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Hullo! I’m back! So sorry for the long absence, but there were so many things to do, artifacts to uncurse, new books to write, scrapes to be got out of. Well, you know the drill. I’m very sorry for having abandoned you for the last two months. So sorry, in fact, that I thought I’d have a contest to start things back up.

And I think this contest will have to do with demonic cats.

The Egyptians had the right of it on cats. The goddess Bastet, was the personification of the gentle, warm, nurturing power of the sun, where as the goddess Sehkmet, with the head of a lioness embodied the sun’s fierce, destructive power.

Much as my cat does. Warm and loving one minute, mad, stalking huntress the next.

So do any of you have any demonic cat stories? Times when your normally sweet kitten seemed to go berserk?

For example, the time my brother Henry was giving our cat a lovely tummy rub. She lay relaxed on the floor, purring, and he was rubbing her soft, furry stomach. Then, with no warning whatsoever, she decided his hand—the same one that had been rubbing her tummy mere seconds ago—was a rabid rat that must be killed at all costs, and clamped his hand in her two front paws and shredded it with her two back paws. Tore Henry’s hand to ribbons! When she was all done, she padded over to him and rubber her head against his knees in a friendly manner, completely ignoring the red welts she’d made.

Honestly, Is that not demonic? You can read another example of demonic cat behavior here.

To enter the context, post your own demonic cat story in the comments below. Try to keep it to two or three short paragraphs. The winner will receive a small, fetching statue of Bastet herself!

(And remember – no last names! I’d hate it if the Serpents of Chaos were able to locate you!)

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