flinched back as I yelled. “And why are you wearing one of my tunics? And why is there BLOOD ON THE FLOOR?!” She shrunk onto the floor.
    “It wasn’t just me!” I rolled my eyes.
    “SASHA! YOU BETTER GET OVER HERE!” The second twin came slinking in, in a moss green tunic and gray leggings. Her hair was in a ponytail.
    “What did you guys do?! Where is my dagger?! And what’s with the blood?!” Rin Rin twirled her hair.
    “And her tunics…” she added meekly. Honestly, who wants to face me when I’m angry? There’s no knowing what an angry warrior will do. Especially when there’s knives, dagger, and swords scattered about my closet of a room. By that time I was pacing back and forth. I whirled around.
    “Just. Give. Me. An. Answer.” Rin Rin nodded.
    “It’s boring here,” she whined.
    “So we took your dagger to keep busy…” Sasha explained.
    “And how could we fight in lousy dresses?”
    “So we took two tunics but-”
    “When I grabbed them, I stabbed myself with the dagger.”I groaned.
    “Does Kim know about this?” They shook their heads. “Does the queen?” They nodded.
    “She caught us in the courtyard…” Sasha began. Neither finished the statement. Collapsing onto the floor next to them, I sighed.
    “Great!” I said sarcastically. “So now the queen knows I’m mutilating the princesses.”
    “Actually, she didn’t say anything.”
    “I think she was pretending she didn’t see us.” I clasped my hands together.
    “God bless Queen La Fevers!” I wasn’t in trouble! “Go change before the villagers see you! And get this blood cleaned up! I don’t care how.” They started to leave. “Where is my dagger?” Rin Rin nudged Sasha. Sasha nudged her back. Finally, Sasha pulled something from her pocket.
    “Here.” She handed me a mass of shattered pieces of blade and hilt. Now I was even angrier.
    “Of all the stupid knives in this room you had to take this one! And break it! Hundreds of options and you drop this one!” They sprinted out of the room. I gazed mournfully at the remains of my favorite weapon. I had won every battle I had ever fought with it and now it would never fight again. Unless… I hopped up and pulled off my sleeping clothes and struggled into a blood red tunic and knee length black leggings. I jammed on a pair of gladiator sandals and tapped on the far wall. As the wall slid back to reveal a staircase, I carefully placed the smashed bits of dagger in my pocket. Then I ran up the stairs.
    Ten seconds later, I opened the door that would lead me into my private library. I smiled when my nose met the smell of parchment and steel. Books and weapons. Light burst through the walls; all of which were glass. I waved down at the queen, who was out in the courtyard writing. Of course, she did not wave back-because she couldn’t see me, or my library. Only the mage who had cast the invisibility spell on the room knew of its existence. He had been surprised when I gave him my request.
    “Surely you must be able to do this,” he said. To this I had shook my head.
    “Just because I can turn invisible in a second does not mean I can make other things invisible as well.”
    I tapped on the side of a bookshelf, and the floor next to it caved in, revealing a large, black pit. I plunged in head first, like a diver. Darkness swam around me for a moment before light hit me straight on. I blinked rapidly and narrowly avoided ramming into a maid. Most people don’t like to be bumped into by an invisible person. And most people don’t like to see people pop out of walls, which would have been to scenario had I not been invisible. My personal travel tunnel allowed me to quickly reach the end of the castle I had not already been at. So, I had gone from my library at the east turret to the hallway directly in front of Raelynn Amelia’s quarters. I silently approached the door to the bedroom, and entered the room.
    “Raelynn?” I made myself visible when I received no answer. I circled the familiar surroundings: the hammock in the corner, the display case showing off her favorite bows, her storage cupboard for any other weapon, her small set of drawers, and her armor closet. The walls were plastered with strange yet realistic paintings of unique and bizarre scenes. I have never been capable of understanding them.
    “Raelynn Amelia?” No answer.
    “RAELYNN?!” Raelynn dropped from the ceiling.
    “I was seeing if you would notice me.” My friend was wearing black baggy pants that gathered together with elastic at the knee, a dark orange sleeveless shirt, and her dark orange shoes hung from her belt by their ribbons, along with multiple pouches. Her brown hair was pulled up in a high ponytail, and her dark eyes sparkled, though I knew from personal experience that during a fight, they could be much less friendly.
    “You have so much fun displaying you acrobatic talents to me, don’t you?” I said.
    “Yup. You may be able to beat me in a battle, but I can do a flip better than you.” I fingered my pocket.
    “I’m not here to compare talents,” I sighed. “I have a favor.” Raelynn began shapeshifting into another form. “No, no! Hold on!” She was quickly transforming into a colorful bird. “It’s serious!” I could tell she would slip through the open window to avoid hearing me. “It’s my dagger!” She stopped and slowly returned to her human form.
    “The dagger?” I nodded. The only thing I had left from my childhood. I remembered nothing from my past-just the days after I had appeared in the hut of the master warrior who had trained me. I was five when he found me. That dagger had saved my live thousands of times and was the one tidbit of my previous life I possessed. Raelynn understood its importance. Her face was serious, ready for my story.
    “Rin Rin and Sasha-” She groaned. “got hold of it and smashed it to bits. Not on purpose, but…” I trailed off.
    “And your question is whether or not I can fix it.”

  226. Robin Says:

    The “Hope you like it” was to everyone. :D

  227. Sasha Says:

    I’m so evil!!!!!!

  228. Evie Says:

    IT’S SO GOOD. You are tres talented. ;D (Clearly, I am not, as I still haven’t figured out your email. I’ll keep trying…)

  229. Robin Says:

    He he! Thanks you guys! No one’s really liked my writing before (except for a couple close friends). :D Ii feel so special now… :)

    Sasha: as they say-Idle hands do the devil’s work. :D

  230. Raelynn Says:

    i liked it.
    i’m going to edit it now. i’ll post it when i’m done. i may add a litte at the end.

  231. Raelynn Says:

    by the way who was the mage that made the room invensible?

  232. Robin Says:

    I would prefer if you didn’t keep writing where I left off, because I’ve already continued writing. It would be more helpful if you just edited right now. When I’m totally finished I’ll take suggestions for additions.

    The mage is anonymous. Let’s just say that he’s my mother’s brother’s cousin’s sister’s niece’s grandma’s daughter-in-law’s dog’s best friend. ‘K? :D

  233. Raelynn Says:

    allright. sence it is so long i’m only posting the paragraghs it changed:

    I tapped on the side of a bookshelf, and the floor next to it caved in, revealing a large, black pit. I plunged in head first, like a diver. Darkness swam around me for a moment before light hit me straight in the face. I blinked rapidly and narrowly avoided ramming into a rushing maid. Most people don’t like to be bumped into by an invisible person. And most people don’t like to see people pop out of walls, which would have been to scenario had I not been invisible. My personal travel tunnel allowed me to quickly reach the end of the castle I had not already been at. So, I had gone from my library at the east turret to the hallway directly in front of Raelynn Amelia’s quarters. I silently approached the door to the bedroom, and entered the room.
    “Raelynn?” I made myself visible when I received no answer. I circled the familiar surroundings: the hammock in the corner, the display case showing off her favorite bows and knifes, her storage cupboard for any other odd things, her small set of drawers, and her armor closet. The walls were plastered with strange yet realistic paintings of unique and bizarre scenes. I have never been capable of understanding them.
    “I was seeing if you would notice me.” My friend was wearing black baggy pants that gathered together with elastic at the knee, a dark orange shirt, black sleeveless armor and her shoes hung from her belt by their orange ribbons, along with multiple pouches. Her long brown-red hair was pulled up in a high ponytail, and her dark eyes sparkled, though I knew from personal experience that during a fight, they could be much less friendly.
    “I’m not here to compare talents,” I sighed. “I have a favor.” Raelynn tilted her head and began shape shifting into another form. “No, no! Hold on!” She was quickly transforming into a colorful bird. “It’s serious!” I could tell she would slip through the open window to avoid hearing me. “It’s my dagger!” She stopped and slowly returned to her human form.
    “The dagger?” I nodded. The only thing I had left from my childhood. I remembered nothing from my past-just the days after I had appeared in the hut of the master warrior who had trained me. I was five when he found me. That dagger had saved my live thousands of times and was the one tidbit of my previous life I possessed. Raelynn understood its importance more then most. Her face was serious, ready for my story.

  234. Raelynn Says:

    that is still very long.

  235. Kim Says:

    Hi! Robin, I LOVE You’re story, it’s really good! today was opening night btw and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a great time. did you know that I get to sing “My new philosophy”! and my dress is so cute! (Those of you who are thinking, Peppermint Patty doesn’t wear a dress, well I’m not Peppermint Patty, I’m Patty. there’s a difference. look it up on wikipedia ) anyway, it was a lot of fun! :-D :-D :-D :-D

  236. Robin Says:

    Thanks Kim! I do know who Patty is-she’s a good character to be. My opening night is a week from today. We’re putting on a full musical with 13 rehearsals! Hard to believe…

    I don’t know how much I’ll write this weekend-I’m feeling really tired. I have camp five days a week from 8:40 to 1:15 and I have to know my lines and practice clarinet. Tues. I have a lesson at 3:00. It’s a half hour. A week from Mon. I start a new camp that’s an hr. away and like 8:00 to like 4:00!

  237. Raelynn Says:

    Ok. I have an idea. You have a lot to do.
    I can write short stories that lead up to when you arive. Each carcter -Robin well have one.(maybe combine the twins.)
    What do you think everyone?

  238. Raelynn Says:

    Before Robin arives is when the stories well happen.

  239. Sasha Says:

    I’m not sure if that would make anything less confusing, but if you are, then I think that each person should write it for their own character. But talk to robin, she might just wanna finish it herself.

  240. Raelynn Says:

    Sasha! You are brilant!! we each write what we were doing BEFORE robin got there!! it wouldn’t mess with story at all, just add to it!!

  241. Robin Says:

    Hmm… It’s an interesting idea. How about you guys each write one-four paragraphs about yourself. Kinda what you would tell me if I first met your character. That’ll make it easier for me to write about you, thus finishing faster. That way the writing style will all be the same, and I can continue writing without having to monitor you guys nonstop, but you can add info.! If you wrote about what you were doing before, well, I feel like nothing happens in my plot line before I enter. And it would make my climax seem less climatic due to previous large amounts of action.

  242. Robin Says:

    Just trust me on this one, please? Thank you! Sorry if I seem kinda stupid about this, but just, you know, I’d like to write it, but with detail and some info. from you… ;)

  243. Robin Says:

    Raelynn, if you wanna write a story to do with this, maybe you could do a separate short story about your life before you moved to the castle and package them both together for R.L.?

  244. Robin Says:

    On another topic entirely, has anyone seen Nyan Cat or Nyan Cat Smooth Jazz? My brother loves the latter. How about the Gregory Brother’s Can’t Hug All the Cats? The E-Harmony Video songified? It’s so funny!

  245. Sasha Says:

    ok… but if i write the thing about me, should i email it to you or post it here?

  246. Kim Says:

    please post it here Sasha, I don’t have an email and I want to read it!

  247. Kim Says:

    Hey Robin? is you’re email “’? if it’s right you don’t have to tell me for privacy’s sake. but if I’m wrong, please tell me so I know what I’m not doing right.

  248. Sasha Says:

    That’s not right, but ur really close!!!

  249. Sasha Says:

    I think that R.L. Should host a big theodosia fan party next summer! We could finally get to meet her and each other in person

  250. Robin Says:

    Yes to Sasha. And do whatever. Post it, I guess…

    No to Kim (your super close! One letter and the website). ;)

  251. Sasha Says:

    Google is the sponsor for the website.

  252. Gwin Says:


  253. Gwin Says:

    my friend raelynn as already introduced me in a way.

  254. Kim Says:

    Which letter? and what do you mean the website???????? please tell me!

  255. Robin Says:

    You know-like the part. And you have a consonant wrong.

    Gwin, have you read Theo.? And I didn’t really think you were a real person! I assumed Raelynn had dreamed you up! Anyway-Hallo! :)

  256. Kim Says:

    I think I got the .com part. which consonant?

  257. Robin Says:

    I dunno….. :D

  258. Sasha Says:

    Gwin, are you a real person?! I thought Raelynn said she made you up…

  259. Sasha Says:

    Oh, wait, I think Gwin is really raelynn and she’s just posting under a different name. Sorry though Gwin if I’m wrong about that last one.

  260. Kim Says:

    ROBIN! give it up, they all look right to me!

  261. Kim Says:

    Robin, is the grimm one of the sisters, or is it their grandmother?

  262. Robin Says:

    I really have no idea! I suppose it’s possible Raelynn actually has a friend named Gwin. I’m not sure, honestly. Any confirmation for us wonderers Gwin? :D

  263. Ducky Says:

    Oh. My. Gosh.
    I go to Europe for three weeks, and when I come back, there are 227 comments on one blog entry and 262 on the next. I don’t have enough time to read it all! You guys are nuts. That is a fact. I have no idea what you all are saying. I am completely lost. Europe was awesome! I am CONFUSED. AAAAHHHH!


  264. Ducky Says:

    Raelynn, in comment #42, were you trying to spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? (I memorized how to spell that thing in second grade)
    I would love to play the harp! Sorry everyone, I’m trying to catch up on what’s been going on. You all should try to guess my name! You don’t have to of course, but I’ll give you a hint anyways. “It starts with a J”

  265. Raelynn Says:

    Ok. here it is:
    Gwin is a real person!!!
    Gwin isn’t her real name but it the nickname of her wona be name.
    that was really Gwin. i was with her and she wanted to say hello. she typed it. i think she’s read the books. i think.
    i well not say her real name.
    Welcome back Ducky. start reading #142 and on, then you are caught up with us.

  266. Raelynn Says:

    yes!! Ducky thank you for the spelling!!!
    3 guesses.
    Gwin is going to laugh at your responses to her posting. i don’t know if she’ll post more.

  267. Robin Says:

    Interesting. Must devise a character for Ducky…

    Hallo. Nice to have you back, Ducky. Tell me about Europe. I’ve always wanted to go to London. Oooo! London!!! Brilliant! J. “Ducky” Winthrop. Traveler of the world… Professor? Hmm… Gotta go think!! Later!

  268. Raelynn Says:

    i got a e-mail once that showed 10 libarys from europe. Did you go to any?

    Robin- if ducky was a traveler she could learn all tons of stuff like magic spells(me), herb healing(kim), weapons and fighting tecnices(you)and what ever Rin Rin and Sasha want.

  269. Ducky Says:

    OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS ARE MAKING ME SO JEALOUS!!!May I please please PLEASE be in the story thing! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will go crazy if you don’t! This next comment may be kind of long…I’ll try to tell you as much about myself as possible. Here I go.

  270. Kim Says:

    Robin how can you not you’re email address?!

  271. Kim Says:

    oops. how can you not know you’re own email address?!

  272. Raelynn Says:

    #211 and 225
    that is were you can read the story.

  273. Ducky Says:

    You can add me in a little ways through the story. Hmmm…this’ll be hard. Okay.
    -hair is goldish in the sunlight
    -eyes dark brown
    -skin tone the shade of the shell of a walnut
    -about 5.5 feet
    -agile and fast
    -a thief (Robin you said you might want a thief who becomes a friend–that’s exactly who I want to be!)
    -If there are dragons in this story, I want to be a dragon-whisperer. If there are no dragons, then I shall pick lions to tame. They are my partners in thievery. They are also very good at defending me.
    -I now travel the world running from those who try to capture me. I am notorious in every country in the world. Everyone is on the lookout for me, and the reward for capturing me is so high that if someone caught me, they could go from being the poorest person in the world to the richest.
    -Before I was a thief I was princess in a foreign empire. My empire was attacked by another. I escaped while the rest of my family and subjects were murdered or forced into slavery.
    -I am now a tough warrior who is sly and doesn’t really trust anyone. I am forced to steal to keep myself alive.
    -Her name is Jelina(pronounced the French way: “Shjelina”) “Ducky” Winthrop.

    Geez, that was long. But, it was a lot of fun to write. :-D It would be funny if someone met her and didn’t even know who she was. [grinning with pleasure] you guys don’t even have to put it in the story, but writing that just made my day!


  274. Ducky Says:

    Jelina is not my real name, I just made it up on the spot, but my real name is French. Sort of. Hope you all liked that.

  275. Kim Says:

    Robin! answer already!

  276. Robin Says:

    Hallo. Ducky-I like it, but I will be modifying it. ;)

    Kim, of course I know my own email address. Do I seem that thick?

    Raelynn, I don’t understand-if Ducky knew what everyone else knew than what would be the point of all the other characters? I’m gonna stick with what she came up with.

  277. Ducky Says:

    Oh! I forgot to tell you my idea for a power I could possibly have.The person’s skin cannot be cut or burned so it is very hard to kill them–not that they would die or anything.
    Just curious, doesn’t “hallo” mean hello in German?

  278. Raelynn Says:

    here goes:
    hair goes all the way down my back and i have sidebangs that go to the right.
    brown with reddish ends.
    near black brown eyes.
    tan skin.
    4′ 11”

  279. Raelynn Says:

    just brain storming.

  280. Robin Says:

    I dunno. I alternate from “Hallo” “Hullo” “Chello” “Well-a-Day” and a couple others I can’t remember right now… :)

    Can I have some “writer’s peace” for a short while? You know. Talk about something else for a while I write. And if I need info. or help I’ll post about it. Thanks! :D

  281. Raelynn Says:

    what’s everyone’s favrite season?
    Mine is winter.

  282. Gwin Says:

    i fell insulted.
    you guys think i’m fake!!!
    i won’t post often.

  283. Gwin Says:

    Raelynn you know the answer!!!

  284. R.L. Says:

    Okay guys. I am very happy to see you all having such a great time WRITING (Yay, writing!) but this is kind of getting out of hand in terms of number of comments, and it really doesn’t have a lot to do with Theodosia. What do you think about taking your writing efforts to private email?

    Or maybe getting your parents’ permission to start a private blog or private yahoo or google group and we’ll leave the comments for Theo related stuff. :-)


  285. Raelynn Says:

    ok RL.
    what the next theo book called?

  286. Sasha Says:

    Ok, I’ll try not to comment much. But, are you doing any book tours R.L.?

  287. Kim Says:

    whats wrong with the number of comments? :-( and I don’t have an email! :-(

  288. Ducky Says:

    Oooh, good question Sasha! Are you going to do any book tours soon, R.L.? ‘Cause Theo rocks.

  289. Robin Says:

    No, comment away, guys. Just preferably not more info. on the story-I’m swamped with it right now!

    Book tours sound nice! CT please?!

    Is there another Theo. book?

  290. Anonymous Says:

    I hope there will be another book! Could you come to IL R.L PLEASE!

  291. Raelynn Says:

    Maybe St. Luois?
    I’m not really aloud to use mine e-mail unless i know (as in face-face) them.

  292. Robin Says:

    My parents don’t care as long as I tell them if something stupid happens. I hardly use it anyway. I email one girl who isn’t at my school anymore, and now Sasha about writing.

  293. Robin Says:

    Ohh! Never mind! Sorry, R.L. I missed your comment!! I’ll head out! Sorry a million times!
    And if you released a new Theo., it would give us something to talk about!! ;)

  294. R.L. Says:

    It’s not a huge deal, Robin, it’s just that 293 comments are a little overwhelming for someone just coming to the site.

    But I totally understand and support the email restrictions your parents have put on you.

    So let me think a little bit. Maybe I can set up a ‘hidden’ page where you guys can work on the story.

    I’ll let you know if and when I can make that happen!

  295. Raelynn Says:

    RL- i had the same idea!! Like if you click sisi then you go to it.

  296. Sasha Says:

    That would be great!! I want to keep working together. But I don’t want to mess up the site.

  297. Raelynn Says:

    Good luck RL on the hidden page!

  298. R.L. Says:

    Okay kiddley-winks! Let’s try this. I’ve created a blank blog post buried in the middle of last year, but it has a comment function and won’t be visible to the casual passer-by. You should still NOT post personal information of any kind like last names, addresses or emails, but you can talk about your story and brainstorm together all you want in semi-private.

    Maybe bookmark it or something, then once all of you have it written down, I’ll hide this comment to keep it as private as possible for you.

  299. Raelynn Says:

    i’ve got it.

  300. Raelynn Says:

    Um… how do you post on it?

  301. R.L. Says:

    Well, huh. That’s not working like it’s supposed to, and I don’t know why. Let me try something else…

    Be right back.

  302. R.L. Says:

    I changed the link in comment #298, Raelynn. Try that and see if it works…

  303. Raelynn Says:

    Ok it works now!

  304. Kim Says:

    oops I’m anonymous….. I’m gonna try and see if the page works :-P

  305. Kim Says:

    it works!!!!

  306. Robin Says:

    Yay! :D :D :D :D

  307. Kim Says:

    thx R.L! :-D

  308. Sophie Says:

    Wow! Just found this site. :D Glad I did. I just discovered your books..Sunday, I believe, and have been flying through them. :) More than one a day. I cant stop reading them! One more book to go. :D R.L, they’re now my favorite series. Hope you write more. :)

  309. Raelynn Says:

    welcome again!!!

  310. Kim Says:

    Hi Sophie!

  311. Ducky Says:

    Hallo! Theodosia is my favorite, too. Welcome!

  312. Chrissy Says:

    Will there be a 5th Theodosia book? A sequel to Theodosia and the Last Pharoh?

  313. Robin Says:

    One would believe so, Chrissy. (Welcome to the site! Hope you love Theo. as much as we do!) :D :D Because I think this clever idea that R.L. has shared with us is for the writing of the fifth book. :)

  314. R.L. Says:

    Hi Chrissy!

    Yes, at this point, I am planning a fifth Theodosia book! I will announce it here as soon as I know the publication date!

  315. Raelynn Says:

    what’s it about?

  316. Ducky Says:

    Oh, I hope it comes out soon! Welcome to the site, Chrissy! This is where Theodosia maniacs roam, dangerous and on the loose! He, he. I’m kidding. But we are kind of crazy, what with being evil cooks, knights, mages, & dragon/wolf tamers. (Sorry if I forgot anyone)


  317. Raelynn Says:

    you forgot healer

  318. Robin Says:

    That and we work on world domination. ;)

  319. Kim Says:

    the princesses and the queen Ducky, Duh!

  320. Ducky Says:

    Yes, what they said.

  321. Ducky Says:

    I didn’t mean to forget R.L. and Kim! Sorry! I had a mind blank when I wrote that. :-P

  322. kalifazziz Says:

    finished your book and it was awesome. so, theo’s going to tell her parents. why do i think that the end is nearing. you can’t end the books!

  323. Ducky Says:

    NO!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! R.L. SHALL NEVER END THE BOOKS!!!!!!!

  324. R.L. Says:

    So glad you enjoyed it, kalifazziz! And I am most definitely planning on lots more Theo books!

  325. Robin Says:

    Phew. You guys almost gave me a heart attack!!

    R.L., I have to find some good quotes for a class assignment, and I wonder if you have any favorites, or if you have said something memorable/given good advice to quote. Thanks! :D

  326. Ducky Says:

    THEODOSIA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry. I just had to say that. It felt good.

  327. Sonja Says:

    I am so excited to hear that there is going to be a fifth book. This is my favorite series. I can’t wait until I read Theodosia next adventure. :)

  328. Robin Says:

    Hullo Sonja. Nice to here from you. welcome to the site. I can’t wait for Theo. five either! :D

  329. Ducky Says:

    I can’t wait! Me either! I LOVE THEODOSIA!!!

  330. Kate Says:

    Will you post exerpts from the first chapters of the fifth Theo book?

  331. Raelynn Amelia Says:

    RL please please post something with egyptian magic on top!!!!!

  332. R.L. Says:

    Kate (and Raelynn), I will post an excerpt from the fifth book, when I have it. But the truth is, I haven’t even started writing it yet! I’ve been busy at work on a YA book, for slightly older readers 14 and older. Once I finish those, I’ll get back to Theodosia…

  333. Ducky Says:

    HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am in the midst of rereading the books and have decided that

  334. Ducky Says:

    Ooops! Sorry! My computer wigged out and automatically submitted comment. Anyway, I have decided that #4 has the worst cliff-hanger ending. I NEED MORE THEODOSIA!!!!! ;-)

  335. Ducky Says:

    what kind of egyptian magic do you mean, Raelynn?

  336. Ducky Says:

    RL, can you make another contest? It would be fun to compete in one even if it didn’t have a prize—or the prize could just be bragging rights. :-D I am bored, what with school, and such.

  337. Raelynn Amelia Says:

    the good type.’sneeze’ i don’t like ’sneeze’ allerges.’sneeze’RL could ’sneeze’ you post the’sneeze’conversation that ’sneeze’ when theo tells her ’sneeze’ parents about the magic. ‘real big sneeze’

  338. Rin Rin Says:

    hello hows it goin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :D

  339. Sasha Says:

    OMG RIN RIN!!!!!!!

  340. Rin Rin Says:

    missed you all!!!!!! we came back from our house in WI. Sep.5 it was soooooooooooooooooo much fun:P :D

  341. Rin Rin Says:

    oops!! that smile face didn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  342. Kim Says:

    the smiley face didn’t work because you need to put a space in between your last word and the smiley face. :-)

  343. Rin Rin Says:

    i know I’m Almost positive that did!!!! :P :D

  344. Rin Rin Says:

    there that one worked!!!! do you only have to put one space cause i have to put 6 spaces!!!!!!

  345. kalifaziz Says:

    you guys wont believe it. I was at the salvation army thrift store here and I saw a Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos book for 3 dollars! that is an insult to the author don’t you think :(

  346. Ducky Says:

    Theodosia books are worth 300 dollars! Not that my parents would ever let me pay for that, but, ya know…

  347. kalifaziz Says:

    i’m not saying that it shouldn’t have been there. Maybe some kid had to sell it to bring money in to the house. what i’m saying is that they should have charged more than three dollars for it :<

  348. kalifaziz Says:

    odd, that didnt work
    :< hope this one does

  349. Robin Says:

    Hello, kalifaziz. Have you posted before?

  350. Ducky Says:

    I know the answer to that. Yes. Kalifaziz has posted before.

  351. kalifaziz Says:

    Robin, Ducky,
    what if we turned the blog into a chat room? we could all go to the website at a certain time each day. that way, we wont have to wonder if anyone is on. it’ll be like talking to each other on the blog. all we have to do is make a time when to come on the site, and tell the others and R.L. What do you think? :) :(

    ps. arent emoticons great?

  352. Robin Says:

    Yes, I do enjoy emoticons. ;)
    As for chat rooms, I’m not very reliable. I usually have no idea when I’ll be on until the second before I begin writing the comment. My life’s too unpredictable… NINJAS!

  353. Raelynn Amelia Says:

    We kinda got kicked off of this page because we posted to much. But if we picked a different page maybe. I also can’t be constent.

  354. Robin Says:

    Yeah. Well, maybe not “kicked off”, per say. Kinda more…nudged to another area for our current project. And R.L. was incredibly understanding and helpful. :D (That’s why I don’t post here very often. I just stumbled upon it once more yesterday.)

  355. Isaac Says:

    what is the next book called and when will it be out?

  356. Isaac Says:

    I think theo 5 will be theo and her parents getting used to each other after she tells them
    about what she does with magic, curses etc.And when she battles chaos her parents present their own abilities of some kind on the battlefield.

    Just a thought.

  357. Raelynn Amelia Says:

    hello Isaac.

  358. Isaac Says:

    Hi Raelynn amelia

  359. Robin Says:

    Hello, Isaac. Nice to meet you. Well, indirectly meet you, I guess. ;) Nice to see a new name. :D If you want explanation on why we don’t post here often now, look to comment 354.
    Are you a guy? If you are, that’s really cool and slightly interesting. I don’t think I’ve seen a guy post here before. Well, I suppose kalifaziz could be a guy, too. I dunno. You both could just be girls under a pen name, too, I guess. Hmmmm… :D

  360. Isaac Says:

    nice to meet you too. and yes i am a boy, isee you were nudged to another area. :)

  361. kalifazizi Says:

    Robin, that’s kind of ironic you thinking I’m a girl. lots of peoplejust look at me and think “girl”.

    also, on the topc of the chat room. we could just pick a day that really works and a time that works. plus, we could have it every week instead of every day

    P.s: you guys all love theodosia, so heres the big question. Egyptian gods, real deites, Pharoahs, or aliens? what do you think. Also, Magick: super natural, or advanced science?

  362. Raelynn Amelia Says:

    we haven’t had a boy here seens spring right?

  363. Robin Says:

    I don’t remember, Raelynn…
    Magic is an easy one kalifazizi. It’s a mix of both:super natural awesomeness and advanced science. ;) As for Egyptian gods/deities, the automatic “correct” answer for someone who’s grown up with the first commandment is that they’re fake. Just used to explain things Egyptians couldn’t. But, I mean, sometimes I think that they could have travelers from somewhere far away, rich Pharaohs, or even fairy tale characters that someone started rumors about, like “Hey! Did you know that Thoth is really a god?!” and that the rumors went viral. I don’t really know!… :D

  364. Ducky Says:

    Kallifaziz, (I have no idea if I spelled that right, sorry) I love the idea of chat room. Problem is, we all live in different timezones. For example, Robin lives near east coast, and I live on west coast. nice idea, though.

  365. Ducky Says:

    Funny, Robin. Wanna know automatic answer from me? Of course there real! They existed, they were depicted, they were believed in. If you believe in a specific religion, do you believe your god/gods truly exist? It’s different for every single person.
    Same for magic. Seeing is not believing. Imagining is believing.

    Sorry about that. Persuasive essays are seriously my thing. I love them. It was fun to write that.

  366. Robin Says:

    I am an amazing persuasive writer, Ducky. I like to pick my topic, though. :)
    And I suppose Egyptian gods/goddesses/deities were very real for those who believed in them, but I think that maybe we all just believe in the same God that is known by many names and in many forms. I dunno. Beats me. :D Quantum Physics is easier… :D

  367. Ducky Says:

    Hmmm…that actually makes sense, Robin. Sort of. Okay, you lost me. I had it for a second there. Ideas are like flies. You have to be quick to latch onto them, or else they will fly away, leaving you wondering what your thought was.

  368. Robin Says:

    That was nice and metaphorical, Ducky. :D

  369. kalifaziz Says:

    hey guys, do any of you know when there’s gonna be a another blog post? its like we’re piarates that have taken over the site.

  370. Ducky Says:

    Or warriors. Or mages or princesses or cooks or knights or dragon tamers or wolf tamers or healers or queens. (Did I get everyone that time?!) Oh, yeah. Or evil, traitorous humans (from Robin’s pov).

  371. Robin Says:

    Ha ha ha! :D Nice one Ducky!
    And kalifaziz, I think it’s taking a while for a new blog post because R.L. is finishing a YA book and beginning to write the new Theo.! ;)

  372. Ducky Says:

    Although, that guy isn’t really any of us. That’s the only problem with my joke.

  373. Kim Says:

    I haven’t been on here for a while… Ducky, you forgot NINJAS!!! (not that they have anything to do with our story… :-P ) you also forgot Sophie.

  374. Robin Says:

    No, Sophie is one of the “Traitorous humans”. ;)

  375. Kim Says:

    oh. I thought she was talking about mike.

  376. Robin Says:

    Him, too. They’re both traitorous humans. ;)

  377. Ducky Says:

    yep, both. sorry about the ninjas. someday I’ll get it right.

  378. kalifaziz Says:

    Halloween was yesterday. went TOTing with my older sister and her friend(yes 13 year olds still go). thinking about being Se-Osiris next year. just need a picture. And, what’s with the whole ‘traitours humans’

    I recently heard of a book about a boy that is an egyptian sorcerer re-encarnated. not only that, but his best freind(Cara) and their other friend Matt battle an evil computer virus that has artificial intelligence and is bent on world destruction. I know what you’re thinking,science AND magick? but it’s really good. What do you think so far?

  379. Ducky Says:

    heard of a book? which book? what’s it called? sounds interesting.

    Uh, anyone else want to explain about the “traitorous humans” part? Like Robin? Or Kim?

  380. kalifaziz Says:

    the book is called The Magikh Series:book one: the black Phoenix by…………………MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :o :) ;D

    I needed to see how kids our age liked the book. if I can finish the next few chapters, and kids like it, it’ll come out next year hopefully. so, want to find out more about the book? too bad :X

  381. kalifaziz Says:

    that means that my lips are sealed


  382. Robin Says:

    Sorry, I was out of power from Sat. ’til Wed. and internet’s spotty.
    Sounds cool, man. I like science and magic!
    As for traitorous humans, Ducky, you should know. Well, whatever. So in the story, Mike and Sophie are traitorous humans. You’ll see later in the story. ;) But a couple people saw that Mike was horrid and Sophie was screwy and that their father was the man Gwin turns into a ferret. :D
    And Ducky, how may times do I have to tell you?! I AM A NINJA!! :D

  383. kalifaziz Says:

    you sure do have a thing for ninjas don’t you? let me ask you something. ninjas are supposed to be great assasins right? I need you to handle my older sister ;) (I’m kidding)

  384. Ducky Says:

    But I WANT to read it. I am picky about books. They must be good. I am a very good editor.
    Robin, I knew that Mike and Sophie were traitorous humans, but I just didn’t know, uh, WHY. Wait, Gwin turns a man into a ferret?

  385. Ducky Says:

    In P.E. today, we were doing yoga, and we did this thing where you put your feet out, turn forwards, and stick one arm out while keeping one over your head. It looked like we were taking fencing lessons. I was pretending to be a ninja.

  386. Rin Rin Says:

    nice i like ninjas!!

  387. Kim Says:

    I went as a ninja for halloween!! it was awesome! :-D

  388. kalifaziz Says:

    you people sure do have a thing for ninjas. Me, I’m more of a rouge sorcerer

  389. Robin Says:

    I’m actually an ageless ninja warrior that knows some basic spells.
    As for writing stories: Ducky is a good editor. Everyone here on the site is.
    I thought I already told you guys about them being traitors. Sophie is the worst of the two ’cause she betrays the kingdom to the enemy.

  390. Ducky Says:

    I didn’t know that. I guess I must have missed it. What I really love are magical ninjas. The perfect combination. I love Egypt!

  391. Shark Says:

    Hey, guys! I’m Shark. (as you can see) I’ve been reading your comments. Cool-sounding book, kalifaziz. I like ninjas, just like a bunch of you. My friend is Ducky. She introduced me to the site as well as Theodosia. The books are awesome, R.L. Lafevers!

  392. Ducky Says:

    So you did decide to join us, Shark. Welcome. I told you that you should.

  393. kalifaziz Says:

    Whoa! I thought Ducky was a boy. Don’t know why. As for shark, thank you for liking my book. you don’t know how many of my “freinds” think it’s “lame”. Finaly, some one has an open mind

  394. Robin Says:

    I hate that! I hate it when I write something totally amazing that I love and my friends are just like “Oh. Well, it’s alright, I guess. I don’t really care…”. They’d much rather be shopping or being girls. I hate it! That’s partially why I love this site. It gives me a chance to ask for input where people I know wouldn’t care.
    Yo, Shark! :D Oh my odd-Shark and Ducky! I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a Fishy or Dolphin! :)

  395. kalifaziz Says:

    yeah, well, all my friends are guys. so they just say nothing and change the subject to something like “hey, did you see that hot girl” or “you need to stop reading and pick up a football” or even “you know, when I first met you I thought you were a girl” even when I had friends who were also writing books they’d undermine me. p.s
    what ever happened to that other guy?

  396. kalifaziz Says:

    hey guys, I think I found a time that works for everyone. friday at 7 eastern, we do the chat room.

  397. R.L. Says:

    Welcome, Shark! (Love the handle, btw.) So glad you enjoyed the books!

  398. Robin Says:

    R.L.!!! Are you back from your trip into the future?! Are there flying cars?! ;)

    Uhh, Friday as in tomorrow, November 11? ‘Cause I have a school dance I have to go to. :( I don’t really wanna go-it’s not like I got a date or something, but my friend and I are watching a movie at her house before we go, so I get something out of it. Plus, I have some buddies who don’t have dates and would freak out if I wasn’t there. Sorry! Do it without me, though…I’m sure some time at a later date {maybe over a vacation? Thanksgiving/Christmas} it wold work for all of us.

    Do guys really talk about stuff like that, kalifaziz? My only guy friends have been super nerdy-one when we were little, and one this summer who was four years older than me, but we had a ton of the same interests so it was fun. We talked about Syfy and books and vocabulary…

  399. kalifaziz Says:

    I say we start in two weeks

  400. Robin Says:

    Is that the Fri. before Thanksgiving ’cause that’ll probably work with me…

  401. Rin Rin Says:

    hiya hows it goin!! :) ;)

  402. Robin Says:

    Good {to Rin Rin}. Do you guys have tomorrow off? I don’t. :cry:
    This weekend is ABC Family’s Harry Potter Weekend Event!!

  403. kalifaziz Says:

    R.L. we were taling earlier and we decided that we couldn’t let you use the site until you post a chapter, and give us a contest

  404. Robin Says:

    Ha ha! Poor R.L.! I’m sure she’s doing her best.
    Whew. Just came home from the school dance. My ears are ringing…

  405. Shark Says:

    Ducky’s at her cabin in the snow. I want to do a contest! I saw the last one. I SO could have gotten all the answers right.

  406. Robin Says:

    That’s cool! I wish I had a cabin!

  407. Gwen Says:

    Hi Shark.
    Yet another person from this site has told someone else about the site.

  408. Robin Says:

    Yo, Gwen! You haven’t been here for a while.

  409. Ducky Says:

    I love snow! It was snowing in Lake Tahoe. That’s where my cabin is. You know what I also love? THEODOSIA!!!

  410. Robin Says:

    How did I know you would say that, Ducky?

  411. Rin Rin Says:

    it snowed last Thursday here it was sooooooooo pretty!! i have piano recital today i hope i don’t mess up!!

  412. kalifaziz Says:

    you guys are sooooooooooooo luuky. it rarely ever snows hre. I’ve only seen snow three times in my life.

  413. kalifaziz Says:

    p.s. everyone that’s doing the chat room in two weeks on friday, needs to know when 7 eastern is in their time

  414. Robin Says:

    Oh man, kalifaziz, you goofed up the format of the website using your “so…”.
    Really long words like that mess it up. We figured that out the hard way on another page.
    And 7 Eastern is 7 here in CT as well! I’m nearly positive I can make it.
    Just don’t be overly concerned if I’m late or not there. My life is unpredictable.

  415. R.L. Says:

    Welcome, Gwen!

    And I fixed the too long word. Thanks for calling to my attention, Robin!

  416. R.L. Says:

    And good try, kalifaz, on the chapter and contest, but I’m neck deep in a deadline for my YA books, so it’s gonna be a while!

  417. Robin Says:


  418. Rin Rin Says:

    wow i’d hate winter without snow!!

  419. Rin Rin Says:

    if its the Friday after thanksgiving i cant do it will be in WI at the CHRISTMAS WALK there!! :( :(

  420. Robin Says:

    Ever get that where you just have a pounding headache out of the blue? ‘Cause that just happened to me…

  421. Anonymous Says:

    maybe you could tell us the names of the YA books RL

    as for my name, Ha ha. not tellin ya stalkers

  422. Robin Says:

    Anonymous=Kim, right?

  423. R.L. Says:

    Okay, Robin, but be forewarned, it is an OLDER YA. Definitely for 14 and up. So unless you’re fourteen, you can’t read it. :-)

    It’s called GRAVE MERCY and you can read about it here on Goodreads:

  424. Rin Rin Says:

    cool i’m almost fourteen!!

  425. Robin Says:

    Yes, I’m legit. 14, R.L. And it’s so nice to have you back from the future…it was so dead while you were gone.
    R.L.-have you read the Evil Genius Trilogy by Catherine Jinks? They’re AMAZING {though really different than Theo.} or the Foundling Trilogy by D.M. Cornish {really awesome and also very different from Theo.}? If not, I would start with Evil Genius and then read Foundling, ’cause the Foundling Trilogy books are long.

  426. Raelynn Amelia Says:

    I’m only twelve almost 13.
    But some people say i act a year older then i really am. And my mom doesn’t care what i read as long as no cursing. So I will propluly read it any way.

  427. Robin Says:

    My mom doesn’t care at all about what I read…
    My mom told me the other day that she forgets that I’m not 25 sometimes!

  428. Ducky Says:

    7 eastern is 4 o’clock for me. I live in california. I want to visit the future. That would be cool. Say “aye” if you love magic books as much as I do! (theo included)

  429. Ducky Says:

    R.L, do you live on a ranch?

  430. Ducky Says:

    Aha! By the time the book comes out, I will be within a month of fourteen! Yay!

    I am desperate for books! I put Nathaniel Fludd: Beastologist on hold at the library. I am going to read it.

  431. kalifaziz Says:


    anyway, so long as it’s okay, my mom let’s me read anything. besides, she knows that I’m mature enough to read things too mature for most kids my age and not get any ideas

  432. kalifaziz Says:

    and for those who haven’t figured it out yet, and for those who need roses for remeberence, the blog is black friday at 7 eastern,6 central,5 mountain, and 4 western(or pacific, I’m terrible at geography. need a dude to recalibrate a flex compasator call me, to read a map, not me)

  433. Ducky Says:

    pacific. kalifaziz, you were right the second time.
    I think the hunger games are depressing. I was reading one part, and I was so sad that I had to stop and read Theodosia instead. Ahh. Good old cheerful catacombs of book 2. Much better than people killing each other because some weird person said so. I love Theodosia!!!

  434. Rin Rin Says:

    i totally agree with you Ducky!!

  435. Robin Says:

    Ditto. Though I hate the Hunger Games…Sorry. I just prefer other reading material! ;)

  436. kalifaziz Says:

    I’m working on my own hunger games for school. I have to design the 76th one. It’s gonna be AMAZING I’ll post it.

  437. Robin Says:

    I LOVE DR. WHO!!

  438. Ducky Says:

    I don’t like the hunger games either.
    Why are you designing a 76th one?

  439. Ducky Says:

    My friend, Connie-bear, loves Dr. Who, too. He he. That rhymes.

  440. kalifaziz Says:


    P.S. I have to design it for school.

  441. Robin Says:

    I started with the 2005 season {watched 2 and 1/2 episodes} before jumping to the 2007 season{watched 1/2 the last episode} and then just hurdled into the 2010 season with Matt Smith! He rules as The Dr.!

  442. Rin Rin Says:

    i don’t like the hunger games either!! i read the first one and kinda the other two so i know what happens!!

  443. kalifaziz Says:

    TAKE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :( :[

    tried a taco today. love them

  444. Kim Says:

    WOW. I thought this part of the site had been mostly abandoned, so I stopped checking here. How very wrong I was! Robin… I have no earthly IDEA who Anonymous is! It wasn’t me. Like I said, I haven’t been here for a while. Welcome to the site Shark! (I know I’m a little late, sorry) Anyway, I’m back! :-D :-D :-D

  445. Robin Says:

    I do have to admit, David Tennant is a super Dr. as well, but it’s just…I think I like Amy better and the special affects are better with Matt Smith. Honestly, I love both of them.

  446. kalifaziz Says:

    amy is better, and the special effects are better, but Matt isn’t very doctorie, ya know?

  447. Rin Rin Says:

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I’m going to WI tomorrow and i don’t really go on the internet there so that’s why I’m saying it early!!

  448. Robin Says:

    Oh Odd! Are you kidding-he’s like, exactly what I think the Dr. should be-quirky, super-clever, intelligent, and humorous. Plus, he has cool hair.
    I think that when I’m twenty-ish I could be an incarnation of the Dr. I mean, I am like, exactly as weird and super-intelligent as all the previous ones, and it would be so cool to have a female Dr. and male assistant dude!

  449. Ducky Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’m going to the snow tomorrow. Yay!

  450. kalifaziz Says:

    robin, no offense, but that is wrong on soooo many levels

  451. kalifaziz Says:

    i wish it’d snow here once in a while.

  452. Robin Says:

    I know, kalifaziz, I get really random…But I mean, I’m a nerd! I don’t really follow all those jokes stereotypical middle schoolers love, or care about that sort of thing ever, really. Sometimes I ramble and then people stare at me, and I wish you could see me typing this because I’m making the funniest face at the computer screen…Sorry. :D
    It snows in CT ALL the time! Like, we got 10-15 inches that week a while ago in Oct.! I guess it’s all right sometimes, but it gets old.
    I got a 100% on my bio test!! {Off topic, I know, but I was the only so far in the middle school to get a 100%!}
    Whew. Done now. I’m just phsyched for break. :)

  453. kalifaziz Says:

    I wish it’d snow. just once. every time I’ve ever seen snow was in other states. although, there was the one time it snowed back when I lived in NO what that stands for… ha ha. not tellin’ ya stalkers

  454. kalifaziz Says:

    by the by robin, if anything, I’d be the doctor, and you could be my assistant

  455. Robin Says:

    Awwww, shutup! :) You’re crushing my adolescent dreams! But I do have to admit, that would also be kinda cool. I could be a totally amazing assistant like Amy…But I wanna sonic screwdriver! And a Tardis!

  456. kalifaziz Says:

    you can’t have a tardis. unless mine starts germinating tardis seeds =(

  457. kalifaziz Says:

    robin, you have to show me how you did the crying emoticon

  458. Robin Says:

    Okay, fine…As long as I get to travel in time and throughout space and dimensions! :D
    When did I use the cry emoticon? Well, the one that’s crying is the word cry in between : : colons. : cry : without spaces in between.
    Yay for half days!

  459. kalifaziz Says:

    awww, too bad. you see, the doctor doesn’t travel through dimensions any more. :cry:

  460. Robin Says:

    Well, time’s great, too! I’ll take what I can get. :D
    Oh! By the way, do you listen to Chameleon Circuit? It’s this small English band that writes music about Dr. Who! My favourite {pretending to be British} is “Type 40″-it’s about the Tardis in her p.o.v. Another great one is “An Awful Lot of Running”. There are two albums and 26 songs between them.

  461. kalifaziz Says:

    it’s official. I love Chameleon circuit. I hate music and art, but I love them!

  462. Robin Says:

    I know! Which song is your favourite? {Still pretending to be British.}
    I mean, I guess I wouldn’t go around telling people that it’s my favourite band because it’s a “fan band”, but I love it as a little “candy”, shall we say! Not quite Gold Motel, but great enough to listen to weekly for a nice little musical treat!

  463. kalifaziz Says:

    an awful lot of running has to be me favourite because ’twas the first one I heard.

  464. Robin Says:

    Yeah, I love that one. The video is super cool, too! :D

  465. Robin Says:

    This is gonna sound kinda stupid, but I also like “Kiss The Girl”. I know! I know, this is coming from a girl who hates romances and love and every gooshy thing ever, but Chameleon Circuit makes it sound so humorous…

  466. kalifaziz Says:

    humorous? you are a disturbed person

  467. Robin Says:

    Depends on who you ask. Some say I’m brilliant and can change the world. Some say I’m insane. Some say I’m super intelligent. I say I’m all of those things! :D
    Have you read the Secret Series by Pseudonymous Bosch?
    Or have you read A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz? It’s great, and Adam Gidwitz is coming to my school! I mean, we never get authors!

  468. kalifaziz Says:

    school tomorrow. I hate my school. I don’t mean to sound ignorant, or impudent, or self centered,or like a jerk, but those kids get on my nerve. all the guys do (except 3 of my friends{including me}) is make stupid innapropriate jokes, and pick on the other, weaker kids ie. me, and all the girls do is try to ruin each others lives. and barely any of them actually learn in school. all they want to do is play all day.

    I’m really starting to notice their are no other guys that post here. I wonder if there are many guy readers.

  469. kalifaziz Says:

    robin, how do you find chameleon circuit music to down load, or where do you find their cd’s

  470. R.L. Says:

    Hey kalifaziz, I wanted to assure you there are LOTS of guy readers. You’re just the only one who seems to stop by here.:-)

  471. Robin Says:

    I totally agree with you about school, man!
    I listen to Chameleon Circuit on the singer’s site:

    R.L.’s closing the comment option for a bit while she focuses on writing so, I present an option for us:
    Okay, so since discovering this website, I have discovered Goodreads. Go to at fill out the boxes underneath “New here? Create a free account!” and “Sign Up”. Then you do a bunch of stuff {name fav. book genres, rate books you’ve read, fill out a short profile, etc.}.
    Then find the “Explore” title on the top of your page and hit the arrow next to it. Click “Groups” underneath “Community” and search for “The Theodosia Buddies”. You’ll find a button to join. That way we can talk, rate books, and write all together.

  472. kalifaziz Says:

    great. I was beginning to wonder if my friends are right, that I do read girl books (Nancy Drew is not a girl book).

  473. Robin Says:

    I hate people who are like that. Just because you read real novels does not mean you read girl books. Not all novels are written about sports. Or athletes. Or celebrities. Or history. Which is about all most guys read about.

  474. kalifaziz Says:

    my mom says I can only do the 39 clues thing since it’s a kid freindly site that has people monitor posts. so look me up I’m beneu2

    can’t wait till christmas! getting a phone!

  475. Robin Says:

    Cool! I don’t get a phone ’til next year. But I don’t have many friends to text…
    Also cool about 39 clues. What page of the forum is Raelynn’s discussion on?

  476. kalifaziz Says:

    it’s called Queendom members, but I don’t know the page. school dance mannana. ther’es a girl i want to ask, but too scared

  477. Rin Rin Says:

    wow interesting conversation!! personally i don’t really think there are many books that are just for guys and just for girls besides Dangerous book for Boys and Daring book for Girls or something like that? cause i read tons of books with guys as main characters!!
    Kalifaziz (nice name by the way!!)
    just ask her!! do you
    know her well-ish?????????????????

  478. Shark Says:

    I’m back! Who missed me?
    kalifaziz, if she likes you, than she’ll be happy. If she doesn’t, she won’t. Simple as that. Make sure she isn’t going with someone else before you ask her though.
    Wait, RL closing comments? Oh no! I just got here.

  479. Robin Says:

    Go to Goodreads, Shark. We have a group.
    Not to be unsentimental, but ASK THE GIRL. We don’t bite (usually) and if she says yes, you’ll be glad. If she says no, at least you were awesome enough to ask. Good luck, man.

  480. kalifaziz Says:

    why are you guys sooo interested in my love life? anyway, I can’t ask the girl. the dance was during school. any way, I’ll talk to her on Monday.

  481. Robin Says:

    Nice-you’ll have to tell us what you say. And we’re interested because:
    a) We’re fellow nerds who don’t have social lives {and therefore love lives are way out of the question!}
    b) We are girls and therefore know how stupid it seems when a dude is too nervous to ask a girl something
    c) You brought it up first and we’re naturally nosy! :D You don’t have to talk though, we’re just here if you want to.

  482. Raelynn Amelia Says:

    I have a socal life!
    I’m still a nerd though.
    I have Gwin, Lillian, Jewels, Sylvlynn,and a hole bunch more.(All those names were fake by the way.)
    I don’t have a love life thank goodness. I’m only 12! I’m like a theripist for all my friends though.( I’m talking to you Lilliam and Jewels)

  483. Ducky Says:

    Ducky does not have a love life. She does have an extremely weird social life, though. My friends and I have a reputation for being in the top 20 weirdest groups at school. And our school is HUGE.

  484. Ducky Says:

    make that craziest groups