Edwardian England

Unfortunately there are no good sites on Edwardian London. It was very much like Victorian London, only we began to have a few of the modern conveniences you all take for granted. Telephones, for example, had begun to appear in some houses and buildings. Lifts (elevators, as you call them) were just beginning to make an appearance. Motor cars shared the road with horse drawn carts and omnibuses. While some houses had electricity, others still used gas lamps. Most houses were warmed with coal, and coal dust and soot was ever present.

Here is an excellent site on what Victorian London was like:
Valley of the Kings

Here is a site that will show you what the tomb of Thutmose III looked like. Be sure to click the little brown box on the lower right of the page. The one that says: Launch this site in the KV Atlas, and you’ll get to see a moving picture that shows the inside of the tomb! You can also explore other tombs from the Valley of the Kings on this site.



Unfortunately, the board of directors of Museum of Legends and Antiquities is not as forthcoming with their funds as the British Museum is. However, if you’d like to see a museum that is very much like ours, click here:
(Keep clicking next to scroll through all the photographs. Also, you’re welcome to look before slide #19, but there weren’t quite as many interesting pictures.)