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We Have A Tie!

February 16th, 1907

First of all, my deepest apologies for taking so long to get these contest results posted, but the computer crashed and I lost all sorts of emails and passwords and whatnot until RL could get it backed up.

So now it is backed up and running properly again, so I can announce the Word Search Contest Winners!

We have TWO winners! Kaitlyn AND Kyra! Both came up with twenty six words!

If you would email me with your snail mail address (with your parent’s permission, of course!) we will get those copies of THEODOSIA AND THE STAFF OF OSIRIS  out to you! And good work, girls. That one was hard!

And The Winner Is….

February 5th, 1907

Je suis retourné

January 29th, 1907

Contest Winner Announced!

January 20th, 1907


January 11th, 1907

We Have A Winner!

January 2nd, 1907

Another Contest!

November 17th, 1906

Hello? Is Anybody Out There?

November 12th, 1906